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Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 45

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These two can’t be together for an episode without fighting. Ah well.

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Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 44

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Sorry about the hiatus. Here is your next installment of Lu Zhen, albeit a few months late!

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Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 42-43 Recap

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To Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan, life and death are terms that have no meaning without each other. Neither are in a good place emotionally and have to fight tooth and nail to be together against forces bent on destroying them.

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Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 40-41 Recap

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The stakes get raised as more and more people find Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan’s romance to be too serious. Lu Zhen’s status comes in between their togetherness as the two fight the outside forces trying to pull them apart.

Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 38-39 Recap

So these two episodes see strides being made in the Emperor and the Royal Concubine’s relationship. Hello world! Lu Zhen Recaps are back on! A thousand apologies for the delay, thank you for your patience.

Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 37 Recap

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 8.33.22 PM

This is where Shen Jia Yan shines and rocks as an older brother. And Gao Zhan gets a lesson in Monogamy.

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Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 36 Recap


I liked so much of this episode, especially the last part. That being said, the main characters finally, finally see sense. As for the second male lead, I can see how some people like him and some find him tedious, but at least he’s pretty to look at. And Royal Concubine, your time to shine is coming soon…

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