Chapter 30 – Half-Blooded

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(Ariel Lin as the Jade Rabbit)                       (Wallace Huo as Wei Yun)

“This is too soon.” Mei Yan gasped as sweat poured down her cheeks, “This baby isn’t due for at least a month. She shouldn’t be coming now” Her body writhed and convulsed, she could feel the baby fighting to get out.

The Jade Rabbit knelt down, “Mei Yan, concentrate, if this baby comes now, it will kill you both.”

Wei Tian stood by the doorway, he was as still as a stone statue. Mei Yan screamed as pain ripped through her abdomen like a hot knife. Blood gushed onto the bedding, the pain was too much.

“Too soon, too soon.” The Jade Rabbit muttered, “how do I save them both.” She closed her eyes and put her hands in the air in front of Mei Yan. Ice encased both mother and child. The Jade Rabbit sighed, it would freeze the time within, but Mei Yan and the child were magical beings, she didn’t know how long the spell would hold.

“My fault.” Wei Tian whispered as he watched Mei Yan scream and scream again. The Jade Rabbit shook her head, “I don’t have time for your regrets. Right now we must choose who to save.”

Wei Tian’s face went dead white, “Is it impossible to save both?”

The Jade Rabbit sighed, “Mei Yan’s too weak to give birth and I can’t stop the contractions. This child isn’t ready to be born but if it stays in it will die.” Mei Yan’s body shuddered and the Jade Rabbit threw more power into her spell, she continued, “This child is half human, half mortal. We may escape the Emperor’s eyes for the first twenty years or so. But once her powers manifests, the Emperor and the Duke of the 7 Stars will be able to sense her presence.” The Jade Rabbit frown, “Mei Yan and I had a plan. But now, how do I save them both…”

The ice around Mei Yan’s body began to crack and hiss. She opened mouth and began to scream. The ice broke as Mei Yan’s pain intensified. The Jade Rabbit knelt down by Mei Yan, “If I kill this child, Mei Yan. You can have your powers back, you can be a goddess again. If you do not give birth to this child…”

Mei Yan gripped the Jade Rabbits hand and snarled through her gritted teeth, “NO. This child must live.” She glared at Wei Tian, who took a step back from the anger and pain he saw on her face, “Wei Tian, you killed my husband, will you kill his heir as well? How far does your cruelty go? How much of the emperor’s dog are you?”  Wei Tian felt as he had been punched, but he ignored the guilt.

“Do you know how a god dies?” Wei Tian said hotly, “Your body will disintegrate into a thousand pieces. Just because you gave up your powers, doesn’t mean you turned fully human. Your soul will be dust, not dead or alive. This is the price of being a celestial being. This is the price you pay for being who you are.”

Mei Yan’s smile was bitter, “I’m willing to face the consequences, I knew this even as I chose to bare Wu Kang’s child. This child has to live.”

Wei Tian looked at Mei Yan, a life for a life he thought. He turned to the Jade Rabbit. “Put her asleep again. Do It.” The Jade Rabbit nodded as Wei Tian radiated with power. Mei Yan shook her head violently. The ice encased her again. The Jade Rabbit gasped, “I can’t keep doing this all the time, it would take too much magic to stop life from coming.”

Wei Tian nodded, and touched his chest, “I have an idea. Nu Wa created me by using a piece of Charcoal and half of Pan Gu’s heart. You know of Pan Gu’s birth.”

“He slept for five million years as a spirit before…” The Jade Rabbit’s eyes widdened, “You’re not suggesting…”

Wei Tian nodded, “Why not? We can take out of her spirit and stow it somewhere safe.”

The Jade Rabbit didn’t know how to reply, “What you’re suggesting takes too much power, more than an immortal like me has. Besides, how many gods were able to survive the process? This half-blood couldn’t possibly beat the odds.”

Wei Tian nodded, “Ne Zha’s spirit slept for decades before he was born. Sun Wu Kong slept in a rock for hundreds of years before he was born. The true owner of my half heart, Pan Gu, slept for millions of years in spirit form. Why not this child? I have the power that can defy the laws of heaven. It is the only way.”

The Jade Rabbit felt torn, “Mei Yan will never see her child again.”

Wei Tian sighed, “The Emperor of Heaven hates nothing more than half breeds. This is why Er Lang Shen’s entire family was slaughtered, including his mother, the Goddess of Desire. I suspect that the Emperor decided to send me first so I can take care of this as quietly as possible. If Mei Yan wants to save her child, this might be the only way”

“You think he knows about this child?” Her heart grew cold, “He would hunt it down to the ends of the earth.”

Wei Tian knelt by Mei Yan, “I have committed an unforgivable crime. I will do everything to make sure that Mei Yan and her child survives. This may buy Mei Yan’s child enough time so that they forget her existence. But we must start at once”. He took the pendant he wore around his belt, “Lady Nu Wa gave me a pendant of two dragons circling a pearl to symbolize my brother and me. I hope he forgives me.”

Outside the tent, people mourned and wailed for their brave warlord. They carried his body and laid it gently on a platform, surrounding it with tiny purple flowers.

Thunder rumbled and the people looked up, stunned. In the sky rode a man in gold armor, behind him rode thousands of warriors. Awed, the people fell to the ground and begged for mercy. The men rode down from heaven until they stood outside of camp. Wu Yin felt the world crash around him once again. His beloved uncle was dead, his aunt was dying. Someone grabbed his hand and said, “We have to run, warlord!”

Wei Yun looked around for Wei Tian, trying to sense his brother. A man staggered out of the tent, Wei Yun felt relief flood his whole body. But he frowned, something was wrong about his brother. Wei Tian held out his hand and the Tai Shan sword appeared. He screamed and came at the army like a mad man. Wei Yun watched in horror as his brother cut down a hundred unsuspecting soldiers.

Wei Yun took out his own sword, “Brother. Stop!”

Wei Tian seemed to be possessed by demons as he slaughtered more and more warriors. Blood ran down his face.  Wei Yun ran at his brother and blocked the next blow. The earth cracked as the two most powerful gods fought, neither could gain the upper hand. Wei Tian slashed at his brother with deadly intention, Wei Yun fought back but his mind was blank as he deflected each blow.

“Brother.” He roared, trying with all his might to contain Wei Yun without harming him.  Wei Tian ignored Wei Yun and fought as if possessed. Wei Yun could not hold Wei Tian’s blows back, as one had the intent to kill and the other wanted only to deflect.  Soldiers tried to come to Wei Yun’s aid but Wei Yun roared for them to stand back, all eyes were upon them.  Wei Yun didn’t want to hurt his brother so he aimed his blows at the armor. Wei Tian winced each time as Wei Yun’s sword bit into his chest plates.

In the confusion, the people of Wu Kang’s tribe ran for their lives, their horses thundering as fast as the wind of the steppes . Wu Yin looked back, his eyes full of tears. Light flash, horses and people froze in mid gallop. Wu Yin looked around. A beautiful woman stood her skin was as white as the whitest jade stood before his horse. She looked at the boy with sad eyes.

“I have a request for you, young Wu Yin. Do you want to save your unborn cousin?” The Jade Rabbit asked the ten year old boy. The young boy nodded, “Of course.”

The Jade Rabbit raised her hand, “This is the spirit of your little cousin. I will give it to you for safekeeping.” She touched his hand, and the warm ball disappeared under his skin, a white scar the shape of a circle appeared. White light glowed from her hands as she spread her magic into his blood.

Wu Yin was confused, “What do you mean.”

“Your cousin will be born to the 77,777 generation of your line. She will be the daughter of the seventh daughter of your descendants. Until then, each barer of her spirit will have the same scar as you do on your hand now. I have laid powerful magic to protect you and your descendants, young warlord.  Make sure only one person of each generation know about this. Your cousin’s survival depends on your discretion” The young boy looked at the scar on his hand, he nodded, “I will keep her safe.”

The Jade Rabbit handed him a pendant, two dragons encircling a midnight pearl. “Keep this by your side always. Let your progeny know that when this child is born, this pendant must follow her, especially when she reaches twenty years of age.”

The Jade Rabbit nodded, “Good luck, Wu Yin of the Xi Yang Tribe,” and disappeared, time started again. Wu Yin looked back onto the tribal grounds and silently wished for his aunt to ride after them.

Mei Yan awoke. She felt strangely empty. She looked down and the bulge that had accompanied for the last few months was gone. Her baby. Where was her baby? Mei Yan crawled off the bed, her flesh felt weaker than water, her robes were covered with blood. On the little table besides the bed, lay a bloody bag, the body of her baby.

They killed my baby. She thought numbly. They took everything. She looked, golden streams of magic was slowly trying to heal her. Wei Tian. She realized, he’s using his magic to keep me alive. She silently walked to where her husband lied. She couldn’t bare to look at the bloody mass that was her daughter. Slowly, she began to chuckle, and then laugh.

She screamed the pain raw in her voice, “Emperor of Heaven. Are you happy now? Is this what you wanted?”

The two men fighting outside froze. They looked at Mei Yan. She took the Wu Kang’s broken sword and plunged it into hear own heart.

Wei Tian screamed, “No!” As Mei Yan’s body  brightened. Her skin began to turn to bright dust, it was as if she was slowly turning into billions of snowflakes.

Wei Tian flew to her side as the dissolving figure spun into the air. It landed on everything, like the strands of her silk that she spun for the world. Wei Tian grabbed his heart and fell to the earth. Wei Yun lunged after his brother.

“I’m sorry, brother.” Wei Tian whispered as he grabbed his brother’s shirt collar, his there was only desolation in his eyes. “Find the Jade Rabbit, save the child” The breathe coming out of Wei Tian was shallow and fast, his magic was spent. Keeping himself and Mei Yan alive while fighting his brother had cost him too much.

Wei Yun was stunned, his fingers gripped his brother’s armor, it was slick with blood. Wei Yun carefully freed his brother’s breast plate, blood gushed in thick streams from the hole in his brother’s chest.

“No.” Wei Yun whispered as he saw the blood sluggishly flow out of the hole where Wei Tian’s heart has been, “Where is your heart?” Blood covered his fingers, burning his hands like fire as his insides turned to ice.

Wei Tian smiled into his brother’s eyes, “Brother.” and died. His body began to glow and just like Mei Yan, disintegrating into dust.

“NO!” Wei Yun screamed as vainly swipped for each tiny piece with his magic, trying to keep his brother’s body whole. Yet, no magic in the world could save Wei Tian now. Wei Yun saw the piece escape here and there until the dust flowed away from him.

Wei Yun reached and clawed the air like a crazed animal, screaming his brother’s name. But his brother was gone. The dust was fine and grey, blinding the soldiers who watched Wei Yun. When they opened their eyes, Wei Yun and Wei Tian were both gone.

The Jade Rabbit was rushing back to the Xi Yang Tribe’s camp when she saw in the distance Mei Yan kill herself. She was too late, she didn’t have time to explain to Mei Yan what really had happened. The Jade Rabbit lost her will power and dropped from the sky like a bird, hitting the ground with a thud. Wei Yun felt her presence and rushed for her, his sword raised.

“What have you done with Wei Tian’s heart. Why did you take it” He snarled, the sword at her neck. The Jade Rabbit shook her head vehmently, “I didn’t. Wei Tian gave it to me willingly. Did you really think I have enough power to kill the most powerful of Gods?”

The sword in Wei Yun’s hand seemed to grow heavier and heavier. He screamed and thrusted it into the earth in rage. Giant cracks followed as the earth split into two. Wei Yun had created a canyon in his grief.

The Jade Rabbit stood up as she looked at the heaving Wei Yun, “Your brother gave his life to save Mei Yan’s daughter.” She said as she cautiously approach him, “Pan Gu’s heart is the only object that has the powers to hide Mei Yan’s daughter”

“Hide.” Wei Yun said numbly, “Why?”

The Jade Rabbit looked at Wei Yun sadly, “Long ago, the Emperor received a prophecy from Fate that he will be overthrown by a half-God who becomes whole. He has killed almost every half-blood that’s ever been born, except Er Lang Shen. Mei Yan’s daughter will be no exception.”

“How do you intend for her to escape death?” Wei Yun asked

“We sealed her spirit, put it to sleep for thousands of years until it is safe for the child to be born. But since it is in spirit form, it’s god aura will be strong and it’s human essence weak. Wei Tian gave me his heart to protect it, so I can weave a spell to suppress the magical aura that might attract the attention of the gods”

“And once it is born?” Wei Yun looked at the Jade Rabbit with soulless eyes, “How long will your spell last?”

“The spell I wove will last for hundreds of thousands of years, enough for the Emperor to truly believe that it is dead. Once the child is born, her human nature will remain intact for 20 or so years but eventually her god side will try and take over. When that happens, as long has she has Pan Gu’s heart by her side, she won’t be discovered ”

“What am I to do?” Wei Yun whispered.

“Wei Tian begged me to tell you. He wants to let you know that he attacked you to give me a chance to send Mei Yan’s child to a safe place. He asks you to protect the child.” Wei Yun looked at the dust of his brother on his hand, a tear dropped onto his palm.

“If the Emperor hadn’t sent him. Wei Tian wouldn’t have died.” Wei Yun whispered hoarsely, “I will never forget. I will never forgive.”

There was a rustle behind them. A few Heaven Soldiers had been spying on them. They ran for the camp as soon as Wei Yun turned around.

“They must not leave!” The Jade Rabbit cried, “The Emperor of Heaven can not know! Honor your brother’s wishes.”

Wei Yu felt no long like the man he was. The burden on him made him feel real, made him feel alive. He picked up his sword again, “Run. Jade Rabbit. Run where they can not find you and keep this secret. I will take care of things from now.”

Wei Yun arrived at camp, cold and emotionless. All the soldiers raised their swords at him.

“General. We have received new orders.” A soldier called, his voice quivering, “You have killed your brother, a god. You have violated heaven’s celestial laws in doing so. The Emperor has decreed that you be brought back to the palace in chains.”

Wei Yun laughed. He picked up the Tai Shan sword, and lovingly cleaned the blood off of it, “So this is how the emperor choses to explain what happened here today. That coward.”  The sword swung up at the soldiers, who all took a involuntary step back. Wei Yun’s eyes seemed to glow with hatred, bloodlust, and sorrow. “Who wants to go to hell first?”

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  1. Hi thank you for this new chapter:)
    What an unexpected twist! I’m happily surprised by the real story.
    I had tears when I did read this chapter, so moving. Mei Tian’s love, Mei Yan’s love and the BROMANCE! Wow at the bromance<3 So our heroine is even more than what I tought!
    Does Mei Yun know who she really is? Cause if he does, he's gonna protect her extremely fiercely (it's already the case but I need a word stronger than this one lol).
    What happened to the Jade Rabbit? How can she be so amazing as a friend?
    I can't wait to read the next chapter. Argh this story is soooo good ^^

    1. Thank you for following this story for so long! I’ve been planning and planning the last four chapters, going over them again and again to make sure they followed my original outline. After 30 chapters, it’s hard to keep everything straight. But honestly, the comments I get make it all worthwhile. Sorry for the late response, it’s 2 AM and I’ve had an exhausting day. But I can’t help but reply to your comment!

      What makes the whole Mei Yan and Wu Kang story one of the saddest stories, is that they would never be able to meet again. Wu Kang was true to his promise that he would wait for her as a spirit. But since Wu Kang’s spirit is still in tact, I can’t promise he won’t show up in the story again. 😉 I’m a horrible tease, I know.

      Wei Yun definitely knows that nothing would be the same again. Yu Zhu’s appearance was the last piece of the plan he’s been formulating since his being banished to the Demon Forests. Also, He’s extremely powerful and perhaps the only being who can sense where Wei Tian’s heart (aka Pan Gu’s heart).

      As for the Jade Rabbit, I def have her story planned out.

      Thank you for the support and the feedback! I seriously check my site all the time to see the comments and read them immediately. Though I can’t reply to them as soon as I like, I absolutely adore them all.

  2. This is so, so, so, epic. I was wondering why Wei Tian went on a rampage, so it is out of love for Mei Yan! Though it was a bit strange how Wei Tian could survive that long without a heart, I guess some magic is at work here? The part where Wei Yun cracked earth and created a canyon was an interesting display of his grief and I guess was a metaphor for his broken heart. Maybe one day he will revisit the canyon and recall memories of his brother.

    I was wondering how Wei Yun would break the rule and leave the forest (else how would he continue his adventure with Yu Zhu?) but I guess protecting Yu Zhu, the daughter of an old friend, the child his brother died to protect, would be reason enough for him to go against the heaven!

    Thanks for the update! The story gets better and better, and I hope the mythical element continues to feature in future chapters!

    1. I’ve been thinking about the “half god becomes whole” thing. What if Yu Zhu is not the 7th daughter of the 77,777th generation? After all, it seems like her mom only had 2 children? What if Yu Zhu is the 77,777th generation, and her 7th daughter is Mei Yan’s daughter? And in terms of the half god becoming whole, the child, who has the powers of her mom, is half god for now. But if she is ‘reborn’ via the unity of a human with another god (Wei Yun!!!), she gets the power of another god, hence becoming whole!! Could it be, could it be? Wei Yun x Yu Zhu!! 😀

    2. I love your comments have have read them all! I absolutely adore everything the reader brings up. And while I can’t reveal too much, I can say that this chapter begins Wei Yun’s journey.

      Wei Tian’s blood still has Pan Gu’s magic, even if he didn’t have the heart. He knew he was living on borrowed time, so he had to get as much done as possible. Wei Yun would live in his tree and wonder for milenias if it was his fight with Wei Tian that had killed Wei Tian faster. This is one of his burdens to bear.

      Wei Yun doesn’t just plan to break one rule, but again as riversong from doctor who says, “Spoilers.”

      Thank you for reading and the commenting! It’s really awesome that I get this feedback and definitely it’s really encouraging for me as a writer! Thank you so much!!

  3. Omg! I missed you! I keep coming back and see when you will post up the next chapter, and here I am lol. Now I’m super excited for the next chapters to come, can’t wait. I feel so sad for Wei yun, Wei tian, and mei yan, Their story so tragic. Sniff sniff T_T keep up your awesome writing! Your doing such an awesome job and I truly appreciate you taking time to do it. Until the next chapter…Fighting!!!!Aja Aja!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much! It’s been such a busy month that I keep wanting to put up this chapter but had such a hard time deciding whether or not I liked some of the details. Writing becomes so much harder when you get deeper and deeper in the character’s psyche. It’s really the reader who keeps me going when I get exhausted by the rigors of work and writing! Thank you so much for reading! I love your comment!

  4. Oh ho. I was right. So Yu Zhu is related to Mei Yan.

    So, that also explains why Wei Tan seems attracted to Yu Zhu.

    1. I wanted to answer you’re theory last time but had to hold myself back! It was really hard not to reveal anything. Thanks for reading! You’re so awesome for keeping up with me!

  5. Ahhhhh!!!!! Absolutely loved this chapter even though it was so sad. I feel like the backbone of story is complete now, though I can never really tell with you. I know I say this a lot, but thank you for creating yet another memorable chapter. It’s also so pleasant reading your story. Keep up the wonderful work!!!

    1. Thank you! I’ve been so busy lately that writing the story, especially at the more emotional parts of it, is really hard. But I’m so happy to have commenters that let me know what they think!

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