Chapter 11 – The Dragon Returns

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.51.36 AM (Zhang Guo Li as the Emperor)

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.54.39 AM (Tang Yan as Hua Er)

Present day

“Papa!” Yu Zhu was barely ushered into the inner palace when she heard the pounding hoofbeats and clinking of armor. Her father the Emperor,  Hong Yan Su, and a retinue of guards and eunuchs had ridden from his residence once he had heard that Yu Zhu had come back safely.

“Yu Zhu!” The Emperor ran to his only child and crushed her in an enveloping hug. “We’ve searched everywhere.” He held her up and made sure that she was fine.  He couldn’t even bear the thought of losing his last child.

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I’ve Been Liebstered (And I Like It)


I want to thank those who nominated me, believe me when I say that it is the sweetest and most rewarding thing to see hardworking bloggers get recognition and then graciously pass it on to others. I’ve been meaning to write the Liebster post but it keeps slipping my mind. So Sarah and Coffeenlucia, thank you for the award.

Here Goes: 

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Song Translation – I Can Not Help It – Bu Bu Jing Qing Official MV

How is it that BBJX, after such a long time can still invoke such a sweet, painful memory? Ruoxi and the 4th prince had this heartbreaking romance, and after the show I felt this kind of hurt, the good kind of hurt that cuts deep into your emotional flesh only to leave a scar that you would not trade for anything in the world. I have no regrets in watching BBJX, so here I give you the translation of Della’s new song for Bu Bu Jing Qing, the sequel. It’s beautiful, and if heartbreak, love, dedication, and remembrance can transformed into sounds, then this would be a pretty good shot at it. Also, head to Koalasplayground, where you can get more info about Bu Bu Jing Qing and Bu Bu Jing Xin. I love her blog, it’s where I first saw this MV. Translations Below:

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Jennie Yang – The Warrior

This is not a recap, drama review, or anything related to Chinese media. This is just a post about an ordinary girl who is fighting an extraordinary battle. I have a friend who is fighting for her life. Here is the link to her blog. She has changed my life. If you visit her blog it will change yours too.  In the last three years of my blog I have never written anything this personal, but I needed a space to put my thoughts and this was the only way I knew how.

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New Drama: New Detective Alliance – 新神探联盟 / Xin Shen Tan Lian Meng



For anyone familiar with the legend of Bao Qing Tian, a genius judge , Gong Sun Zhe his clerk, and Zhan Zhao the fighter/detective know that this is one of the best bromances in Chinese Lore. Those three were the best crime fighting team in ancient china.  This story is basically going to follow a detective team comprised of Bao Zheng, Gong Sun Zhe and Zhan Zhao.  The men in this drama are not bad looking, I have to say that they are downright hot, all you have to do is look at George Hu in modern garb (Ignore the rooster hairstyle). Also, Dramapot wrote a pre-watch intro too, it’s entertaining and informative. Go over and peruse that site when you have a chance (I did and I have a lot of respect for her, she has a pretty extensive collection of goodies on dramas/news/variety on her site too.

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Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 11 Recap

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.27.32 AM

Political intrigue at its best is when the players operate in both the open and the shadows. The deadly dance of power between Yu Wen Hu and Yu Wen Yong is engrossing for the viewer because neither can afford to underestimate the other, to do so means a certain, horrible death. Beneath the flowery language lies two vicious animals with bloodlust in their eyes.

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New Drama: Mop Lady’s Romance- Mo Bu Nu Ye You Chun Tian


Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 2.49.30 AM

It’s strange for me to be writing about a modern story. And while I can’t do recaps on it I do want to do a little highlight of it since it’s adorable. It’s called “Mop Lady’s Spring”

Here are some of the highlights I like about this story.

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Gong Suo Chen Xiang Movie – Character Synopsis

Here is a small synopsis and character intro for the movie Gong Suo Chen Xiang.


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Goodbye To Elizaphantrex: A Heffalump of a Friend

Dear Elizaphantrex (My Editor In Chief):

By the time you read this,  you will be getting ready to step off into your grand new life, walk amongst the giants, fight dragons, and rescue damsels in distress. At least that’s what I imagine you’ll be doing in grad school (don’t you dare correct me.)  I wanted to give you a proper goodbye but seeing that we’re separated by a distance of 300 miles I decided that I’ll write it down instead.

You know that I’ll probably never give you straight complement, just like how you’ll never be able to hug people properly. So this is probably the only time I’ll get mushy, and if any of our friends read this letter, I’ll deny your existence.

But the crux of this letter is just simply to say that I’m deliriously happy that you’re going to go out into the world and do what you love. There are very few people I know who can be alternatively intelligent, dorky, and cool. You happen to have all three attributes in abundance, and you probably didn’t mean that to happen but it did, so you probably did it accidentally.  Dork.

I’ve known you for a good ten years now and I can say that I’ve enjoyed all of them. So it’s with great bittersweetness that I write this send off. I know we’ll still talk online and all that, but its suddenly strange to realize that when I drive back home, I won’t be able to see you anymore. It’s so weird that I can’t just drive to your house to hang out, because if I do now, your parents will look at me weird and tell me you’re not there anymore. OR that you’re not there to enjoy the pranks that our silly little group play on each other. Like that time you guys told me it was snowing and I ran out of the house barefoot because I believed you, and when I didn’t see any snow in the front, I ran out to the back yard. (I still cringe when I remember that story). I won’t even be able to bang the door of your white mustang into inanimate objects, while you cry inwardly for your car. I’m miss all of that, and every little thing that’s happened over the past decade that solidified our friendship and made everything just a little bit more fun.

But even though I will miss you terribly, I am comforted by the fact that you will go off into the world and become amazing. If you don’t, I will hunt you down.

Now, I’m not a betting kind of woman,  but if I had to bet on anyone succeeding in life, it would be you.

So, with all the love and luck in the world, I genuinely hope that you have the time of your life. Sometimes we say “Good Luck!” and not mean it.  But, and cherish this because I’ll never say it again, I really do mean for you to have all the Good Luck in the world.

Written with love, dramatictealeaves.

A Sincere Apology


To those who follow Rin Lee’s blog:

I fear I must apologize for her prolonged absence. At approximately this time last night, I introduced her to The Neighbors, which aired its first season this last year on ABC. As the show is delightful and hilarious, Rin Lee has been unable to tear herself away from Hulu long enough to write anything worth posting.

Fear not, however, she should finish the first and only season later this evening, and regular updates will continue as usual.


Elizaphant Rex

Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 29 Recap

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.26.13 PM (copyright Sina Weibo)

Shen Bi is no more deluded than the Royal Concubine, but she is also more annoying in her attempts. The Royal Concubine’s unwillingness admit Gao Zhan doesn’t like her, in my opinion, is because he is the one good thing from her past life that she doesn’t want to lose. He’s the  lifeline that’s made her miserable existence worthwhile all these years.

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Recapping Quandary… Hua Mulan Dramas

巾帼大英雄  vs.  4bed2e738bd4b31ccad21e3c86d6277f9f2f07082938c077

(Heroine Generals)                                                      (Story of Mu Lan)

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Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 20 Recap


Once Gao Zhan loves, he Loves. And this makes him such a good character that I want every other man in drama-dom to follow his lead. To hell with the consequences, bring on the pain, he’s committed to one woman and one woman only. However, that doesn’t mean he can forget the past between him the the Royal Concubine Xiao. But what he acknowledges and she stubbornly resists is that their story is over.

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Jeremy Lin, Harvard N.B.A (YES you read right, not M.B.A)

This is not a drama recap, it’s about real life drama.

So why traversing the web today, I came upon the name Jeremy Lin, the Knicks player who skyrocketed to fame from the last few games against Utah and New Jersey. I don’t watch much sports, and according to most of my friends, I couldn’t tell basketball from baseball even if a bat hit me in the face. They had to trick me into believing that we were going to do an anti-superbowl party to get me to come to a superbowl party.

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Secret History of Wu Ze Tian (Wu Mei Niang Mi Shi) Ep 1 Recap


World of beauties isn’t doing much for me. For one thing, the quality of the video sucks and I really am not emotionally invested in the story. However, there is a beautifully shot and written story that might be competing with World of Beauties. Here is a short recap Continue reading “Secret History of Wu Ze Tian (Wu Mei Niang Mi Shi) Ep 1 Recap”