Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 21 Recap

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Lu Zhen makes sense to herself and she makes sense to everyone else, but then she does ridiculous things that do not make logical sense.

Lu Zhen talks to Teacher yang and admits that she’s not refusing Gao Zhan because she’s mad at him, but because he is the crown prince. To be by his side means that she will be in constant danger. Yes, she could solve her father’s murder with just a word from him but she wants to do it on her own, without anyone’s help.

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Teacher Yang advises Lu Zhen get out of the palace while she still can. Lu Zhen says that the Emperor has assured her that the Royal Concubine won’t touch her. Lu Zhen is adamant that she will stay in the palace and with her own power become a 6th Level Official and avenge her father.

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Lu Zhen talks to Ling Long and learns that the best ceramic is under the care of Master Zhou, the eunuch in charge of the department that helped her make her white ceramic. Lu Zhen learns that Master Zhu even has vases with carved flowers, a skill that has been lost since the han dynasty.

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Lu Zhen is called to see Lou Qing Qiang who tells her that she knows Lu Zhen likes Gao Zhan. Lu Zhen smiles and lies, saying that everything Lu Zhen has done, was on the orders of the Emperor. Lou Qing Qiang takes it to mean that Lu Zhen is spying for the Emperor, and is assured of Lu Zhen’s loyalty. Lou Qing Qiang asks Lu Zhen’s help in purchasing the year round materials for running the palace.

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Teacher Yang tells Lu Zhen to be wary of Lou Qing Qiang and Lu Zhen tells her that she is very careful. When asked why she protected Gao Zhan, Lu Zhen herself admits she doesn’t know – perhaps it’s out of habit. Lu Zhen is gaining more and more trust from Lou Qing Qiang.

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Lu Zhen goes to see Master Zhu and plies him with precious teas and cajoles him into teaching her the secrets of how to carve flowers onto ceramic. While the skill has been lost for generations, Master Zhu is the last living descendent of the house with the skill of carving flowers into ceramic.

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Lu Zhen gets him to teach her a few things, but he doesn’t officially take her as a disciple.

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Lu Zhen tries her hand at it and Ling Long notes that she’s not very good. It usually takes jade carvers 6 years to master the skill of carving.

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Lu Zhen goes to see the jade carvers and learns from them as well. When she returns to Master Zhu, he’s impressed with her innovation. He takes her as a student and begins to teach her in earnest

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Dan Niang watches as Lu Zhen writes and comments that she has handwriting even prettier than Gao Zhan. Lu Zhen mock glares at her, and Dan Niang asks if she is still angry at her for lying.

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Lu Zhen says yes, and to punish her, Dan Niang is not allowed to eat her favorite cookies. Dan Niang’s face is full of panic as she asks Lu Zhen if they can discuss this.

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Lu Zhen is studying with Master Zhu when they hear that the Crown Prince is returning.

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Lu Zhen goes to see him return only to see Gao Zhan help a beautiful girl out of the palaquin.

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The Eldest Princess, Gao Zhan’s sister goes to greet the emperor, asking that the girl, the Second daughter of House of Shen, Shen Jia Min, be given a palace official role while she waits for the mourning period to end. The Eldest princess means for Shen Jia Min to marry… Gao Zhan sees where this is headed and hurriedly interrupts. He knows that the Eldest Princess wants Shin Jia Min to marry him.

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He asks if everything in the palace is well, and the emperor assures him that everyone is very well. Gao Zhan breaks out in the biggest smile.

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Thoughts: Shen Jia Min bugs the crap out of me because she is the epitome of a terrible villainess and is basically there for comic fodder. I really dislike her arc because she  acts like a spoiled child (a fact that many characters remark upon). She doesn’t even rival the wits of Shen Bi (they are related in the story btw). So here comes the next 10 episodes, which I’ve already decided are, more or less, the episodes the producers designed to prolong the life of the drama in order to make money. Can you tell that I dislike these episodes? But as I am committed to this project and because it gets better, I will keep chugging through these episodes like they’re the veggies I have to eat before I get to the meat.


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5 thoughts on “Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 21 Recap”

  1. Shen Jia Min is like a tool for writers to do stupid things they wanted to under the guise of her naivety and childishness. The only good thing about this arc is that she brings a brother along 😉

    1. it is a pity she does not bring MacGuyver with her…. he would be a perfect match for utterly skilled and never stopping Lu Zhen, don’t You think? 😉

  2. so this episode is a reminder for all of us that Lu Zhen – despite being braindead in episode 20 so she could diss her drop dead gorgeous man (I wonder how long is the waiting line to switch places with her and making him forget this horrible accident? ;)) – is a very capable princess of pottery making and other crafts, thus able to stand on her own without the support of the Crown Prince (and a wide and muscular chest attached to this person, I presume). No wonder, I forgot about this one. well, I will be hibernating for a while waiting for the fun to reignite. I am however not happy with the upcoming introduction to the third wheel in the romantic corner of this story, so I could be venting my anger in next replies. bear with me, as I will be weeping for the potential that goes losts somewhere between the gardens inside the palace and forests outside it…

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