Chinese Novel: Daughter of Heaven

About Daughter of Heaven – A fantasy  novel I am currently writing that is set in the warring states era, it blends martial arts, romance, ancient Chinese legends, folklore, politics of the Human, Demon, and God realms. The story follows the life of Yu Zhu, princess of the kingdom of Dian, whose world becomes strange as she leaves the protection of her kingdom and is thrust into a life of adventure and intrigue.

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Chapter 1 : Melody In The Night

Chapter 2 : Meeting Him In The Garden Of Serenity

Chapter 3 : Royal Incognito

Chapter 4 : A Sort Of Reconciliation

Chapter 5 : Attack In the Bamboo Forests

Chapter 6 : The Man In The Cloud White Robes

Chapter 7 : The Doctor

Chapter 8 : A Request

Chapter 9 : The Melody In The Memories

Chapter 10: The Day Of The Seige

Chapter 11: The Dragon Returns

Chapter 12: The Demoness In His Heart

Chapter 13: The Choice

Chapter 14: The Winter Pavilion

Chapter 15: The Princess In The Winds 

Chapter 16: Battle Brothers 

Chapter 17: The Nowhere Town

Chapter 18: The Lone Oak 

Chapter 19: The God of Demons

Chapter 20: The Crow Man

Chapter 21: Snake Bite

Chapter 22: A Proposal

Chapter 23: Wei Yun

Chapter 24: The Snow and the Rabbit

Chapter 25: The Royal Crow

Chapter 26: The Pact 

Chapter 27: A Day In Heaven, A Year On Earth

Chapter 28: Wu Kang 

Chapter 29: I will wait 

Chapter 30: Half Blooded 

Chapter 31: Return

Chapter 32: The Midnight Thief

14 thoughts on “Chinese Novel: Daughter of Heaven”

  1. I am so glad i gave this a shot! SUTEKI DA NE brought me here! such amazing twist and turns of events! this is an amazing read =)

  2. yeah it would be so cool if its poshte in wattpad ! maybe you should open a account and Post it there … it max win the Watty award ! ceause its so amazing ! and im sure other poeple will think the same!

  3. Oh my gosh! I finally found your site again! I was trying so hard to remember it because I hadn’t bookmarked it and now I found it…thanks so much for your beautiful novel. Keep up the great work.

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