Chapter 25 – The Royal Crow

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*(Zhu Zhi Xiao as Huang Wu)         *(Luo Jin as Tu Suo)             *(Yang Rong as Lin Yu)

*These are the people who I would like to play the character of the novel.

Tu Suo walked in and Lin Yu attacked him. She ran into him headlong, he caught her and swung her around, just like he always did whenever she did this, even when they were children.

Lin Yu laughed, “I’m 900 hundred years old now, a full grown demon, stop!”  Tu Suo smiled, his eyes twinkling, “when you stop trying to attack me, i’ll stop throwing you into the air.”

Lin Yu grinned,  “Ge ge, did you find the pendant?” Tu Suo shook his head, “No. I’ll keep looking tomorrow.” Lin Yu’s grin dropped, she looked at Yu Zhu, her eyes worried, “I’ll go with you.”

Tu Suo tweaked her nose, “There you go, thinking of others before you worry about yourself.” He kept his arm around her shoulder, “Lin Yu, it’s too dangerous right now for you to go outside now. You have to stay in, be good and listen to me.” She looked like she wanted to argue.

Grandfather hobbled out of the room, “Tu Suo, come in here.”

Tuo Suo walked into the sparse little room. The old man leaned on his cane, he could sense the power coursing in Tu Suo, “what do you plan now, your majesty?”

Tu Suo showed him his arm. the silver outline of the sword stretched from his shoulder to hand. “We have what we came for. I planned to build alliances with other Zodiac houses. Some of them are still loyal to the Jade Rabbit. With Wei Yun by my side, the other half of the Zodiac will think twice before going against me.”

Grandfather looked to where Yu Zhu and Lin Yu sat, “What about the two girls.”

Tu Suo looked surprised, “They stay here. I will not risk Lin Yu in my wars.”

Grandfather did not look convinced, “you and I both know that Yu Zhu and Lin Yu were meant for great things. Keeping them here, while You and I go cavorting off to unite the demon kingdom. Does this seem wise?”

Tu Suo didn’t know the answer. He had known Lin Yu since she was just six hundred years old, grew up with her, guarded her and protected her. He cared for her more than anything in the world. “I can’t involve her in this war. Half the demon realm hates her Aunt  and the other half hates her mother, if I take her, imagine the danger we put her through.” He looked at the old man, “You should stay here with them, this might be a fatal journey.”

Grandfather glared at the young man, “I fought besides the Jade Rabbit in the wars between Gods and Demons. I watched and protected more than ten emperors of our kingdom, before your birth. It is I who took you from your cradle to escape the fall of our kingdom. I will be by your side until I become ash.”

Tu Suo bent his head his eyes bright as he contemplated the old man’s sacrafice to keep the Jade Rabbit’s last hope alive. He thought of something, “Did you know Wei Yun before he was banished to the demon realms?”

The old man took a long sigh, “Yes. A long time ago, I was young. Just a soldier in the Jade Rabbit’s guard.”

“you blame him, for what happened to the Jade Rabbit and the 7th Princess ?” Tu Suo asked The old man looked at Yu Zhu out in the courtyard and answered softly, “In a way, we are all to blame for their fates.”

Tu Suo wanted to ask for the truth of what had happened all those hundreds of thousands years ago, but he could tell that Grandfather was never going to tell it. Time could not heal all wounds.

Suddenly, outside the cottage, someone hollered, “LIN YU IF YOU WANT THIS PENDANT, GET OUT HERE. TODAY IS YOUR WEDDING DAY.”

Tu Suo’s strode outside to see Lin Yu’s face was entirely red she looked as if she was about to charge outside. He grabbed her arm, “Stay here with Yu Zhu. I’ll go first.” He walked out. Ho Pa Lai had Yu Zhu’s jade dragon pendant dangling in his hands, there was a smirk on his face. Behind him, thirty of his cronies carrying swords, knives and clubs jeered at Tu Suo.

Tu Suo bowed courteously to Ho Pa Lai, “Young Master Ho seems to be in a good mood this morning.”

Ho Pa Lai looked at Tu Suo as if he was filth on earth, “I’m talking to Lin Yu. Get out of my way.”

Ho Pa Lai grinned, there was a gleeful glint in his eyes, as he called to Yu Zhu, “I know you dropped this, if you want it back, get Lin Yu to marry me. If you’re good, you can be my bride too. I promise I won’t eat you” He thought about how Yu Zhu smelled as a human, “Unless of course, Lin Yu allows it.”

Tu Suo was still coldy polite, “Lin Yu is busy at the moment, however, if you wish, you can leave the pendant with me.” The tone of his voice made the request seem more of a demand.

Ho Pa Lai sneered at Tu Suo, “Get out of my way. I’m taking Lin Yu from this place. My men outnumber you thirty to one.”

“I’m going to kill him.” Lin Yu spat out through gritted teeth, she was embarrassed to the point of tears. Now the entire town will know Ho Pa Lai’s intentions, she’ll have to dig a hole in the ground and live there for a thousand years to escape the shame.

Three of Ho Pa Lai’s cronies ran at Tu Suo, swords in hand. Tu Suo rammed his fist into one man’s belly and he flew, eighty feet in the air. Tu Suo flipped into the air and kicked the two in the head. All three stayed down. Ho Pa Lai and his men took a step back. This wasn’t the normal back alley brawl they were accustomed to. Demons were by nature fast and strong creatures, to do such injury to the men, Tu Suo was powerful indeed.

A black shape swooped from the air. Two cronies rose up, screaming as they flew higher and higher with the black shape, until they became tiny black dots. Suddenly they fell, slamming into the ground, they lost control of their human form reverted back to their original salamander form, dying in the grass.

Huang Wu landed beside Tu Suo, “What are these cretins doing in front of the cottage. They’re going to disturb Lord Wei Yun’s rest.”

Ho Pa Lai wanted to run away, he was practically peeing in his pants from the arrival of this new stranger. But his men, they’ll laugh at him if he retreated. He gathered the remaining bit of his courage and yelled out haltingly, “Who the hell are you. Get out of here before I make you into stew!”

Huang Wu slowly turned to see who dared to yell at him. His black eyes seemed to pierce through the frightened pig demon and his cronies, who all wished they had listened to their mothers more and followed Ho Pa Lai less.

“You are not fit to speak to me.” Huang Wu said, his head held high, there was danger in his voice, “I am the son of Hei Tian Crow king and prince of the western skies.” Some of the cronies lost control of their human form after learning who the regal man was, turning into spiders, dogs, and cats. The others sank to their knees, praying that this was not the day they lost their lives.

Ho Pa Lai sat on the ground, his legs barely supporting him. He quickly knelt, touching his head into the earth repeatedly, “Forgive me your highness, this worthless one did not know.” He felt blood trickle from his forehead. He offered the pendant with his shaking hand, “Please spare me! It’s all my men’s fault they put me up to this.” The cronies just shivered in their spots, too scared to move, one of them starting crying silently.

Huang Wu’s lip curled in a self satisfied smile. He looked at the two girls standing in the doorway, they stared at Ho Pa Lai. Huang Wu waved at Ho Pa Lai and the pendant flew lazily to his hands. He pointed  Ho Pa Lai, who was still begging for his life while banging his head into the earth.

“Look carefully.” He called to Lin Yu, “That. Is how you should be treating me from now on.”

Huang Wu gave a look of utter distain at Ho Pa Lai, “If you ever bother Lin Yu again, I will slow roast you over a volcano.” Ho Pa Lai took the hint, he and his men bowed, got up, and sprinted down the road, half of them still in their animal and insect forms.

Huang Wu looked at the jade pendant in his hand, he frowned, it looked familiar for some reason.

Tu Suo looked at Huang Wu, “I was handling it, young prince.”

“You are nothing but a rabbit demon. They were never going to listen to you.” Huang Wu said carelessly. Tu Suo’s eyes narrowed, he clenched his fists but said nothing.

“Give it here, stupid crow.” Lin Yu called, glaring at him for his rudeness to Tu Suo. She took a step at Huang Wu.

He raised the pendant above his head, “From now on, call me by my proper title.” He teased, “I am Your royal highness, the great Prince Huang Wu. Also, kneel and pay me proper respects.”

Lin Yu walked up to Huang Wu. She kept walking until her nose nearly touched his. He backed away, startled at the impudence and nearly tripped on a rock. She grabbed his hand before he could fall and plucked the pendant from his fingers. She grinned and bit down on his hand with her fangs, exactly where she had bitten him before.

“You…again…” There was rage and helplessness as Huang Wu sank to his knees, he tried to threaten, “I’m going to skin you alive.” Only garbled noises came out as he felt on the grass.

“Too bad there’s no mud this time.” Lin Yu said as she walked away, Tu Suo followed, a grin on his face as they left the royal prince on the grass outside of the cottage.

“Royal prince indeed.” Lin Yu muttered darkly as she threw a backwards glance at poisoned man, “More like royal pain in the ass.”






3 thoughts on “Chapter 25 – The Royal Crow”

  1. “Royal prince indeed.” Lin Yu muttered darkly as she threw a backwards glance at poisoned man, “More like royal pain in the ass.” – This had me in the floor laughing. Lin Yu must be Huang Wu only form of weakness, in front of her.. he loose hid royal aura.

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