Chapter 38 – Capture and Escape


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The Demon Realms

Wei Yun’s steps echoed in the giant ice caverns of the Grey Mountains, he was a glowing dot in the vastness of the icy blue caves. He took out the ball of white fire that contained Huang Wu and released it. The crow prince lay on the floor shaking, he had wasted most of his power trying to break out of Wei Yun’s prison.

A jet black sword appeared in Huang Wu’s hand as he unsheathed his wings and rose in the air. Wei Yun didn’t even move as the crow prince dived for the god. In the last second, Wei Yun grabbed the black sword by the blade, and pushed back, breaking the sword into a thousand pieces. Huang Wu was thrown into a mighty stalagmite.

Heavy stone and ice cracked as the young man fell to the icy floor. Shaking Huang Wu got up. He spat out a mouthful of blood and rushed towards Wei Yun, murder in his eyes.

Wei Yu drew out a thread of power, it flew faster than a whip. It bound the young crow in an instant. Huang Wu struggled for a moment before blasting it with his magic.

“Stop.” Wei Yun ordered, “if you use anymore you will overextend and kill yourself.”

“Burn in hell, bastard!” Huang Wu screamed as he flew into the air, his black wings carrying him faster than the eyes could see.

Wei Yun’s eyes glowed white and he blasted Huang Wu with pure magic. The young man screamed as he once again crashed into the cavern’s wall. His back broke instantly Wei Yun quickly drew out a tendril of icy magic, it flowed like water to Huang Wu, healing him of most of the injuries.

Huang Wu laid there, bloody tears falling out of the corner of his eyes, the blood stopped flowing from various cuts. Huang Wu’s hands clawed into the icy ground.

Huang Wu gritted his teeth and pull himself up. Wei Yun held up a hand and the young crow man rose into the air. Wei Yun’s face was a mask of indescribable emotions as he gestured, from, Huang Wu’s human body out flew the shape of a crow, silvery and ghost like, it drained out of Huang Wu’s body, slowly into Wei Yun’s palm. Huang Wu’s screams of pain echoed in the great cavern.

Wei Yun sighed, “Of all your brothers, you are the only one with the gall to go and alert the Gods.”

Huang Wu’s screams subsided and rasped out, through cracked “What’ve you done to me?”

“I’ve take away your magic and true demon essence.” Wei Yun closed his fist over the light, “you are without power.” Gently, he set Huang Wu down.

Wei Yun blew into the air and white magic encircled Huang Wu, “This will keep others from finding you, or you harming yourself. Don’t worry, you will be safe.” The ground shook and white crystals shot up, around the crow, trapping him within.

Huang Wu snarled, “Lies. You’re keeping me hostage to control my brothers” as the crystals grew to encase his waist. It climbed higher and higher without stopping. Wei Yun said nothing and turned away to the giant opening of the cave as Huang Wu screamed at him,”You wait. Every ounce of blood you spilled, I will drain from you. I will make you feel pain seven fold.” The crystals fully encased the young man, freezing him in that moment in time, trapping him in its icy heart.

Wei Yun’s clear eyes were downcast,  he whispered as he walked out of the cavern, “One day, I will gladly take your punishment.”


Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 12.57.23 AM (Zhu Zhan Ye)

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Yue Kingdoms

Yu Zhu was well trained in martial arts, she knew that she could not be the first to make a move. For one thing the girl she was holding was shivering like a cat.  With her eyes on Zhu Zhan Ye and her hands full, this was a sticky situation.

Zhu Zhan Ye rushed at her. Yu Zhu swiftly blocked his sword with her dagger. It was a mistake for her to get to close, body to body fighting was for those equally matched in height and physique. She was a head shorter and much thinner than this Zhu Zhan Ye. He took this opportunity to punch her stomach. Yu Zhu thank the stars she wore padded armor, or its her ribs would be broke by now.

“Are you a woman? Or just an underfed man?” Zhu Zhan Ye insulted as he traded blows with the Midnight Thief, Yu Zhu nearly dropped her sword in rage. She had bounded her chest and thickened her waist to look more manly. She said nothing, not allowing herself to be distracted by his acerbic words. The fought until each was soaked in blood and sweat.

She inwardly cursed for having to juggle the gold that turned into feathers, the girl and the infinitely annoying Zhu Zhan Ye. On a normal night, she probably would’ve gotten rid of him already, or if she was truly desperate blasted him with magic.

But the hour was up, the feathers might turn back into gold any moment, she and the girl would fall to their deaths, buried under a ton of gold. Her magical and mental powers were fully focused on prolonging the spell right now. If she tried to set the girl down, the child might fall off the roofs and break her neck.

She ducked and struck back, nicking Zhu Zhan Ye’s arm with her dagger.

Zhu Zhan Ye’s breathing became labored, his old war wounds were opening again. The war had caused him untold internal damage, if he fought too long he risked dying from internal bleeding. He needed to end this quickly.

He saw an opening and lunged, putting his Qi into the leap. The sword struck true and sank deep into Yu Zhu’s shoulder. In that moment Yu Zhu mental concentration on the spell nearly broke, the feather’s weight shifted suddenly and her knees buckled. She stumbled away, losing her grip on the girl in the process. Yu Zhu fell and rolled down one roof and landed on another, struggling to keep the magic going.

Zhu Zhan Ye smile, and jumped down. He was gasping for breath and could feel the trickle of blood down his arm. He raised his sword, about to pierce the Midnight Thief’s heart.

An arrow flew through the air and struck the sword, knocking it out of Zhu Zhan Ye’s hand.  Another narrowly missed him. Zhu Zhan Ye raised his sword and blocked three more.

A grey masked figure jumped in front of the Midnight Thief, a bow in one hand and a knife in the other. The masked figure struck at Zhu Zhan Ye quickly, hitting him exactly on his deepest wound on the shoulder. Down he went, the pain shooting like lightening through his body.

The grey masked figure picked up the Midnight Thief and jumped from the room.

“NOO!” Zhu Zhan Ye gasped, but it was too late, the two had disappeared. After a moment, Zhu Zhan Ye  picked up his sword, cursing his luck and the Midnight Thief. He heard a sniffling sound and whipped around. In the deepening night, the sounds was faint, almost muffled by the darkness. Zhu Zhan Ye squinted.

A figure, huddled in thick cloth was shaking on the roof above the one he stood on. Zhu Zhan Ye leapt onto the roof, wincing in pain. He carefully approached the shivering figure and pulled off the cloth. Doe like eyes stared at him, too frightened to even move. It was a young child, her mass of black hair fell over her paper white features, she had tear streaks down her face. Her hands covered her mouth as if she was trying to mask her screams.  She had a bruise from her face to neck.

Zhu Zhan Ye was stunned. He felt a surge of anger from his belly to his throat, ” That. Monster.” He snarled, and quickly threw his own cloak onto the shivering little girl in bridal wear. “Did the Midnight Thief do this to you? Is he kidnapping you to be his bride?” He asked as he picked the child up, “You’re safe now. No one will harm you.  I’ll make sure you get back to your parents. But first, let’s get you to a doctor.”

With that Zhu Zhan Ye headed down the roof with the child in tow.



The Border Between Dian and Yue

Hua Er woke up to the clacking wheels of the carriage. She looked around sleepily, no quite sure where she was.

She sat up and looked at her surrounding. She was moving in a giant, luxurious carriage, inlaid with gold and ivory. And then she realized what Xu Long Hui had done.

“Curse that lily faced lying imperial sneak with a heart as black as tar. ” She yelled in frustration as she looked down, there was an iron chain on her foot connected to the carriage.

“Your highness.” A maid’s head poked in, seeing the pure rage on Hua Er’s face, quickly withdrew. A moment later, Shan Yin Lang climbed into the carriage.

“He asked the maids to remove all your weapons before you got here. You can’t throw anything at me.” He sighed as he sat down beside her, “How are you feeling?”

Hua Er glared at him stonily, “Great.” She snapped as she yanked at the chain, “As well as can be.”

“He would just tie you tighter next time if you tried to escape.” Shan Ying Lang said, “What’s the point of trying to go back, you know how he will end.”

Hua Er’s smile was bitter, “What you’re saying is that all people die, what’s the point of living?” She looked at Shan Ying Lang, “It’s not about how it ends, it’s about who you’re with when it happens.”  She pleaded with her eyes, “And I want to be by his side no matter what.”

Shan Ying Lang sighed, “I have my orders from the Emperor. Even if he is pig-headed, I have to listen to him.”

Hua Er wanted to argue, but another head poked in, “You know, if I knew that rescuing you all those years ago means I have to travel, I would have had second thoughts.”  The man came in and quickly closed the carriage doors.

Hua Er blinked at the man, “Doctor Li Sun?” She whispered. The doctor who had rescued her so many years ago brightened and smiled warmly, “You remember!”

He looked at Yin Lang, “She remembers me! Imagine, a great personage like a princess remembering someone like me” He smiled and nodded to Shan Ying Lang.

Yin Lang rolled his eyes, “who can forget like you. You’re too happy all the time.” Hua Er looked at the two, “You know each other?”

Yin Lang nodded, “Li Sun and Xu Long Hui are friends, and thus I became friends with Li Sun.” He glared at the youthful doctor, “If Li Sun hadn’t saved my life so many times on the battlefield, I might have killed him out of annoyance.”  As he said it, he took out a piece of paper from his pocket. Li Sun casually handed him a pen.

Li Sun shrugged, “If I didn’t like you, I would’ve put laxatives in your tea so that you spent the better time of your wars pooing, not fighting.”

Hua Er shook her head as she looked at Li Sun, “Why are you here, doctor?”

Li Sun and Ying Lang looked somber, “The emperor worries about you. I’ll be in charge of you health from now.”

Ying Lang nodded grimly, “and I’ll look after your safety.” while busily writing on the paper. Scribbling as fast as he can.

Hua Er was confused but she played along the to two men’s strange antics, “That foolish man. He sent the best of the empire with me. What will he do now that he’s alone?”

“I wouldn’t worry about him right now.” Li Sun said with a brittle expression. He gestured to Shan Ying Lan to write faster, there was strange panic in his eyes now. Shan Ying Lang laughed heartily as if all was well as he handed Hua Er the paper.

Hua Er’s heart sped up as she read what he wrote.

Hong Yan Su. Assassins. Nightfall Ambush. We need to leave now.

Hua Er nodded as she quickly folded the paper. Shan Ying Lang handed Hua Er the poisoned knives she was famed of carrying. She stowed them away in their usual hiding places, with an angry smile.

Haughtily she ordered, “I’ve had enough the carriage clacking about. I demand we stop right now and rest.” The carriage halted. The three looked at each other, it was now or never.


Author: dramatictealeaves

Love dramas and Cooking, wish I could do both at the same time, but that would destroy both my apartment and my laptop

22 thoughts on “Chapter 38 – Capture and Escape”

  1. Wei Yun journey to restore the rabbit kingdom is destroying him. I just feel him tumble into darkness. What will happen to him? Will he loose everything that’s dear to him? Although that has happen to him a few thousand years ago already. He already did loose everything that was dear to him but what about what’s important to him now?

    I’m using the grey masked figure is either Lin Yu or Zhan Hao..

    Oh looks like we’re having some action pack scene in the next chapter.

    Thanks for the chapter ❤

    1. Wei Yun’s path has always been dark. The only time that he’s gotten a bit of respite was during the period after the wars before his brother died. And meeting Yu Zhu. He’s not only protecting what his brother died to protect, but also doing it because he’s extremely attached to Yu Zhu. And love is a pretty potent motivator.
      Thank you for reading! the next few chapters defintetly intense in terms of action. Zhu Zhan Ye and Yu Zhu’s interactions is more or less a dance with knives at this point.

      1. Will you able to reveal whether Wei Yun has a happy ending? The way the plot is thickening I can only see him doom for a sad and anguish ending. I have a special place for him in my heart and I really hope he gets some sort of happiness.

      2. I wish I could answer that questions with a yes or no, but his story is as complicated as can be and in some ways I think it’s the best way to end for him.I know that doesn’t answer the question, but yes, at the end of the story, Wei Yun’s full story will be told.

        I believe that any character in this story has the potential to be redeemed. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy or that the outcome is a clean cut result. I have a special place for him too and I feel deeply for his character as well!

  2. dramatictealeaves sorry i write comment in wrong chapter 😀
    in chapter 37 🙂 thanks for the new chapter 🙂 i was thinking too is that man is Zhuo Hao ?

  3. That was irritating, the young master accusing Yu Zhuo hurting the girl when she was rescuing her. And I bet the girl will never tell them that it was not the thief but the ‘groom’. Thank you for the new chapter!

    1. No problem! I definitely like the conversations that this chapter brought. Zhu Zhan Ye and Yu Zhu’s battles are only beginning. She won the last round and he this one, even if YZ was mentally and physically burdened while fighting a top martial arts master.

      Thank you reading!

  4. First time comment here~ I’ve been following your story for a while and I’ve to tell you that I really really love it! love the plot you’ve input into the story. I hope Zhan Ye will realize that Yu Zhu was just trying to save the poor girl! ;_; now with a wound on her shoulder, Zhan Ye might be able sniff out that Yu Zhu is the midnight thief!

    I’m feeling so worrisome for Wei Yun… T___T He is doing everything he can to protect what he have right now and personally felt like he don’t mind dying in process, as long Yu Zhu survives the possible war in the future when the heavens senses Yu Zhu’s transformation into goddess.

    As for Xu Long Hui, I certainly hope the old man got a way to remove the demon from his heart… I want him to have happiness with Hua Er! ToT

    Anyways, I will slowly read your story as the plot enfolds itself one by one. Thank you for feeding me with your delicious Xian Xia story! ^^

    1. thank you for reading! I’m so glad you love it! There’s still a lot more twists and turns coming in the story. I usually have very little patience for misunderstandings so I promise you that Zhu Zhan Ye isn’t your average idiot chasing after a thief, he’s impulsive but he’s not the type that can be kept in the dark.

      As for Wei Yun, He’s always somewhat in the background, and probably occupies Yu Zhu’s thoughts when she can’t sleep at night as well.

      Xu Long Hui’s story isn’t over by a long shot, he’s got alot of things he’s battling. Hong Yan Su and Demons for a start.

      Again, love having your comments and I look forward to talking to you more!

  5. Another great chapter! Wei Yun, Wei Yun, I’m anxious for him, basically the two things he really want is to restore what his brother died to protect and Yu Zhu. The former, he can accomplish yet it came with a heavy price that’s pretty much cruel to even want to do. The latter, he wants her yet he doesn’t dare to push further because of who he is and settles to protect her instead. I simply worried for all the characters, so much is happening. Author-nim is it possible to give everyone a happy ending? (jk that’s not possible) On a side note, this story would make a really good series.

    1. Awww thanks! If these story ever did get turned into a series, I really want the actors I like playing the characters in here. Wei Yun’s carrying a pretty brutal burden, there are people in the world, like him, who are incapable of letting things go. Maybe he might’ve been happier if there was such a thing as the easier way, or if he chose not to love again, but he’s the kind of guy that once he’s chosen to do something one way, he’s not looking back. I really do admire that in a person, and if he wasn’t like this, it wouldn’t make his character so compelling to write for.

      As for happy endings, I firmly believe in them but it has to fit with how everything is going. I don’t necessarily believe that any characters’ journey ends exactly when the book finishes. But that doesn’t mean I won’t give closure for the reader either. That’s probably really frustrating to hear. But I promise I will update regularly!

  6. I wanted to comment earlier, but didn’t have the time. This is another exciting chapter. Thank you!

    I think the masked man is also Zhuo Hao as well. If it was Lin Yu, I think she would’ve been more rough with him. Heh. But we’ll see in the next chapter. (=

    The poor little bride, she’s scared to death. I’m sure Zhu Zhan Ye will figured out what happened. I can’t wait for Zhu Zhan Ye and Yu Zhu to have a face off and what his reaction will be. I wonder if she could use magic to heal her shoulder or at least to make it heal faster or numb the pain. But I seriously love their interactions.

    I feel so sad for Wei Yun in this chapter. He’s such a tortured soul and feels remorse toward what he has done to his friend. It’s good to know that Wei Yun is not heartless and he does feel the weight and pain of his actions. However, he is a man of war, and killing is like a natural instinct of his. And considering how he kept himself at a distance from Yu Zhu, I think he also accepted his fate and possible ending. A life for a life is usually the justification for murder and death. But there is always forgiveness and penitence. I don’t know what is in stored for the future of their story, bittersweet or not, but I know it’ll be a satisfying ending.

    Looks like Huang Wu doesn’t have a chance with Lin Yu anymore being frozen in ice.

    I also took this chance to read back on why the Emperor of Heaven hates the existence of Yu Zhu. So it was because of the prophesy. At first I was wondering if humans weakens a god’s powers and humans increases a demon’s powers, then what is the threat of Yu Zhu that the Emperor of Heaven will track her down to the ends of the earth? I guess I read too fast the first time. I think I’ll need to go back and slowly read through it all again. Now that I know the reason, I can’t wait to see Yu Zhu get her heavenly powers and how it’s going to rock the heavenly realms. (=

    Also, did Wei Yun ever like Mei Yan? From the flashback, it seems like he didn’t. Or it could be that he loved his brother more so he gave up on Mei Yan. But in the previous chapters it was implied that he did, but that could also be the author’s intent to make readers think so when it wasn’t the case.

      1. Oh, did I just send that? It’s wrong sent, I was just practicing a line, really. Hehe. I soooo love your response though, I so believe you.

      2. Haha, cathdeary, you are too funny. And dramatictealeaves, you don’t know how much the word “soon” can create such anticipation and hope. Heh. I hope you’re doing well all around. Looking forward to your next chapter. (=

      3. Eh… how long is it remaining until it’s soon? ?”? I am such a spoiled brat I know, sit down and wait until it’s lunch, yes yes, but as a reward for being such a good kid, can you give us some dessert for now then as we are starving at this point, we poor orphans. T_T

        Chang’er, you’re humoring me. Quoting me ‘too funny’ is just too much for me to take. You’re setting too high an expectation I can’t reach, more like ‘demanding’ and ‘impatient’ or ‘ freaky lurker’ are more likely better descriptions.

      4. Ahahha you both crack me up so much! I definitely understand the sentiment and I promise that it’ll be out in the next two days! I loved both you and Chang’er’s comments. Luckily , tomorrow is a holiday for me so I’ll be working on it all day!

    1. Thank you so much! I just got back to home after visiting family! The Fourth was amazing. I did nothing! That sounds a little counterintuitive even to me but I had so much fun just sleeping. I’m totally getting old.

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