Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 9 Recap

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The story is progressing nicely, if anyone is following this story, you can see that both leading men has kissed the girl (though neither did it for romantic purposes). Both men has hugged and declared their love for the girl. Both are flawed beings with painful pasts who look at Xue Wu as if she is their only reason.

The War begins and it’s clear that Si Ye is outmatched in terms of numbers but he is smart. He distracts and diverts the armies, blows up the enemy camps, uses logs and boulders to crush oncoming armies, and is able to show up at the gate of Luo Yang City. He also spooks the Zhou soldiers with his mask, because Lan Ling Wang is suppose to be dead but here he is, in battle and slaughtering thousands.

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The soldiers see Si Ye and they cheer at his miraculous battle in which he  and a mere 500 soldiers is able to destroy an army of tens of thousands. I would say that this is impossible, but history has recorded this battle. Lan Ling Wang is not only a fierce warrior but a fearsome strategics genius.

Si Ye and Yu Wen Yong face each other on the battlefield, Yu Wen Yong. They glare at each other, and grab their bows at the same time, shooting an arrow at each other. They both parry the arrows with their swords.

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Yu Wen Yong orders his general Yu Chi Jiong to come with 50,000 back up troops. However, just as Yu Chi Jiong is about to take the troops to join Yu Wen Yong, a urgent decree from the capital halts him.

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Dai Zhong Zai Yu Wen Hu has ordered the troops to go back to Zhou. It turns out that Yu Wen Hu has taken all of Yu Chi Jiong’s children, wives, and even his old mother and is holding them hostage. Should Yu Chi Jiong decide to help Yu Wen Yong, then all of his family will be killed. Yu Chi Jiong has no choice be to retreat. When Yu Wen Yong hears this, his face is a mask of frustration and anger, he thinks to himself, “I didn’t lose to Lan Ling Wang but to Yu Wen Hu. I must destory Yu Wen Hu first”

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As it turns out, Si Ye was the one who had notified Yu Wen Hu. He had ordered his spies to go to the capital of Zhou and spread the roumor that if Yu Wen Yong wins the battle of Luo Yang, the he will sacrifice/kill Yu Wen Hu to the heavens in thanks. This sets Yu Wen Hu into a panic and thus,  Yu Wen Yong, without his back up troops, is forced to retreat.

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In the chaos of the fleeing army, Xue Wu escapes her guards and drops the jade pendant Si Ye had given to her in the process. She runs towards the nearby woods. Si Ye and his army arrive at the now empty enemy camp and sees the terrible aftermath. He finds Xue Wu’s dropped jade and surmises that Xue Wu is nearby. He goes in search of her.

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Xue Wu is escaping from her guards in the woods at night. She falls and Si Ye finds her. She grabs him and they hold each other’s gaze for a long time. “It’s me, Si Ye, No one will ever hurt you”  Xue Wu sees grabs in a hug and cries “I hoped you wouldn’t die, I was so worried”. He talks about all the things she’s done for him and ask how should he ever repay her? She replies “As long a you are alive, that is the best form of repayment.”

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As the rain falls, he takes her to a nearby place he knows. It’s a small empty cottage, he gives her dry clothes and shows her a small room to change. Xue Wu sees a toy sword on the drawer.

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Afterwards, in clean and simple clothes, they sit and talk by the fire. Si Ye touches the wound he got when he protected her.

She asks if his wound hurts? He says no, he only hurt when he realized that she left to save him, that he might never see her again. Xue Wu smiles and says that as long as he’s alive it’s all right, also as her grandmother he’s won a impossible battle, his name will live on in legend and history. Si Ye grabs her hand and says that he wants to make sure history know she was the miracle, because in his heart, he not only needed to save Luo Yang city, but more importantly, he needed to save her.

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They hold each other’s gaze but SI Ye notices a corner of her robes is in the coals. They rescue the robe and Xue Wu is sad, she asks if these clothes are very important to him, since they are his mother’s. Si Ye is surprised that she knows this cottage was his childhood home. It turns out that SI Ye use to live with his mother here.

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Si Ye and his mother once lived a very poor and simple life, the happiest and simplest of his time. Si Ye was the son of the last Emperor (not the reigning one) and had been snuck out  of the palace by his lowly born mother.  She loved him and cares for him, even raising a rabbit with him. But the idyllic life was not to be. However, they were found out Si Ye has to go to palace, but his mother is not allowed. She prepares his clothes and lies to Si Ye about going. Si Ye’s mother tells him to be a good person and watches, crying as her son is taken away from her.

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Si Ye never saw his mother again. When he had grown up, he snuck out of the palace, but she had died. Si Ye’s mother had only been with the Emperor, but the Emperor had so many women that he probably never knew what SI Ye’s mother looked like. SI Ye has made a pact that he would never love more than one woman, he would only have one wife, so that no one would suffer a fate like his mother.

Si Ye tells Xue Wu that whenever he is tired he comes to this cottage, this is where he can be his true self, it’s his true home. here his actions are not judged and watched by anyone. Xue Wu tells him that he needs to think about what he has, that way he won’t feel so sad. He says that he feels that he has nothing. She grabs him in a back hug and says, “You have my respect, and you have my admiraton.”

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He turns around and holds her face in his hands, he reminesce the time they’ve been together. But his hands move to her forehead and he realizes that she’s hot. He asks if she sick, and Xue Wu replies. “Really… I…” and faints.

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Thoughts: Apparently there is only one village that this entire drama takes place. Or else the location scouts really screwed up, or was their budget bad? Xue Wu’s village, Xiao Dong’s village, and finally the cottage where Si Ye grew up, why are they all the same? Only slightly dirtier or flowerier every single time. Of course Lu Zhen had the same issue, it was as if they thought the viewers couldn’t tell the difference between the scenes. Nice going drama. Yu Wen Yong’s frustration, Si Ye’s cunning brings the conflict all that much better. I like the idea that a bromance is developing between the two, well, soon at least. As for Xue Wu, she was more of a helpless heroine, which  I’ll give her a little slack because what else are you suppose to do when an army is chasing after you.

This drama does a a great job in bring the character’s backstory. They take the time to set up why we should like the character. While I think Si Ye’s backstory is heartbreaking I feel more for Yu Wen Yong’s back story more. (Sorry, I’m biased)


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One thought on “Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 9 Recap”

  1. well, she could have climbed the tree and wait there instead of running in dark and almost killing herself…. as a tomboy looking for sulfur and whatnot in the first episode I really would expect that of her. nor mentioning fixing the damn dress so she can actually run in it…. overall, I was surprised that there was no anger outburst from YWY on his prize escaping. maybe in the next episode we will see some heads rolling for that. I would definately be not amused by that…

    on the other note, LLW armor rocks! I think ockoala mentioned it in her post on her blog that is very manga-ish (in a good way) and I just cannot help but stare at the pretty. The hairpiece does ruin the view unfortunately but THE BROW, oh, THE BROW…. 😉

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