Little sister has stolen phone and found WordPress

So yah. Hi. I’m the little sister of this blogger person *^* I don’t really know much about this blog except that it’s for Chinese dramas and she basically summarizes them?? idek.
Anyways I’m not into these dramas but I do love ANIME.
Favorites include Ouran High School Host Club, (because instead of the nerdy girl with hot guys cliche plot, it’s about this girl who is not extraordinary in any way surrounded by a bunch of rich attractive guys and she kinda hates/loves them it’s hecka funny) Then go watch Attack on Titan because it’s violent and gory and amazing and has guns and swords and zip line thingys. Oh mah gawd it’s incredible. Oh and if any of you guys believe anime is for children I highly suggest this anime. I was planning to go into detail about plenty more but her phone is running out of battery so I might just list some more.

~Sword Art Online: not an original concept but a decent anime
~Soul Eater: Death the Kid is beyond perfect. Also people turn into weapons and insanity is inevitable
~Death Note: the character L? That’s my spirit animal
~Inu Yasha : Old but Gold
~Hataraku Maou-sama!: the devil works at Mcdonalds

sister has 3% battery left ._. so unfortunately for me I have to stop. Of course I’ve only listed around 1/20th of my mental archive of anime. Just so you know what I sad life I have. Possibility of stealing sister’s phone again is low, so bye now see you probably never.

Author: dramatictealeaves

Love dramas and Cooking, wish I could do both at the same time, but that would destroy both my apartment and my laptop

7 thoughts on “Little sister has stolen phone and found WordPress”

  1. haha must say hi to your little sister, I also like Manga and anime , I read that Ouran High School Host Club and watch Inu Yasha anime too but not finish long time ago , tell her to read skip beat manga:)

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