Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 29 Recap

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Shen Bi is no more deluded than the Royal Concubine, but she is also more annoying in her attempts. The Royal Concubine’s unwillingness admit Gao Zhan doesn’t like her, in my opinion, is because he is the one good thing from her past life that she doesn’t want to lose. He’s the  lifeline that’s made her miserable existence worthwhile all these years.

After he tells the Royal Concubine that she’s changed, she hugs him and tells him that she is no goddess, but a normal person.

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He pushes her off and tells her that everything she has done is disgusting. He tells her to appreciate the emperor, and that she has no relations with Gao Zhan anymore.

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The Royal Concubine cries bitterly and tears up the golden crane as she leaves his palace. She says to herself that Gao Zhan will realize that she is the one who truly cares for him.

Lou Qing Qiang hightails it back to the Dowager’s palace with the news. The Dowager wants to kill the Royal Concubine for all she has done but Lou Qing Qiang advises against it; it seems that the king knows as well. The Dowager says that she has been kind enough. This is all Gao Zhan’s fault. She had promised to do nothing to him but now she’s going to kill him.

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Gao Zhan sits in his palace with Uncle Zhou and asks why the women of the palace have turned from kind to cruel. Was there a demon in the palace that caused them to change so? The Dowager used to bring him sweets and even helped him pick fruit from the tree.  Xiao Huan Yun (the Royal Concubine) was sweet and innocent but now she is cold blooded and vicious, and even Lu Zhen, who was a good girl, said so many cruel things to him tonight.

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Uncle Zhou asks if Gao Zhan was the same as he was when he was sixteen. Gao Zhan answers, of course not. Then that’s your answer, Uncle Zhou replies, everyone has to change. You can’t ask Lu Zhen not to change, but what remains is that she is the same girl who would jump off a cliff for you and you (Gao Zhan) were willing to charge into a burning building for her. How can such a little fight matter so much now?

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Gao Zhan says he understands, but he just broke the White Tiger. She won’t want to see him. Uncle Zhou tells him that the white tiger can be fixed but the heart can’t if he waits too long. Gao Zhan tells him that he and Lu Zhen are too alike; they are too stubborn. He will wait a few days.

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Lu Zhen goes to Shen Bi with all the completed tasks and even recites the problems she missed on Wang Shang Yi’s test. Shen Bi has heard about Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan’s fight and is perplexed because Lu Zhen looks so calm.

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During the morning court, a courtier tells the Emperor that the Huang He (Yellow River) has flooded and they need someone to lead the rescue efforts. The Dowager comes and volunteers Gao Zhan, saying that Gao Zhan would be glad to help his brother. Gao Zhan doesn’t refuse even though the Emperor protests vehemently. In the end, Gao Zhan is given the permission to go.

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Gao Zhan and Uncle Zhou discuss why the Dowager wants Gao Zhan to go so much. Gao Zhan knows that she is up to something but doesn’t think that she wants to kill him just yet, not so soon after the last assassination attempt. Uncle Zhou is worried.

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Gao Zhan goes to see Lu Zhen but only finds Shen Bi. Shen Bi is stunned at the news that he is leaving to go on the rescue mission. She tells him that Lu Zhen doesn’t want to see him. He, thinking that Shen Bi is a good friend of Lu Zhen, believes her. He tells her to take care of  Lu Zhen.

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Yuan Lu walks with Gao Zhan. Yuan Lu tells Gao Zhan to charge into Lu Zhen’s room and tell her that he’s leaving; if she doesn’t make up with him then he won’t like her anymore.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.38.07 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.38.39 PM  Gao Zhan glares at him and tells him sarcastically that Yuan Lu’s skills with girls are why he is a high and mighty Eunuch and why Gao Zhan is a lowly Crown Prince.

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Shen Bi charges up to him to warn him about the bandits. She grabs his hand as she tells him to be careful. He removes her hand from his and sighs that Lu Zhen is the only one that doesn’t seem to care that he is leaving. Shen Bi takes this opportunity to tell him that Lu Zhen disregarded the news. Gao Zhan leaves.

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Shen Bi takes every precaution to make sure that Lu Zhen doesn’t see Gao Zhan before he leaves. She uses a maid to block Dan Niang from telling Lu Zhen about Gao Zhan’s departure. She keeps Lu Zhen at the office all night so that Dan Niang can’t tell her. Only when Gao Zhan is leaving does Ling Long find Lu Zhen and tell her about it. Lu Zhen catches a glimpse of him leaving and doesn’t get to say goodbye.

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The Royal Concubine and Lu Zhen see each other as they leave the battlement from where they were watching Gao Zhan leave.

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The Royal Concubine looks at Lu Zhen with deep, intense dislike. Lu Zhen cries to herself and wonders if Gao Zhan was so angry that he left without saying goodbye, all while holding her mother’s pin that Gao Zhan had returned to her.

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The Dowager is angry after she reads the records that Gao Yan has not visited any other concubines. She is mad that the Royal Concubine has not given the Emperor a child. Gao Yan tells her that he only loves the Royal Concubine. The Dowager tells him that if he doesn’t have a child soon, she will make sure that the Royal Concubine’s position is taken away. Gao Yan is horrified as the Dowager tells him that he has half a year to a year to have a child or else.

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Sheesh what a mother. I know that a child means her security to the throne, but she is as vicious and crafty as the Royal Concubine. I really like neither but at least they keep the story fresh and amusing as the powers behind the throne. I feel sorry for Gao Yan; he is stuck between a power hungry mother with little feelings as a human being and a lovesick wife whose affections don’t really fall on him. It’s not the greatest place to be and yet he is the most loving man I’ve ever seen in this story.

Thoughts from Elizaphanrex: Sorry Rin Lee, but I think Gao Yan needs to grow a pair and take control of his life. I have no sympathy for a man who sits around and does nothing to improve his situation. He’s a flipping emperor! Exercise some power. Jesus.


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2 thoughts on “Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 29 Recap”

  1. I think the emperor knows he owns everything to his Mama. I think he also is aware of being pushed from one corner to another in a tug war led by two vicious women that will finally lead to some heavy damage. in most scenes he looks like he is ready to burst into tears and hide in the corner due to his helplessness. he is helplessly in love with Royal Concubine who hates his guts and wishes him far away from her… and he knows that without his Mama’s shoulder he would never maintain his place on the throne (and the Royal Concubine)… and eventhough he loves his brother he cannot stop his departure towards danger. it is sometimes difficult to buy into his selfish love towards Gao Zhan because it is so pure and out of place in the palace where everyone is plotting someone’s demise or at least severe punishment. I want to believe it, because he seems to really care for his brother and his happiness and yet I am cautious about it. protecting Lu Zhen could be an example of protecting beloved brother’s lover, but also a nice tool to have GZ being grateful and willing to repay the kindness. not to mention the possibility of finally breaking apart the childhood lovers who are still having too many joint time screen in secluded areas…

    Hats off from the Empress Dowager, I would say. Dragon’s claws do not wither with the time and eventhough we did not see her so often in the main ground of the drama, we can still feel her breath on our backs. her idea of producing and heir within certain amount of time is brilliant (although Empress in the palace has taught me that being pregnant does not necessary mean that a concubine will actually carry it till the previewed time), but I really hope they will not show us the “production phase” too often, as the emperor’s snowy white chest is giving me chills. where is a nicely shaped six pack when you need it?

    Shen Bi, you ….! I just… can’t. Go drown yourself, or something.

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