Perfect Couple Episode 4 Recap – Jin Yu Liang Yuan (金玉良缘 )

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So I had to debate real hard whether or not to do this episode today after a full work day and then some. It’s a great episode, but it’s also mentally exhausting to recap Tong Hua’s stuff since she’s a master of prose and quips. Here goes. Episode 4 Recap

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金玉良缘 – Jin Yu Liang Yuan Perfect Couple – Episode 3 Recap

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Between work, writing my own novel, recapping a show I find myself exhausted on a sunday. Recapping a good drama takes time, espcially one that makes me laugh.  Also, I probably should get out more as I resemble more or less an albino bat than human being at this point. Hopefully people are enjoying this show as much as I am. But without much ado, recap 3:

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金玉良缘 – Jin Yu Liang Yuan Perfect Couple – Episode 2 Recap

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So, currently, I recap at the pace of a erratic snail on a slow sunday. Not because I don’t love the shows but there are a limited number of hours in the day and this post was finished at 5AM today.  But it shouldn’t get in the way of your enjoyment of this Jin Yu Liang Yuan.  I was surfing the net today and i found a blogger ( who has mini-recapped all the way up to Ep. 9 the last time I went onto her blog. So please check that out! I find that the blogging community is a wonderful place and it’s always good to see everyone enjoying the same thing.

Okay. Episode 2 Recap.

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金玉良缘 aka Perfect Couple – Episode 1 Recap

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I nearly died from laughing after watching the  first 3 fantastic episodes of Perfect Couple. Words can not adequately describe how much fun it was to watch physical and verbal comedy done to perfection. While the first episode was slightly more introductory, the rest of them were just pure fun to watch.Tong Hua is a master of letting her readers visualize her story, which is one of the reasons why all her novels are hugely popular. Of course, her stories are always vastly complicated and always leaves the reader in a state of indecisive contentment (I will probably write more on this at the end of the recap)  I want to share my joy of watching a show that I didn’t press fast forward in at all, it’s something that should be enjoyed not just by those who speak Chinese but anyone who is a fan of Tong Hua. Now I’m off to watch the next 3 episodes and will try to recap as soon as I can!

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2014 Upcoming Chinese Dramas


SO. I have a few TV shows that I want to see, dramas that I want to recap. They are all historically based because China has a long history of producing modern dramas that I’m not interested in or Korea/America does a lot better in.  I don’t know any of the airing dates. So if I start recapping, presumably it has started airing. (Sorry, just watched Sherlock Season 3, am a bit rude due to functioning sociopathic influences.)

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