I started this blog because I am a hopeless romantic who loves a happy ending. Why I picked chinese dramas – which are notoriously heavy and turn sad and melancholy by the end… I have no idea. Probably because I am a hopeless romantic and hope for the best.

I have a penchant for smart drama and very susceptible to angsty ones as well. Granted, while this is a Chinese drama recap blog, I do occasionally throw in some Doctor Who references, I mean the bloke can travel through space and time, so it’s no surprise he sonics his way into my heartblog.

That being said, if there are some dramas you want to recommend me, I would love to hear your input

Here is a list of my favorite dramas

1. Coffee Prince

2. Meteor Shower (the 90s version that started it all)

3. My Girl

4. Kimi Ni Todoke (Live Action Movie)

5. Fated To Love You

6. Yang Jia Jiang

7. Schemes of a Beauty

8. Bu Bu Jing Xin

9. Bai She Zhuan (The version with Liu Tao)

10. Down With Love

My Email is dramatictealeaves@gmail.com, I’m open to all questions, comments, concerns !

33 thoughts on “About”

    1. Haha yes. thanks for noticing! I read your posts and they are very very good. Are you going to watch Da Mo Yao if it comes out? I love ShiShi and am a hardcore fan of Hu Ge but knowing Tonghua’s penchant for romanticizing pain I’m not sure I can do it.

      1. It’s so great to see a fellow c-drama blogger, there aren’t enough people watching c-dramas, imo I can accept a large chunk of them are utter rubbish but there’s still a few worth watching šŸ™‚

        Lol I think that’s what I like about Tonghua šŸ˜€ As for DMY, OF COURSE I would watch it lol but it doesn’t look like it’s about to air in my lifetime.

      2. I completely agree! It’s probably the main reason i can’t bring myself to watch Borrow Your Love past episode 5. DMY is probably going to stuck for a while, but at least YZG will air and im interest in BBJQ

  1. OMG your blog is so great!!!! I have been wanting to read reviews of the Legend of Lu Zhen/Agent X but they are so hard to find. Thankfully you are reviewing them!! *W*

    1. Thank U! You’re so sweet to come and say that! I’m glad you enjoyed my posts! I’m currently switching computers so i haven’t updated much in the last few days but I’m glad that ppl like you, who like cdramas, are coming to peruse my site!
      Thanks Again!

      1. Hehe no problem, it is so cool you are covering these c-dramas! There are not that many c-drama blogs out there, unfortunately

      2. Yeah, I completely get why. Cdramas haven’t realize that the best dramas are the ones that get to point quickly and as most logically as possible. This makes recaping a bit like tooth pulling without anesthesia.

  2. I think that Cdrama often takes itself too seriously. Kdramas are shorter, but both tend to fall apart around episode 7 (In my opinion), unless they’re really good. Cdramas are often as addictive as Kdramas, and I tend to love the ancient dramas, like the saeguks of Kdrama. Often, Cdrama is split into categories – Taiwanese, Mainland, and Hongkong. There are subcategories: modern, revolutionary, period to name a few. I think that Taiwanese drama are the best to start with, because they are closer in format and production value in relations to Kdrama. Hopefully this answers your question

    1. thanks for the clarification….I also wondered about the differences between Taiwanese, Mainland and Hong Kong shows….now I know the answer šŸ™‚

  3. you should definitely watch “Karme Rider”. I just finished watching it and it’s awesome! Definitely under-rated! Give it a try. Since you watch a lot of CDramas, I have request: Can’t you post an article about awesome dramas one has to watch. Like your top five dramas or such a thing. Thanks!

      1. will you please continue Legend of Lu Zhen? I don’t have time to watch it, and reading the recaps are faster and I can know the story. It is almost over.

  4. Hi I stumbled upon your blog and pleawse let me say THANKSssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!! Because of this Blog (You) I believe to have found my fave Drama I just started to watch FATED TO LOVE YOU and I love it !! again BIG THANKS

  5. Another C-Novel blog to inspire me. šŸ˜€ I’m so tempted to read, but I’m so afraid of getting suck in. LOL. Haha, I’m not good with anticipation!

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