Chapter 44 – The Princess of Dian


Yu Zhu

(Photo courtesy of QQ and Hidari94)

“Hello.” Zhu Zhan Ye poked his head in front of Yu Zhu’s store. His eyes seemed to twinkle as he

Yu Zhu raised her head, “You’re not allowed here.”

Zhu Zhan Ye smiled crookedly, “Didn’t you get my gifts? I sent some really expensive fruits you can only get in the southern part of the empire.

“She sold them.” Lu Xi smiled shyly, “Hello, Zhan Ye Ge Ge.”

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Chapter 43 – Bait

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Yu ZHu

Photo Courtesy of Sina Wei Bo

Yu Zhu sat up shaking. No, she was vibrating so hard the frames of the bed shook. She gritted her teeth as she felt needles of pain shoot down her arms and legs. Waves of agony rolled over her body. Anger, bitterness, hatred rushed over her, overwhelming all of her senses. Then relief, joy, ecstasy flooded her mind, her eyes rolled back in her head. She felt so much one moment and the was nothing the next, the pain pounded her like roaring waves, then ebbing away as if being sucked back into the sea, each time taking a tiny bit of her with it. She grabbed her pillow and bit down. Her muffle screamed woke Lin Yu who came running in.

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Chapter 42 – River of Souls

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(Huang Wu)

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“She’s more beautiful than a painting.” A wealthy young son  said as he lazily waved his silk fan in the crispy morning air, the picture of a wealthy young student, “If only she wasn’t a lowly embroidery girl, I would marry her”. He sat on the second floor of the Red Tea House, sipping on tea brought by girl servants, “She’s probably even more beautiful than the Princess of Dian.”

“And how would you know that?” asked another boy, “The Princess of Dian lives in the capital, deep in the heart of the palace. Like a shining Jewel.”  One of his schoolmates smacked his head, “You have a long way to go before you become a poet. Don’t try so hard”

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Chapter 41- Schemes and Plots


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Zhu Zhan Ye                                 Huang Wu


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Ning City 

“You’re leaving food for her again?” Lin Yu asked as Yu Zhu placed a tray in front of Lu Xi’s door. Lin Yu sighed, “It’s been ten days and still she hasn’t come out. I don’t get why she’s so scared of us”

Yu Zhu shook her head as she added tea to a cup and placed it on the tiled floor “She’s not afraid. She’s hurting.”

Lin Yu’s only experience with human emotions was mainly with Yu Zhu, she was confused, “I don’t understand.”

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Chapter 40 – Of Monsters and Men


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(Zhuo Hao)                                                               (Wei Yun)

(Pictures courtesy of Sina Weibo and SecretChina)

“Please. Be a good son. Just kill me. Please? Please?” The quivering figure in ruined silk lying on the cold granite looked up at him, one eye visible from the mass of sticky, bloody hair. Stray strands with scalp still attached lay all over the floor, she had pulled them out on her own.

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Chapter 39 – The Thief Lord

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(Zhu Zhan Ye)                                           (Zhuo Hao)

(Photos courtesy of Sina and SecretChina)

Yue Kingdom – Ning City 

Yu Zhu tried to muffle her scream, biting on a damp cloth as Zhuo Hao sewed the skin on her shoulder back together in the dim candle light. His grey clothes were soaked with blood and his mask lay forgotten in a corner of the room. There were still a few hours before dawn, if she screamed now, the neighbors would wake.

“He hit bone ” Zhuo Hao cursed, “This will take a while to heal.”

The door opened and Lin Yu rushed in, the smile on her face dropping as she saw the bloody rags piled around Yu Zhu. “Move” She said brusquely, her eyes began to glow as green fire sprouted from her hands. Zhuo Hao didn’t need to be told twice and backed away. This wasn’t like the normal powers of well practiced martial artists. This was something he had never seen before.

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Chapter 38 – Capture and Escape


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The Demon Realms

Wei Yun’s steps echoed in the giant ice caverns of the Grey Mountains, he was a glowing dot in the vastness of the icy blue caves. He took out the ball of white fire that contained Huang Wu and released it. The crow prince lay on the floor shaking, he had wasted most of his power trying to break out of Wei Yun’s prison.

A jet black sword appeared in Huang Wu’s hand as he unsheathed his wings and rose in the air. Wei Yun didn’t even move as the crow prince dived for the god. In the last second, Wei Yun grabbed the black sword by the blade, and pushed back, breaking the sword into a thousand pieces. Huang Wu was thrown into a mighty stalagmite.

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Chapter 37 – Let It Burn Into Your Memories

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(Yu Zhu )                                                    (Wei Yun)

The Yue Kingdom 

The midnight thief was said to only appear at the darkest hour of the night. But tonight Yu Zhu needed her activities to be timed perfectly if her plan was to work. She was going to pull of the most daring of stunts tonight as the Midnight Theif.

Yu Zhu barely made any sound as she jumped from rooftop to rooftop, her feet lighter than butterfly wings grazing windblown leaves. Her dark clothes and mask melted into the midnight, the clouds obscuring her shadow and the wind the sound of her movements. She hid behind the gargantuan stone lion on top of the merchant’s roof.

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Chapter 36 – The Dangerous Game

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(Zhu Zhan Ye)                                             (Zhuo Hao)


(Pictures Courtesy of Sina Weibo and Ibukisatsuki, also thanks Suteki Da Ne for the blog post about my novel and the idea of putting up paintings!)

Thanks for the patience everyone! This is the newest chapter. Please enjoy!

Yue Kingdom

In the setting sun, Yu Zhu’s scarves soaked the red gold rays, their pale shimmering colors reflecting and dancing in the dying light. Yu Zhu looked on impassively as the young man sighed, “Beautiful. Even better than the ones in the capitol” His expressive eyes seemed to probing her, ” Your skills are astounding for one so young. Here is what I owe you for the wager.” The crowd that had gathered to watch the young embroidery mistress handily beat the handsome young stranger in a wager, murmured their agreement

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Chapter 35 – Lin Yu’s Dance

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 10.39.03 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 3.26.19 AMtumblr_ls222sK9c91qitm4vo1_400

(Zhu Zhi Xiao as Huang Wu)               (Yang Rong as Lin Yu)              (Lin Geng Xin as Zhuo Hao)

*actors I would like to play the characters of my novel


Lin Yu walked out the little room, carefully closing paper screen door quietly so as not to disturb the sleeping Yu Zhu. She sighed as she looked up at the sky, where was elder brother and grandfather? She had always wanted to go on a grand adventure, but now that she was on one, there was an ache in her heart for those she loved.  She wondered wistfully. Tonight she wanted to leap into the air and fly until she reached the moon, there was wild restlessness in her blood.

But she was forbidden to use magic in the human realms. Instead she took a deep breath of the heavy orange blossom scent of the summer air. Autumn was coming, the spicy air of change called to her spirit.

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Chapter 34 – I Will Protect You

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 7.59.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 8.51.02 PMScreen Shot 2014-02-06 at 9.30.47 PM


(Chen Xiao as Zhu Zhan Ye*)              (Liu Shi Shi as Yu Zhu*)    (Hu Ge as Xu Long Hui*)

*actors I would like to see play the characters in my novel

“Yu Zhu!” Lin Yu ran in her multicolored silk scarves trailing her like gentle mist, “I heard from the horse thieves that you’ve gone and gotten on some young lord’s bad side?” She sat down and gulped a cup of tea, “I ran out of the dance house as soon as I heard the news!”

Yu Zhu sighed as she carefully stiched gold silk into a creamy white handkerchief, “Some silly little lord came to trouble me.” Yu Zhu frowned, “I can’t be sure, but I think he was the one chasing me the other night. I tried to make him leave by being rude, but that only made him mad. So he made some stupid little challenge.” Yu Zhu rolled her eyes, “I hope he’s rich enough to steal from” She smiled wickedly, “I’ll know more by tomorrow, I guess.”

“That’s men for you.” Lin Yu sighed, “Sometimes they’re so thick, I wonder if their head is only made of bone and nothing else.” Yu Zhu laughed, and Lin Yu said eagerly, “If he’s making trouble for you, I’ll bite his head off.”Lin Yu’s serpent tongue flickered out as the skin on her hands turned into light white scales. She twirled, and twenty scarves rose in the air, “Have no fear, with as wonderful snake demon like me by your side, we can get this done in no time.”

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Chapter 33 – A Challenge

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(Chen Xiao as Zhu Zhan Ye aka Young Master in my novel)     (Lin Geng Xin as Zhuo Hao in my novel)

The daily rhythms of the Ku Wen monastery about the vast city of Bei Xing, gently filled the silent morning air, lifting the spell of sleep and bringing the city to life. Yu Zhu opened the shutters to her little shop of the corner of the busiest street in the city.

“Little Girl!” The warm hearted woman of the bun stand waddled over, “You’re embroidery’s becoming very famous all over town, and you’ve only been here a few months. Even the magistrate’s wife, they say even she’s taking notice!” The woman’s eyes widened at the gravity of the compliment, “If you keep selling like this, you’re going to be famous across the kingdom.”

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Chapter 32 – The Midnight Thief

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 7.59.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 8.03.14 PM

(Chen Xiao as the Young Master in my novel)           (Lin Geng Xin as the Zhuo Hao in my novel)


Yue Kingdom, Human realms

“Young Master.” The magistrate of the Northern province bowed and handed the young man a cup of wine. His shaking voice echoed in the empty main hall of the Magistrate’s elegant house, the young man sat high on the dais casually glaring at the older man.  The magistrate’s hands shook as beads of sweat began forming on his brow.

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Chapter 31- Return

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.57.26 PM

(Liu Shi Shi as Yu Zhu) (Wallace Huo as Wei Yun) in my novel.

The sun began clawing its way out of the ground as Wei Yun’s story ended. He turned his icy calm face towards Tu Suo

“The Jade Rabbit was banished to the moon by the Duke of the 7 Stars. I started a war with the Emperor. But neither of us could win.” Wei Yun looked at the fading moon, lost in thought.

Grandfather too gazed at the moon, “She watched from the moon as her love ones died and her empire fell.” There was tears in his eyes, “I failed her.”

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Chapter 30 – Half-Blooded

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.40.29 AM  Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.50.49 AM

(Ariel Lin as the Jade Rabbit)                       (Wallace Huo as Wei Yun)

“This is too soon.” Mei Yan gasped as sweat poured down her cheeks, “This baby isn’t due for at least a month. She shouldn’t be coming now” Her body writhed and convulsed, she could feel the baby fighting to get out.

The Jade Rabbit knelt down, “Mei Yan, concentrate, if this baby comes now, it will kill you both.”

Wei Tian stood by the doorway, he was as still as a stone statue. Mei Yan screamed as pain ripped through her abdomen like a hot knife. Blood gushed onto the bedding, the pain was too much.

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