Song Translation – I Can Not Help It – Bu Bu Jing Qing Official MV

How is it that BBJX, after such a long time can still invoke such a sweet, painful memory? Ruoxi and the 4th prince had this heartbreaking romance, and after the show I felt this kind of hurt, the good kind of hurt that cuts deep into your emotional flesh only to leave a scar that you would not trade for anything in the world. I have no regrets in watching BBJX, so here I give you the translation of Della’s new song for Bu Bu Jing Qing, the sequel. It’s beautiful, and if heartbreak, love, dedication, and remembrance can transformed into sounds, then this would be a pretty good shot at it. Also, head to Koalasplayground, where you can get more info about Bu Bu Jing Qing and Bu Bu Jing Xin. I love her blog, it’s where I first saw this MV. Translations Below:

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Song Translation Lan Ling Wang: Heart of Palm (Shou Zhang Xin)

So My roommate and I basically spent a huge amount of our night arguing back and forth about what the hell these words mean and how the hell could we translate it so that the original meaning comes through, without sounding insane. We tried very hard to make it make sense and started drinking by the time we finished. Here is the translation.

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Best Song of Lan Ling Wang – Della Ding, Shou Zhang Xin 手掌心

You know how good a show is going to be sometimes by the music in it. This show has a song that reminds of  BBJX Snow Plum, or 3 inches of heaven which made me sigh every time I heard it. So, get your tissues ready, because this drama is going to mangle, break, and smash your heart. But like BBJX, it was the kind of heartbreak that was worth the pain. I don’t ever regret watching BBJX because I got to see a love story that transcended time. So I know that I will not regret watching this drama, because getting to know what happens is worth the tears (and the boxes of tissues).

I hate the opening song of the drama with all my heart, but this song is so sweetly sad and filled with so much meaning that it encapsulates the story of the two leads.