Chapter 38 – Capture and Escape


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The Demon Realms

Wei Yun’s steps echoed in the giant ice caverns of the Grey Mountains, he was a glowing dot in the vastness of the icy blue caves. He took out the ball of white fire that contained Huang Wu and released it. The crow prince lay on the floor shaking, he had wasted most of his power trying to break out of Wei Yun’s prison.

A jet black sword appeared in Huang Wu’s hand as he unsheathed his wings and rose in the air. Wei Yun didn’t even move as the crow prince dived for the god. In the last second, Wei Yun grabbed the black sword by the blade, and pushed back, breaking the sword into a thousand pieces. Huang Wu was thrown into a mighty stalagmite.

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Chapter 37 – Let It Burn Into Your Memories

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(Yu Zhu )                                                    (Wei Yun)

The Yue Kingdom 

The midnight thief was said to only appear at the darkest hour of the night. But tonight Yu Zhu needed her activities to be timed perfectly if her plan was to work. She was going to pull of the most daring of stunts tonight as the Midnight Theif.

Yu Zhu barely made any sound as she jumped from rooftop to rooftop, her feet lighter than butterfly wings grazing windblown leaves. Her dark clothes and mask melted into the midnight, the clouds obscuring her shadow and the wind the sound of her movements. She hid behind the gargantuan stone lion on top of the merchant’s roof.

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