Perfect Couple Episode 4 Recap – Jin Yu Liang Yuan (金玉良缘 )

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So I had to debate real hard whether or not to do this episode today after a full work day and then some. It’s a great episode, but it’s also mentally exhausting to recap Tong Hua’s stuff since she’s a master of prose and quips. Here goes. Episode 4 Recap

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Chapter 32 – The Midnight Thief

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(Chen Xiao as the Young Master in my novel)           (Lin Geng Xin as the Zhuo Hao in my novel)


Yue Kingdom, Human realms

“Young Master.” The magistrate of the Northern province bowed and handed the young man a cup of wine. His shaking voice echoed in the empty main hall of the Magistrate’s elegant house, the young man sat high on the dais casually glaring at the older man.  The magistrate’s hands shook as beads of sweat began forming on his brow.

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金玉良缘 – Jin Yu Liang Yuan Perfect Couple – Episode 3 Recap

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Between work, writing my own novel, recapping a show I find myself exhausted on a sunday. Recapping a good drama takes time, espcially one that makes me laugh.  Also, I probably should get out more as I resemble more or less an albino bat than human being at this point. Hopefully people are enjoying this show as much as I am. But without much ado, recap 3:

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Chapter 31- Return

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(Liu Shi Shi as Yu Zhu) (Wallace Huo as Wei Yun) in my novel.

The sun began clawing its way out of the ground as Wei Yun’s story ended. He turned his icy calm face towards Tu Suo

“The Jade Rabbit was banished to the moon by the Duke of the 7 Stars. I started a war with the Emperor. But neither of us could win.” Wei Yun looked at the fading moon, lost in thought.

Grandfather too gazed at the moon, “She watched from the moon as her love ones died and her empire fell.” There was tears in his eyes, “I failed her.”

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金玉良缘 – Jin Yu Liang Yuan Perfect Couple – Episode 2 Recap

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So, currently, I recap at the pace of a erratic snail on a slow sunday. Not because I don’t love the shows but there are a limited number of hours in the day and this post was finished at 5AM today.  But it shouldn’t get in the way of your enjoyment of this Jin Yu Liang Yuan.  I was surfing the net today and i found a blogger ( who has mini-recapped all the way up to Ep. 9 the last time I went onto her blog. So please check that out! I find that the blogging community is a wonderful place and it’s always good to see everyone enjoying the same thing.

Okay. Episode 2 Recap.

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金玉良缘 aka Perfect Couple – Episode 1 Recap

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I nearly died from laughing after watching the  first 3 fantastic episodes of Perfect Couple. Words can not adequately describe how much fun it was to watch physical and verbal comedy done to perfection. While the first episode was slightly more introductory, the rest of them were just pure fun to watch.Tong Hua is a master of letting her readers visualize her story, which is one of the reasons why all her novels are hugely popular. Of course, her stories are always vastly complicated and always leaves the reader in a state of indecisive contentment (I will probably write more on this at the end of the recap)  I want to share my joy of watching a show that I didn’t press fast forward in at all, it’s something that should be enjoyed not just by those who speak Chinese but anyone who is a fan of Tong Hua. Now I’m off to watch the next 3 episodes and will try to recap as soon as I can!

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Chapter 30 – Half-Blooded

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(Ariel Lin as the Jade Rabbit)                       (Wallace Huo as Wei Yun)

“This is too soon.” Mei Yan gasped as sweat poured down her cheeks, “This baby isn’t due for at least a month. She shouldn’t be coming now” Her body writhed and convulsed, she could feel the baby fighting to get out.

The Jade Rabbit knelt down, “Mei Yan, concentrate, if this baby comes now, it will kill you both.”

Wei Tian stood by the doorway, he was as still as a stone statue. Mei Yan screamed as pain ripped through her abdomen like a hot knife. Blood gushed onto the bedding, the pain was too much.

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宮3 - Gong 3 – Gong Suo Chen Lian Recaps Ep 1-2

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So the next Gong came out. Maybe 3rd time’s the charm? Considering that the second series lost my interest in episode 2, I  still decided to give this one a go.  This is mainly because I thing Lu Yi is practically phenomenal in everything he does and thus, this show deserves a chance. However, if it becomes a angst filled show about how the 2nd female lead gets in the way of the two main character 50% of the time, I will drop the recaps like a hot potato. No one wants to see the second female lead for perhaps 15% of the time (i’m being generous). So anyways this show is about how two babies that swapped lives fall for each other as adults and the trials and tribulations affect their love story.

*update, I just read something about this drama that makes me scared and intrigued. If you want to know there’s a more button at the end of this post, click on it and see.

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Chapter 29 – I Will Wait

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(Yang Mi as Mei Yan)                  (Hauwick Lau as Wu Kang)


Heaven-  300,000 years ago 

“Wei Tian. Stop pacing.” Wei Yun was calmly fishing in the milky way, his creamy white robes floated calmly in the coulds, “She’s only been gone for a few days.”

“Seven. She’s been gone seven days. That’s seven years on earth. She’s never been this late” Wei Tian gripped his jade pendant, “I’m going down there.”

“Brother.” Wei Yun threw his rod aside and stood up, he ran after his brother, “Stop. If you think there’s a problem, go to the world mirror and look for her, stop running headlong into things.” Wei Tian brightened, he grinned at his brother and sped off.

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Chapter 28 – Wu Kang

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(Yang Mi as Mei Yan)                (Hauwick Lau as Wu Kang)

A beautiful woman stood on the edge of a light green lake, surrounded by tall mountains and windblown pines. She tossed silk threads into the air, her green robes whipping around her by the strong winds. The green threads writhed and turned, splitting into millions of strands, each attaching to a blade of grass, renewing the color of the entire field and beyond. Blue-green threads  colored the lake while thousands of different color strands sank into the air and ground.

Mei Yan smiled as the last of the silk was sewn into the sky. The Jade Rabbit appeared, “Is this the last of it? We’ve been here for nearly a year” The other girl nodded, and the the Jade Rabbit sighed, “Go be with your human, cherish the last day you have with him. And keep your promise.” Mei Yan came over and hugged the other girl. With a flash she was gone.

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Chapter 27 – A Day In Heaven, A Year On Earth

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 11.43.18 PM    Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.40.29 AM

(Yang Mi as Mei Yan)*                           (Ariel Lin as the Jade Rabbit)*

*Actresses that I would like to be the characters

Celestial Palace – Home of the Emperor of Heaven and Gods – 300,000 years ago.

Four people sat under falling peach blossoms of the Eternal Gardens.  A beautiful woman carefully unwrapped hair thin red-orange silk from a young man’s arms. He smiled at her, his lovestruck eyes seemed to never leave her face. Mei Yan was careful to avoid Wei Tian’s eyes as she sat and worked. Wei Tian’s arms felt sore, but he never even twitched as he held the silk for Mei Yan.

“How is it, brother.” Wei Yun drawled, as he lazily waved the clouds to form little shadows that amused him, “That when you are on a battlefield they say your face alone can scare away ten thousand demon warriors. And now that the war’s over, you look like a puppy.”

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Chapter 26 – The Pact

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“Wei Yun” Yu Zhu called out softly as she stood softly on the wall, she tried not to make too much noise as she squinted in the dark spring night. A silvery figure appeared beneath the willows, a handsome young man in looked up at the purple robed girl. She grinned impishly. “You promised to show me how to make snow.”

Wei Yun raised a hand and instantly the sky began to fill with snow. Yu Zhu’s eyes sparkled with pleasure as she twirled down to the ground. Wei Yun  drank in the sight as if there was nothing else in the world.

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Chapter 25 – The Royal Crow

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 10.39.03 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-29 at 10.34.54 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 3.26.19 AM

*(Zhu Zhi Xiao as Huang Wu)         *(Luo Jin as Tu Suo)             *(Yang Rong as Lin Yu)

*These are the people who I would like to play the character of the novel.

Tu Suo walked in and Lin Yu attacked him. She ran into him headlong, he caught her and swung her around, just like he always did whenever she did this, even when they were children.

Lin Yu laughed, “I’m 900 hundred years old now, a full grown demon, stop!”  Tu Suo smiled, his eyes twinkling, “when you stop trying to attack me, i’ll stop throwing you into the air.”

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Chinese Novel Yu Zhu – Updated Character Sheet

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At this point I’ve written a ton of chapters for this story and I know how difficult it is to keep track of every character, and there will be a couple more that I’m going to introduce in the next few weeks. So I’m updating the character sheet below, whilst trying not to give too much of the story away.

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Chapter 24 – The Snow and the Rabbit

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.31.53 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.54.45 PM

(Wallace Huo as Wei Yun)         ( Liu Shi Shi as Yu Zhu)

“You’re staring out the window again”

Yu Zhu jumped and looked around, Lin Yu cradled her head in her hands looked at Yu Zhu, her eyes were golden slits. Whenever Lin Yu was at home, she preferred to have her true eyes and sometime went by her true form.

Yu Zhu turned away, “Was not.”

“Was too. You’ve been staring since that Wei Yun came yesterday. You’re a terrible liar.”


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