Translation New Song for Bu Bu Jing Qing – Fine Dust by Jia Jia 尘埃

Damn You, BBJQ,  you just have to have pretty songs. I’ve attached two versions. One of them describes the love triangle in BBJQ (though it’s not with Nicky but with the new face of the reincarnated eighth prince…. yeah, sounds as bad as it was writing it). I still don’t really care for the story but Jia Jia makes lovely ballads, and I never get tired of her songs. The official (and prettier) music video from Jia Jia is below. So here you go. Translations of the song below.

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Lan Ling Wang Song Translation – 命運 – Ming Yun – Destiny

This is one of the songs in LLW, sung by Ji Jia (家家) called Destiny

So translating this song was really tough. It sounds so beautiful but the lyrics are a bit of a mess and a bit trite. And for some reason, there’s an ant in the lyrics (I tried to make sense of it by adding what I think it intended to mean in brackets by the original words). It’s not really very good as song lyrics go, to be completely honest and I had to interpret some of the words. For example, the lyrics were “I don’t need to live, I don’t want to wake up” which just made it dark, as “if I don’t have you then I shouldn’t be alive” dark. As for the lyrics about ants, I gave up because it was just so bad it was hilarious. Trying to make it make sense was like trying to read russian backwards, it’s already pretty hard reading it forward. But the song composition is really beautiful, the melody is fantastic with a rich bouquet of haunting violin accompaniment and cello solos. Here is the translation of the words:

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