金玉良缘 – Jin Yu Liang Yuan Perfect Couple – Episode 3 Recap

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Between work, writing my own novel, recapping a show I find myself exhausted on a sunday. Recapping a good drama takes time, espcially one that makes me laugh.  Also, I probably should get out more as I resemble more or less an albino bat than human being at this point. Hopefully people are enjoying this show as much as I am. But without much ado, recap 3:

As is in Chinese tradition, the newly weds need to take three bows, to heaven/earth, to parents, and then to each other. As The Girl performs each bow, food falls out. The onlookers look from surprised to mortified. Jin Yuan Bao hisses to her, are you a ravenous ghost incarnate?

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She shoots back, you try have twenty kilos worth of jewelry on your head and see if you don’t get hungry. She whispers to him “When do we go to the bedroom” He can’t hear her and asks her, “What?” She asks again, a little louder, he doesn’t know what she says. Finally she screams, “WHEN DO WE GO TO THE BEDROOM” to the embarrassment of everyone. They stare at her as Jin Yuan Bao whispers, “I’ve seen a lot of people who are eager, but I’ve never met any one this eager.”


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As the girl is lead to her new room, Qian Qian (the jealous cousin who thought she was going to marry Jin Yuan Bao), comes over to try and trip her. Instead the Girl trips Qian Qian and tells her to be careful.

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Gu Chang Feng is making medicine as his mother ordered. He warns her that this kind of medicine is akin to Viagra, and she has to make sure the dosage is correct for whoever she’s going to give it to. Madam Gu takes the medicine without telling Gu Chang Feng who it’s really for.

She takes the medicine and gives it to Jin Yuan Bao, per his mother’s orders. She tells him that it’s to help him clear the alcohol and of course he drinks it all. She happily reports back to Jin Yuan Bao’s mom that her son has taken the viagra.

Jin Yuan Bao walked to the room where the Girl is staying. He sighs and turns to glare at his servant asking, “Do you want to go in with me?” The servant stammers and before he scurries away Jin Yuan Bao tells him to give him all the belts he has.

The maid asks why are they not escaping and the Girl says that she hasn’t gotten to do what she needs to do (see if Jin Yuan Bao has the birthmark). Jin Yuan Bao walks in and the maid hesitates, he sarcastically asks if she want to watch, she too runs away.

The Girl jumps up with a smile and asks “can we go to bed now?” She tries to jump him and he blocks her saying, I’ve never met someone as eager as you. He says as she scrambles to take off his clothes. He jumps away from her and tells her to dance for him to set the mood.

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Chu Chu’s elegant, sexy dance…is nothing like what the Girl has prepared which more or less looks like pracercise. Jin Yuan Bao watches with a mixture of disbelief, shock, and awe, literally drooling from watching the uncouth dance movements the Girl has provided. It looks like a poorly executed version of mom dancing. As she finishes he wipes away the drool and says, your dancing…is unforgetable. She asks if they can go to bed already. He stops her and says they need to drink a couple’s drink. She says, what drink, just come here! and jumps at him, he quickly gets up from the bed, before she can grab him.

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He tells her that the tradition is that the groom takes a sip and feeds it to the bride. She hesitates and he grins sardonically and says that if she doesn’t want to, then they don’t have to go to bed. She takes her courage and says she’ll feed it to him. She takes a sip, and gargles it and offers it to him. He looks at her with half disgust and have amusement. She says, “sorry, let me try again” and does the same thing. He asks sarcastically if she came to get married or drink. She tells him she doesn’t care anymore, they’re going to drink going by pugilist rules.

The drinking game proceeds and the two of the get uproariously drunk. The Girl waits until Jin Yuan Bao is drunk so she can start taking off his clothes. She takes off his outer robes and to her dismay, he has about 30 belts on, all done with dead knots. She asks waht the hell, and he drunkly answers its a prevention tactic against female perverts. She frustratedly cries, how the hell am I suppose to see your body with this?! Unfortunately for her, his viagra is starting to kick in. He grabs her and says “I want you.” He tries to help her undo the knots on his bed, yelling, “Who tied these damn things, why are they so tight?”

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She tries to help but he give up and just grabs her and takes her onto the bed. The Girl has no plans to sleep with him, she just wants to see if he had the birthmark. So when he gets too handsy, she punches him in the nose. He wipes the blood on a hankerchief, see the blood, and faints on top of her. She tries to shove him off, but he’s too heavy. She asks if he’s a pig, but drunk and exhausted she falls asleep as well.

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Madam Gu, hears the struggle and assumes that the two had done it, and goes off to tell Madam Jin the good news.

In the morning, as the Girl wakes up, she shoves Jin Yuan Bao off and tells him to wake up. He groggily gets up as she raises her hand to punch him. He blocks and then she throws powder to which they both get a face full. She stands up and screams “You despicable shameless underhanded bastard, you were trying to seduce me!” He yells back you were trying to seduce me. As they yell at each other, he sees the bloody handkerchief and assumes that they did the deed last night. He asks what it is, and she, says that it’s all his handy work thinking that he knew about the nosebleed.  He mutters, “this scheming woman”

He leaves in a huff. The maid comes in and asks if they can leave and the Girl says that she wasn’t able do what she needed to do, she can’t go yet. The maid sighs and tells her that she has the tea giving ceremony this morning, the Girl waves her off saying that’s nothing to worry about, it’s only tea.

The Girl gets lost going to the main hall where she is suppose to go greet her mother in law. She sees a man (Housekeeper Liu) stand on a tower over the water for a long time and thinks that he’s going to jump. She runs and jumps on him screaming, “Don’t jump!” And they go over. He grabs the edge wth her hanging off his waist. He jumps them back onto the bridge.

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Once on the bridge the Girl begins to berate him, saying “Suicide isn’t the answer.” He tries to deny it and she tells him that “No matter what you say, you don’t have to explain it to me. Just don’t take the easy way out.” He stares at her dumbfounded, and she asks if he’s heard her. He smiles gently and says yes, he has heard the Young Mistress. He introduces himself as her new cousin, and to ask him for anything whenever she needs to . She smiles and tells him that she needs help getting to the main hall.

Jin Yuan Bao is waiting at the main hall for her and tells her coldly to follow him.

The real Jiang Xiao Xuan (whom the Girl is pretending to be) is on the streets of the capital, asking about her love and trying to find him. She hears that there’s no one by that name. She catches the eye of some unsavory character  as she walks out of the capital. He attacks her but fortunately, Doctor Gu Chang Fe sees this and saves her. He sees that her robe is slightly undone and takes off his robe to conver up the unconscious girl. He then carries her, leaving his precious basket of herbs to help Jiang Xiao Xuan.

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In the main hall, Qian Qian snarks that they sure arrive late, this morning greeting could be an evening greeting. Madam Jin smiles and says it’s okay. Jin Yuan Bao apologizes for both of them and says that it was his fault he woke late. The Girl tries to help by saying that they stayed up late last night doing this and that and was so tired this morning they couldn’t get up. Jin Yuan Bao’s eyes nearly pop out of his eye sockets as everyone around the hall is stunned by what they assume is her saying about her and Jin Yuan Bao’s sex lives.

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She doesn’t just stop there, saying that had Jin Yuan Bao stopped a little earlier they would have gotten some rest. But not, he wanted to keep going and going, even when she told him to stop. Finally he hisses at her to shut up.

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The tea ceremony is at hand, the Girl not knowing anything about how the actual thing goes. She makes it up, throwing the first cup into the heavens, the the mortification of her new husband. She’s completely oblivious and throws the second one on the ground, the maids at this point are laughing at her. She takes the third cup (which her new mother in law looks expectantly to get) and throws it into the air, saying it is to appease the gods. At this point everyone is speechless. The fourth cup her maid glares at her and says through gritted teeth, “give it to your mother in law.” Finally the girl hands the cup to her mother in law who observes that the traditions from the Jiang family is very different from the ones in the capital.

Thoughts –

Wallace Huo is a master at playing a loveable prick, and there is no one more prickly than the egotistically prissy Jin Yuan Bao. I laughed at the odd couple’s hilarious interaction and can’t wait to see them warm up to each other eventually. They are adorable together and have this chemistry that makes it easy to watch. As for the other couple in the story since they don’t show up much in this episodes, I more or less can put them aside and enjoy the main two being adorable.




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2 thoughts on “金玉良缘 – Jin Yu Liang Yuan Perfect Couple – Episode 3 Recap”

  1. Love the gap in Jin Yuan Bao’s character, how he truly is smart when it comes to his constable duties investigating cases, yet utterly blind to his shortfalls in martial arts, survival with no monry or Jin family’s standing at hand. He is in a class of his own and I don’t recall a male lead written the way Tong Hua wrote Yuan Bao. ♥ I think Wallace is really professional as many scenes and outfits are really silly, and it takes a lot of courage for an idol actor to go all out and act those parts out. This cahracter really tests his flexibility as an actor!

    1. I love Wallace in this drama, and he is one of the most adorable comedians I’ve ever seen. He did one a while back that made me utterly fall in love with him. He was hilarlous in it, its called Love At first fight. or Wu Shi Lang. It’s got George Hu in it as well.

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