Sound of the Desert Song Translation -The World I’ve Pacified For You


 (Video courtesy of Youtube – Bin Music)
This was by far my favorite song of the entire set. Head over to Suteki Da Ne for the Ending Song in Sound of the Desert! It’s poignantly hopeful and you can imagine the lonely solider who chose duty over love because of love. Here’s the translation:

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Da Mo Yao Song Translation – 星月传奇

(Courtesy of Vt103 and Youku)

kay, I’m going on a translations bender. I like this guy’s voice and the words aren’t too bad, even if they were a bit of a pain to translate. But I love the melody and since I don’t plan on watch Da Mo Yao, I at least can enjoy the Music. And Hu Ge, if you ever read this message: I get that you’re a serious actor, but please, take a funny role once in while so I don’t blow through six boxes of kleenex in one go. Translations below.

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Translation New Song for Bu Bu Jing Qing – Fine Dust by Jia Jia 尘埃

Damn You, BBJQ,  you just have to have pretty songs. I’ve attached two versions. One of them describes the love triangle in BBJQ (though it’s not with Nicky but with the new face of the reincarnated eighth prince…. yeah, sounds as bad as it was writing it). I still don’t really care for the story but Jia Jia makes lovely ballads, and I never get tired of her songs. The official (and prettier) music video from Jia Jia is below. So here you go. Translations of the song below.

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Song Translation Mu Lan Qing

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 12.35.58 AM

So here is a song near and dear to my heart, because it has references to the original 6th century poem that first told the story of Mu Lan. The song comes from Zhao Wei’s movie Mulan in 2009. When I was six, my grandmother made me memorize over sixty ancient Chinese poems and I’ve forgotten most of them now. All except Mu Lan Ci, roughly translated as the Ballad of Mulan, which originated from 6th Century BC. So this song is near and dear to my heart. Translation of Song and explanations below.

If you want to hear the song go and check this version. It looks pretty awesome!

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Song Translation – I Can Not Help It – Bu Bu Jing Qing Official MV

How is it that BBJX, after such a long time can still invoke such a sweet, painful memory? Ruoxi and the 4th prince had this heartbreaking romance, and after the show I felt this kind of hurt, the good kind of hurt that cuts deep into your emotional flesh only to leave a scar that you would not trade for anything in the world. I have no regrets in watching BBJX, so here I give you the translation of Della’s new song for Bu Bu Jing Qing, the sequel. It’s beautiful, and if heartbreak, love, dedication, and remembrance can transformed into sounds, then this would be a pretty good shot at it. Also, head to Koalasplayground, where you can get more info about Bu Bu Jing Qing and Bu Bu Jing Xin. I love her blog, it’s where I first saw this MV. Translations Below:

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Song Translation Lan Ling Wang: Heart of Palm (Shou Zhang Xin)

So My roommate and I basically spent a huge amount of our night arguing back and forth about what the hell these words mean and how the hell could we translate it so that the original meaning comes through, without sounding insane. We tried very hard to make it make sense and started drinking by the time we finished. Here is the translation.

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Gong Movie Song Translation – Loving You Too Much – Tai Ai Ni 太愛你

Chinese ballads are beautiful, even if they don’t make the most sense.  Also they’re really fatalistic, yet fantastically melodic and hauntingly sweet. I like Gong’s song and I’ve translated it. I just watched the Gong Suo Chen Xiang cast’s hijinks on Happy Camp and it was so cute. I plan to update and translate that tomorrow. Here are the translated lyrics to the song:

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Lan Ling Wang Song Translation – 命運 – Ming Yun – Destiny

This is one of the songs in LLW, sung by Ji Jia (家家) called Destiny

So translating this song was really tough. It sounds so beautiful but the lyrics are a bit of a mess and a bit trite. And for some reason, there’s an ant in the lyrics (I tried to make sense of it by adding what I think it intended to mean in brackets by the original words). It’s not really very good as song lyrics go, to be completely honest and I had to interpret some of the words. For example, the lyrics were “I don’t need to live, I don’t want to wake up” which just made it dark, as “if I don’t have you then I shouldn’t be alive” dark. As for the lyrics about ants, I gave up because it was just so bad it was hilarious. Trying to make it make sense was like trying to read russian backwards, it’s already pretty hard reading it forward. But the song composition is really beautiful, the melody is fantastic with a rich bouquet of haunting violin accompaniment and cello solos. Here is the translation of the words:

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Lan Ling Wang Song Translation– Daniel Chan- Suddenly Falling In Love

Chinese Translation is Below!

So I got home late and it’s about midnight on the west coast in the US (where I currently reside) and I am utterly exhausted. I’ve finished the translation for the beautiful song Daniel Chan sings. The translation of the song is Suddenly My Heart Moved, (心動) Xin Dong means that literally heart movement in Chinese but it also means you’ve become emotionally attached, or fall in love. So the better translation is that Suddenly I’ve Fallen in Love. But quibbles on Chinese later. Need sleep so I can go to work and also recap more dramas. Anyways here you go:

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Lan Ling Wang Song – Daniel Chan 突然心動 – Tu Ran Xin Dong

So as most of the people who peruse this blog knows, I have a ridiculous obsession with the Second Lead King of Zhou, Yu Wen Yong. Also known as Daniel Chan in real life. So Daniel Chan is not only a superb actor but an amazing singer. This song perfectly ensnares how the second lead feels about Xue Wu. It’s as if someone took the character and put him in a song. Also Daniel wrote this song so it can’t get any closer to his character than that. I might put up translations soon but I love the song, which talks about suddenly falling in love, without a warning, and that he wants no one else but his loved one in his eyesight.