Chapter 50 – To Become Stronger

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(Photo courtesy of Baidu, Hu Ge as Xu Long Hui, Liu Shi Shi as Yu Zhu)

So this chapter took me a month and a year to write. Massive apologies to my readers and again, thanks for your patience, hope you like it!

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Sound of the Desert – Episode 6 Recap

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This recap took me a while but I finally finished. Currently it’s the wee hours in the morning here, but hopefully this recap will hold everyone over until Tomorrow (which really is just today).

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Sound of the Desert – Episode 5 Recap

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We leave off from the last part when the Princess had come to watch Hua Yue Nong. At the end of the it, she tells Xin Yue that she’ll reward her with death. Everyone around Xin Yue beg for leniency while Xin Yue smiles calmly. The Princess asks why Xin Yu isn’t begging for her life and Xin Yue replies that she’ll listen to the Princess in all things, she brought a love story to the people pure and simple. The princess says that she doesn’t believe that Xin Yue’s intentions are so pure.

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Sound of the Desert Song Translation -The World I’ve Pacified For You


 (Video courtesy of Youtube – Bin Music)
This was by far my favorite song of the entire set. Head over to Suteki Da Ne for the Ending Song in Sound of the Desert! It’s poignantly hopeful and you can imagine the lonely solider who chose duty over love because of love. Here’s the translation:

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Sound of the Desert Episode 3-4 Recap

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(Photo courtesy of Baidu Baike)

Again – thank goodness that this show doesn’t do 3 episodes, otherwise I would be reading recaps than writing them. Also – thankss to Suteki  for referring readers! She’s got a great site for novels and drama content, so head over there when you can! She’s also got the raws for each episode. Also I will be releasing recaps around midnight US PST

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Sound of the Desert Episode 1-2 Recap

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(Photo Courtesy of Baidu Baike)

I haven’t done a lot of updating in the last few weeks. Trying to balance work, life, and blogging is a juggling act and I had to drop one or two obligations for a little while. I love all my readers for sticking by me. Here’s the recap of the first two episodes.

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Song Translation – Please Live Well – Da Mo Yao (Sound of the Desert)

Thank you Ms. Koala for sharing this wonderful video on your site.

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(Photo Courtesy of Baidu)

This song is only get better with each listen and since the singer also plays the character, it’s absolutely perfect. I’m preparing myself for the show, and yes, I will be recapping it. Also – link to the Da Mo Yao novel translations are below, from Ms. Koala’s Play Ground.  But here’s the song translation:

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Chapter 49 – The Realm of the Dead



Lady Chang’e, Goddess of the Moon

(Photos Courtesy of Sina Weibo)

Yu Zhu opened her eyes to the bright glare of starlights on a vast plain of moving grass. The rustles were echoes of whispers and howls, of screams and supplications, of laughter and horror.

Tied around her hands was a glowing, gold rope, she was shuffling in a long line of people, led by two figures. One white. One black. both wore long flowing robes and their long pink, fleshy tongues swayed with every step they took. Strangely, as Yu Zhu looked at them, they were shadowless. These were the legendary guardsmen of the underworld, Hei Bai Wu Chang. She had seen status of them in during the Ghost Festivals.

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Chapter 48 – Goodbye




“I don;t think you should come. Princess” Zhu Zhan Ye said as they rode out of the city, the moon already high above the skies.

“Bao Lu was a friend and Li Sun saved my life.” Hua Er said determinedly, “Whoever had done this, I will make them pay. No one get’s to toy with my friends and live.”

At midnight Yu Zhu and Lin Yu arrived, hiding silently in the shadows as they watched Hua Er, Zhu Zhan Ye, and Zhuo Hao walk into view.

“Do you have the ledger.” A voice boom and the three looked around. Lin Yu and Yu Zhu too, scanned the area.

Zhuo Hao held the books up, “Show me Doctor Li.”

A boat slide out of the reeds and Doctor Li Sun was tied to the mast.

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Chapter 47 – Preparation


Yu Zhu (photo courtesy of Sina Weibo)

Icy water hit him in the face over and over again until Zhu Zhan Ye climbed out of the hazy, alcoholic fog.

“What.” He gasped and blinked.

Hua Er stood above him, another bucket of water in her hands, “Get up. Now.”

The bucket tipped and the water him face like glass shards. Zhu Zhan Ye shivered and got up. He blinked the water from his eyes.

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Chapter 46 – Retaliation


Shan Ying Lang

(Photo Courtesy of Sina Weibo)

Ning City, Yue Kingdom 

When Zhu Zhan Ye returned to the inn that morning, his eyes were dull and he walked as if he didn’t care who was in his way. Bao Lu tried to bring food to his master, but the young man shook his head. He spoke to no one, but sat there, staring at his hands.  At sun set, he suddenly stood up and strode out, Bao Lu made to follow but Zhu Zhan Ye shook his head.

He seemed to wander aimlessly in the rushing crowd of people. He sat down at a small stall and barked at the server to get him a jug of their finest wine. One cup after another, fiery liquid splashed down his tongue until he  tasted nothing.

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Chapter 45 – The Bitterness of Brothers


(Zhuo Hao)

Photo courtesy of Sina Weibo

The cloudy night was perfect as the dark grey clothed men and Yu Zhu’s black clothes blended into every shadow.  The Midnight Thief and her companions ran silently through the dark city as they headed to the Merchant’s giant compound. The fire lanterns of the city slowly burned down to flicker and die as the night watchmen called the hour.

The thieves were as silent as falling leaves, landing in the Merchant’s garden with no more sound than a drop of water falling into a pond. Yu Zhu motioned for them to hide as the first round of guards patrolling the area came though.

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Chapter 44 – The Princess of Dian


Yu Zhu

(Photo courtesy of QQ and Hidari94)

“Hello.” Zhu Zhan Ye poked his head in front of Yu Zhu’s store. His eyes seemed to twinkle as he

Yu Zhu raised her head, “You’re not allowed here.”

Zhu Zhan Ye smiled crookedly, “Didn’t you get my gifts? I sent some really expensive fruits you can only get in the southern part of the empire.

“She sold them.” Lu Xi smiled shyly, “Hello, Zhan Ye Ge Ge.”

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Chapter 43 – Bait

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Yu ZHu

Photo Courtesy of Sina Wei Bo

Yu Zhu sat up shaking. No, she was vibrating so hard the frames of the bed shook. She gritted her teeth as she felt needles of pain shoot down her arms and legs. Waves of agony rolled over her body. Anger, bitterness, hatred rushed over her, overwhelming all of her senses. Then relief, joy, ecstasy flooded her mind, her eyes rolled back in her head. She felt so much one moment and the was nothing the next, the pain pounded her like roaring waves, then ebbing away as if being sucked back into the sea, each time taking a tiny bit of her with it. She grabbed her pillow and bit down. Her muffle screamed woke Lin Yu who came running in.

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