Lan Ling Wang Song Translation– Daniel Chan- Suddenly Falling In Love

Chinese Translation is Below!

So I got home late and it’s about midnight on the west coast in the US (where I currently reside) and I am utterly exhausted. I’ve finished the translation for the beautiful song Daniel Chan sings. The translation of the song is Suddenly My Heart Moved, (心動) Xin Dong means that literally heart movement in Chinese but it also means you’ve become emotionally attached, or fall in love. So the better translation is that Suddenly I’ve Fallen in Love. But quibbles on Chinese later. Need sleep so I can go to work and also recap more dramas. Anyways here you go:

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Lan Ling Wang Song – Daniel Chan 突然心動 – Tu Ran Xin Dong

So as most of the people who peruse this blog knows, I have a ridiculous obsession with the Second Lead King of Zhou, Yu Wen Yong. Also known as Daniel Chan in real life. So Daniel Chan is not only a superb actor but an amazing singer. This song perfectly ensnares how the second lead feels about Xue Wu. It’s as if someone took the character and put him in a song. Also Daniel wrote this song so it can’t get any closer to his character than that. I might put up translations soon but I love the song, which talks about suddenly falling in love, without a warning, and that he wants no one else but his loved one in his eyesight.