Perfect Couple Episode 4 Recap – Jin Yu Liang Yuan (金玉良缘 )

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So I had to debate real hard whether or not to do this episode today after a full work day and then some. It’s a great episode, but it’s also mentally exhausting to recap Tong Hua’s stuff since she’s a master of prose and quips. Here goes. Episode 4 Recap

Mistress Jin comments that the Jiang family traditional tea ceremony isn’t like the one in the capital. And the Girl fibs, saying that it’s because of the distance, that’s why. Jin Yuan Bao puts his head in his hand. The Girl asks if he’s okay and he sardonically says he’s fine. Housekeeper Liu asks when are they embarking on the traditional going to the bride’s home post wedding? Both Jin Yuan Bao and The Girl yell out “Go To the In LAWS!?!”

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Mistress Jin tells them to love each other and take care of each other, Jin Yuan Bao’s eyes go impossibly wide, daunted at the prospect of spending his entire life with someone like The Girl.

Meanwhile, doctor Gu is treating the real Jiang Xiao Xuan. He hilarlous tells the unconsicous girl that he’s treating her like a man, no… patient, that’s why he’s taking off her robe. He stammers for a good while before finally, handshaking takes off her outer rob. He shakily pours medicine on her wound, and once done. He smiles satisfactorily, saying, no one in this house would let me treat them without complaining, you’re the perfect patient.

At breakfast, Jin Yuan Bao says that he’s too busy, but his cousin housekeeper tells him this marriage is one of national importance. The Girl’s says that she doesn’t want to put her new husband through that and acts very carrying towards Jin Yuan Bao. Mistress Jin is touched and says that even though the girl is so devoted her to new husband, they should leave and go see the in-laws as soon as possible.

Later The maid pulls The Girl aside and asks what the hell is she doing? Aren’t they suppose to be escaping? Or is The Girl so comfortable that she’s ready to really become the new mistress of the Jin House?  The girls sighs and says that she needs a few days. She needs to see Jin Yuan Bao’s body. At the questioning look on the maid’s face.

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Jin Yuan Bao goes to see the bandit that was part of the girls trafficking operation, and threatens to put all the blame of the last hundred female trafficking cases on him. He tells if that if he doesn’t working with them and tell them whose behind this, then he’ll die sooner. The thief looks troubled.

Doctor Gu brings The Girl some medicinal brew, saying that he used nearly 2 pounds each of the 10 best medicines to make this, to help her “regain blood”. She looks dubious of the mixture and tries to tell him to leave it. Their shoving the medicine causes it to spill some on Doctor Gu. This gives the girl the idea, if she can spill the remaining medicine on Jin Yuan Bao, he’ll have to take his clothes off.

Jin Yuan Bao is flashing back towards the night before, remembering his behavior. He thinks the girl gave him drugs and when she comes in, with a new cup of medicine. He keeps pushing it away. Annoyed she tells him it’s medicine to regain blood, since, he lost so much last night. He looks at her questioningly, and she glares at him. She tells him that she punched him on the nose that night. He looks extremely relieved that this is what happened.

The Girl is about to take a bath but her maid follows her, and she tells her to go away. The maid replies that this is what happens in a rich house. The masters and mistresses must have people around to assist them. This gives the girl her next idea.

She goes to assemble all of Jin Yuan Bao’s maids and servants, asking them if they’ve seen his body. The maids of course are scared shitless, thinking that the New Mistress is making sure they don’t bother her man. They kneel in terror. She turns on the servants who are equally distressed by her artless way of asking.

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Qian Qiang goes to tell Mistress Jin of The Girl’s antics,  saying now all of Jin Yuan Bao’s servants are too scared, too bullied. Madame Jin takes The Girl’s side saying that she’s just making sure that none of the maids will try to gain Jin Yuan Bao’s heart. Qian Qian huffs, but clearly madame Jin is favoring The Girl.

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For her next attempt The Girl goes to pick flowers from a garden. Q It turns out to be Qian Qian’s garden and Qian Qian throws a hissy fitsaying that the Girl is not only bullying the servants but now is going to bully her. Qian Qian accuses her of being a Flower Stealing Thief, to which the Girl tells her she shouldn’t say that out loud, she really doesn’t know what that means. (replace flower with virgin and that’s really what the colloquial term means in Chinese.), Housekeeper Liu steps in and tells Qian Qian that the Girl is in charge. Qian Qian is angered that her own brother would take The Girl’s side. She huffs away. The Housekeeper Liu and The Girl talk about how her temper gets the better of her, and he assures her that she’s still a kindhearted person.

Jin Yuan Bao returns and as he walks along the maids and the servants all ran away from him. His personal servant sees him and tries to run away, Jin Yuan Bao asks what trouble has his new wife caused this time. The servant stammers taht none of the maids have design on Jin Yuan Bao, but that Jin Yuan Bao should kindly tell his wife to open her heart a little, just don’t say its from the servant that is. The Servant runs away.

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The Girl has prepared a bath for Jin Yuan Bao, putting in lots of petals. He comes in and asks what the hell is this, she says it’s for him. He glares and orders her to take the petals out, he doesn’t feel like washing in that today. She bites down on her anger and does it. He asks where is the oil, he doesn’t take a bath without the fragrance oil. He complains that the water is cold and she glares smiles, fine I’ll add hot water. She huffs and puffs until she tells him, the water’s good. He comes to touch it and yells that it’s too hot.

She steps up and tests the water herself, saying it’s perfect. He glares at her and says, “”You have no chest, long legs, stubby arms, big stomach you look like a village maid.” She glares at him and shoots back, “So What I am a village maid!” He yells, then if you’re a village maid, you should take the wash! and pushes her into the tub.

Next she tries the direct method, where she tells him she has a birthmark and people with birthmarks have interesting fates. A famous taoist once told her of her luck. Does he have any birthmarks, like a moon shaped one on his back? Those could mean things. Jin Yuan Bao asks sarcastically if the difference between a full moon and a waxing moon birthmark mean different things? She asks impatiently if he has one.  Jin yuan Bao snerks infuriatingly and tells her “Guess.”

Jin Yuan Bao cuts a deal with the bandit, who reveals that while he doesn’t know who the leader of the whole girl selling operation is, the leader is truely powerful. Most of the girls don’t even go to the dance houses but to somewhere more mysterious, probably to the houses of the government officials and royals. Jin Yuan Bao listens to this tidbit with interest.Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.49.30 PM

This was a light, breezy episode. I thought it was more or less a bottleneck episode, but it was done with the usual amount of comedy and brightness. So Kudos for that. I love how much of a prick Jin Yuan Bao really is, and this was the point where I really began to look forward to how such a cold prick like him will fall hard for The Girl. At this point I just hope she gets a name soon (even though I know what it is) because writing The Girl is annoying. At this point I do have to say that I’m getting use to Wallace and Tang Yan’s hair styles. On the first episode I thought someone had put a honey comb on his head and Tang Yang was wearing meat buns, but now as their characters grow on my, I can get use to it. Also, every costume in this how has been gorgeous, if not the cut then the color.

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3 thoughts on “Perfect Couple Episode 4 Recap – Jin Yu Liang Yuan (金玉良缘 )”

  1. hi…thx for recapping the episode in details…came here fr thehungryegghead site.

    as i don’t understand chibese, i only get the gist of the story in general hence very thankful for thehungryegghed’s quick recap n your detailed ones 🙂

  2. Yes, it’s visually very yummy! Jin Yuan Bao’s clothes and overall image is 器物轩昂 and 衣冠楚楚 personified. The white and sky blue shades adds to his brainy image; the pearly/silky texture is befitting of his status. It’s ironic, however, that being the son of a general, whose clan is put in charge of the country’s weaponry factory, Yuan Bao looks, and in fact is, more scholarly than skilled in the martial arts!

    In contrast, “Jiang Xiao Xuan” from the clan of the literary-trained is the one highly skilled in martial arts but not of “correct manners reflecting proper upbringing”. Her clothes are so beautiful! Tang Yan even posted this giveaway contest question about the number of changes of outfits her character had in 1 episode! 😛

    Although I didn’t like Jin Yuan Bao’s hairdo initially (have gotten over it now!), I liked Qi Lin’s hairstyle from the start! I agree that the hairdo is a bit round-ish and huge for her petite frame, but the hair acessories are gorgeous and colourful. The symmetrical hairbuns are ‘balanced out’ by asymmetrical accessories – sometimes the 步摇 at one side of her head is longer than the one on the other side, sometimes one side is missing it. I wasn’t a fan of her, but now I’m converted!! She’s so adorbs.

    Don’t like Xiao Xuan’s clothes though. The mandarin collar resembles a 旗服, but with a unflattering cut that makes her front look broad AND flat. I guess it does make her look more ‘classy’ as compared to the flowy type of Han robes, but it isn’t very pleasing to my eye.

    I’m not sure if it’s me, but whenever Xiao Xuan has a closeup shot, the way her eye looks away from the camera feels very awkward to me. I like her character, and have nothing against the actress, but it just feels off, like she has lazy eye. :/

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