No More Schemes (of Beauty)

I liked this drama, but I can’t seem to fall in love with it. And I’m too busy to continue recapping it. There are good sites to watch the english subbed ones. Viki, for one, is a great site, google it. I do this with a heavy heart. But recent events have taught me that life is short. And I need to do everything to make sure that I feel that I’m doing something worthwhile. Schemes is a great drama, but it’s not rewatch-able for me. So thanks for staying w. me for the last few episodes. Have fun watching it on Viki! Or youtube it ūüôā

Schemes of Beauty Ep 7 Recap

I love smart heroines. They get it without kicking up a fuss and taking half of their lives to figure out what’s going on.

The episode opens with five girls going to the Kingdom of Dai, to be concubines to the King of Dai, Liu Heng. One of them is Du Yun Xi (who is now known as Dou Yi Fang). Xue Yuan, whose face no long looks sunburnt, is assigned as her maid. Yun Xi/Yi Fang reflects back and we learn that the Dowager Empress found Yi Fang too smart to kill. It would be a waste. Instead, she was going to the Kingdom of Dai to spy for the Dowager Empress. Liu Heng is the brother of the current emperor, and is a potential threat to the thrown, especially because he and his mother are smart. The Dowager makes sure that Yi Fang will do what she’s bid by keeping Shen Er in the palace. If anything goes wrong, Shen Er will die.

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Schemes of Beauty Ep. 6 recap


In the last episode, the Prince of Dai and his mother are planning to steal the military symbol that could control all of Han’s troops. Only the Dowager and Lu Bu has access to the design and no one else. But the Prince of Dai has already sent in a spy, and along with his general, who went to the capital with gifts for the Empress, will get their hands on the military symbol. This of course, is my chance to introduce Mickey He’s character… Zhou Ya Fu, the Prince of Dai’s general. But we’ll get to him.

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Schemes of Beauty Ep 5 Recap


I think the dynamic between the emperor and Yun Xi is so sad. I can’t say that he’s a hottie but he isn’t ugly either. The actor manages to be appealing and unappealing at times. There are moments where I want to throw myself at him and then there are moments where his face goes blank and he looks as if he’s going to die.


Yun Xi and Xue Yuan goes back to the Little Empress’s palace. They see that per the dowager’ orders, the maids and eunuch are all being slaughtered. Yun Xi faints in shock. She realizes that she wasn’t able to protect Shen Er and cries bitterly. The Emperor comes for her secretly and comforts her. He explains that he owes her a favor, so he’ll do anything for her.

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Schemes of Beauty Ep 4 Recap (Mei Ren Xin Ji)


The Emperor clutches the handkerchief and laughs bitterly, telling the Dowager that it was he who told the dead concubine to sew him something. She didn’t know how, which is why the¬†stitching¬†on the handkerchief was so¬†weird, not because she was a spy. The Dowager tells him that she needed to make sure that every possibility of treason was found, no matter the cost. It’s so sad that she is so suspicious of everyone and knows that one misstep, her power and her son’s power will be gone for good.


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Schemes of Beauty Episode 3


The last two months have been pure and utterly torturous. My apologies to those who read my posts and expected more. I will be more fastidious in the coming months. Okay. So we let off with Yun Xi being taken away by the dowager empress and we open the episode with Yun Xi kneeling outside the Empress’s palace.


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Schemes of a Beauty Ep. 2 Recap

Forty episodes. Oh dear. This means that my writings skills better improve or else this thing will get as dry as a raisin. That being said, the quick synopsis is that this is the story of Dou Yun Xi, an empress of the Han Dynasty. This is the story (highly glorified and very beautifully shot version) of how she came to be the Empress and a very interesting retelling of history (some accurate, other parts laughably not)

So now that we know that Shen Er is a prostitute and she fell in love with a very handsome man (where we left off last time) we can continue. In the whorehouse, Shen Er dives off the balcony and the man follows they end up in the river below where he pledges his eternal love (pfffft. this isn’t pretty woman, it’s ancient China. And as much as I want this man to get with Shen Er, I know better than to listen to the words of a overly good looking guy)


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Schemes of Beauty Ep.1

This is the reason why I fell of the wagon and descended into the hazy netherworld of Chinese drama. First of all I’ve watched Ruby Lin since Romance in the Rain, and my goodness, Samuel Chan is one of the hottest asian men I’ve seen in a long time. That aside, this is a historical drama and I do love me some of the gorgeous costume designs the drama manages to get in. Okay without further ado, let’s get on with the show.

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