Happy Noodle Character Introductions – 幸福的面条, Xing Fu De Mian Tiao

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Chinese names are pretty hard and I had watch the first 10 episodes of the drama to get a feel for the characters. So, in order for my recapping to go as smoothly as a knife slicing through sashimi,  I’ve decided to do a bit of a character introduction, I’ll add more side characters as I go along but it’ll be good to just do these first.

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Legend of Lu Zhen Character Introductions

Before I start recapping this series, I thought I would do a quick character introduction. This would make the story a little easier to follow for those new to the world of Chinese period drama. I’ve decided to do the most important ones, so please don’t get annoyed that I didn’t introduce everyone and their mother in this post. If I did, then I would need about 4-5 days and six cups of coffee.


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Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling by Each Step: Major Spoilers)

Having watched the thoroughly good and heartwrenching drama that threatened to make me cry for a month. I have finally come to the conclusion that if I was in Ruoxi’s position, I would probably have chosen 14th Prince as well. But I can’t but feel a sense of bereavement when faced with the choices of all those men. I don’t think I could have gone for the 4th prince. He’s the kind of man that you know was destined for greater things, but not necessarily a happy life. True, many people fine the Emperor’s position to be enviable, but it’s a lonely and unhappy life.  Here’s my analysis

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