Chapter 29 – I Will Wait

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(Yang Mi as Mei Yan)                  (Hauwick Lau as Wu Kang)


Heaven-  300,000 years ago 

“Wei Tian. Stop pacing.” Wei Yun was calmly fishing in the milky way, his creamy white robes floated calmly in the coulds, “She’s only been gone for a few days.”

“Seven. She’s been gone seven days. That’s seven years on earth. She’s never been this late” Wei Tian gripped his jade pendant, “I’m going down there.”

“Brother.” Wei Yun threw his rod aside and stood up, he ran after his brother, “Stop. If you think there’s a problem, go to the world mirror and look for her, stop running headlong into things.” Wei Tian brightened, he grinned at his brother and sped off.

Wei Tian landed lightly and bowed to the Stone Goddes who guarded the mirror. She bowed in return, “what do you wish to see, brave one?”

Before Wei Tian could answer, someone behind him said, “Wei Tian, come with me.” It was the Emperor of Heaven, his gold robes floated around him as he strode to the young man. “I know where Mei Yan is, she’s in danger.” Wei Tian had never felt fear, even as he faced demon hordes on the battle field. Yet at those words, even inch of skin on his body seemed to grow cold, his heart felt was if it was being sucked right out of his body.

The Emperor of Heaven frowned at the younger man, he gripped the boys’ shoulder, “I have found Mei Yan and she is in grave danger, I will let you down to earth, her survival affects the whole of heaven.”

“What?” Wei Tian asked through numb lips. The words rang in his head. The Emperor sighed, “Mei Yan is the daughter of the Duke of the 7 stars, a man whose realm and powers rival my own. If he knows that Mei Yan is in danger, he will unleash warriors upon my realm. War will begin again, and the sky will be stained with blood.”

Wei Tian closed his eyes and gathered himself, “What must I do?”


On the Great Plains of Zhong Yuan, Earth 

“Auntie mama!” A young boy in leopard’s skin ran through the field to the group of women who had returned from hunting. The most beautiful woman held three rabbits in her hands. She knelt down and hug the boy, wincing as her swollen ankles complained, the little boy ran into her arms.

“Mei Yan, you’ll spoil the child” one of the other women warriors chided gently. Mei Yan kissed the top of the little boy’s head, “Nonsense, I’m only greeting Wu Yin.” The little boy grinned and grabbed Mei Yan’s  hand.

“Wu Yin’s lucky that you treat him as if he’s your own child, ” Another woman said, “His mother and father in heaven must be so grateful that you and Wu Kang took Wu Yin as your own when they died.”

Wu Yin was oblivious to the talk. Instead he patted Mei Yan’s burgeoning belly, “Auntie Mama, when is the little baby coming?”

Mei Yan smiled, but her eyes seemed to fill with tears, “A month, maybe less.”

The women entered the camp to the cheers of men, they bowed to their warlord’s wife and some even threw flowers on her path, to show that they prayed for the safe delivery of the warlords’s heir.

Wu Kang had just gotten back to camp as well. He ran and picked up his wife, everyone hide a smile behind their hands, some of the cheeky ones cheered and whistled. Wu Kang kissed his very pregnant wife to the entire camp’s delight. Some women nudged their man as if the say, see, that’s how you should treat me.

Wu Kang carried Mei Yan into their tent and set her gently on a chair. He took off her shoes and brought a pitcher of hot water for her to soak her feet. Mei Yan touched his greying hair, “Was your visit to the Khan fruitful?”

Wu Kang gently massaged her feet as he said, “He sees the grow of our tribe and is worried that I might be the next Khan. I told him I was not interested.” He gently dried her feet, he looked at his wife with the same love that he had shown every day of his life since he met her. “I see you’ve been ruling quite while since my absence, maybe I should leave more often.” He grinned as Mei Yan shook her head, ” Wu Kang, don’t you dare leave me anytime. I won’t give birth to this child if you’re not around to see her.” He laughed at the stubbornness of his woman.

“Her?” He said as he gently put hands on his wife’s belly, “so we’re having a beautiful little lioness?”

“Did you want a son?” She teased, “I thought you didn’t care either way.”

Wu Kang smiled, “You could give birth to a hyena and I would still love it.” She raised her eyebrows, and for a moment Wu Kang remembered the tempestuous beauty he fell in love with, floating out of a pool and  shooting silk at his men and him.

“I want a daughter more than anything in the world, Mei Yan.” He said, and meant it, “She would be the greatest gift I could ever receive. Besides, Wu Yin would adore his new cousin and protect her from all the boys.” Wu Kang’s eyes grew a little bit troubled, “I better start making sure that all the future suitors know what a tough man her father is now, in case they try anything.” Mei Yan giggled, “She’s not born yet, Wu Kang.”

Wu Kang kissed her belly, “It’s never too early to start worrying. That’s what good fathers do.”

Mei Yan laughed at her silly man, but stopped abruptly. She felt the air change, the hair on her skin stood on end. She stood slowly, “I have something for you. Stay here.” Wu Kang smiled, but there was confusion in his eyes.

Mei Yan walked out of her tent and asked for her horse. She rode into a small clearing, a rabbit bounded down from the sky, it’s jade white body emanating fiery light. The rabbit changes into a woman, “You have to leave Wu Kang. Now.”

“What happened?” Mei Yan gripped the Jade Rabbit’s arm, “who found out?”

“A roumor has spreadthat a demon has you captive on earth. The Emperor has ordered for Wu Kang’s head on a platter. He wants to bring you back to heaven. He doesn’t know about your child yet.”

The Jade Rabbit looked at Mei Yan’s stomach, “You’ve given up your godhood, but what about your child? Once the child turns twenty, it will inherit your divine power. The same power that it’s currently sucking out of you right now. You child will be a god, I can feel the power.”

Mei Yan looked at the rumbling clouds, Jade Rabbit pulled her robes, “We need to get you out of here. Once the emperor finds out about this child, he will kill you to spite your father”

Mei Yan saw the fire in the sky, “Does my father know what I have done?”

The Jade Rabbit didn’t answer.

“Jade?” Mei Yan’s eyes filled with tears, “Does he know the truth.”

“I told him.” The Jade Rabbit couldn’t meet Mei Yan’s eyes. “You father has told me to bring you to him.”

Mei Yan barked a bitter laugh, “My father would kill me even faster than the Emperor. He sent me to the Emperor’s court with to be a political hostage. He sacrificed me and my sisters so he can save the throne. He would kill me out of pure shame once he knows I married a human.”

“He is the only one we can turn to!” The Jade Rabbit looked up, “We have to run, Someone is coming.”

Mei Yan shook her head, ” I will never leave Wu Kang to fend this by himself. I’m going to protect my husband and my home. Thank you for the warning.”

The Jade Rabbited wanted to argue, but she had her own family to worry about. “Be safe, Mei Yan.” She said as she disappeared. Mei Yan quickly got up on her horse and thundered back to her tribe.



A flash of lightening roared onto earth as a silver clad warrior strode into the tribal camp. He raised his sword at the screaming people. “WHERE IS THE DEMON WU KANG?!” He slashed with his sword, men, women and children fell onto the ground, cleaved in half. Wu Kang strode out of his tent in full battle armor.

Wei Tian looked at the man with rage filled eyes, “Did you eat Mei Yan? Does her blood course through your veins? I slice you into a thousand piece while you beg for mercy.” He raised his sword and slashed. Sword cut through Wu kang’s sword like butter, breaking his armor, but his clothes held as if they were made of metal.

Wei Tian was enraged, “You forced her to make clothes for you? Take that off your filthy body, you are not fit to wear clothes made by the Weaver Goddess. Where is she?!” Wei Tian ran at Wu Kang and struck with all of his might. The Demons Wei Tian fought were powerful beings, so he had expected no less from Wu Kang, Wei Tian aimed the blow to be a killing blow.

Mei Yan had used the last of her fading magic to make the clothes for Wu Kang, it could stand the blows of a thousand human warriors, but it could not protect Wu Kang from the second blow of the powerful warrior god. The sword tore through the clothes and sank straight into Wu Kang’s stomach.

A scream filled the air, chilling those who heard it. It was the hoarse cry of bone aching dispair. Wei Tian turned and saw Mei Yan running for all she was worth, screaming Wu Kang, Wu Kang in a voice so raw it sounded half human.

Mei Yan tripped, her knees weakened by grief and the difficult pregnancy. She crawled and clawed to get to her dying husband, tearing her nails in the rough grass, cutting her hands on jagged rocks, tears streaming down as she called Wu Kang’s name, over and over again. Wu Kang saw his wife’s suffering and pulled the last of his strength, he slowly began to crawl towards her.

There was nothing else in the world but the two lovers on the ground, fingers barely entwined, facing each other, reaching for each other. They only had the strength to touch fingers, but that was enough. Everyone looked at them, too stunned to move.

“You promised you would see the face of your child” Mei Yan whispered and sobbed, “I can’t have our child if you aren’t here, please don’t leave me.”

Wu Kang’s breathing was growing fainter, he gazed at her face, “I will wait for you, no matter where I go, I will always wait for you, even if it seems I am leaving now. Be it another thirty years or thirty thousand years, I will wait until I see you again.”

The tears in his eyes dripped down his nose and onto the dusty ground, “I wish I could hold your hand for the rest of our lives, that I would grow old with you, that we would raise half a dozen children together.” Blood began to drip from his lips as he smiled at her, “I will wait…” The light faded from his eyes as his fingers fell from hers. Wu Kang’s gaze never left the woman he loved, as if to say that dying with her in his eyes, was the best death he could hope for.

Mei Yan felt the air leave her lungs as the last breath left Wu Kang’s body. She screamed his name, over and over again, begging for him to come back, to wait for her. She begged the body on the ground as if Wu Kang could still hear her.

Wei Tian knelt by Mei Yan, he didn’t know what to say, didn’t know what to do.

The jade rabbit appeared out of thin air and slowly lifted her friend up. Mei Yan screamed for them to leave her alone, all she needed was to hold Wu Kang some more, he was still alive. He had to be alive. He hadn’t met his daughter yet. He promised he would always wait for her.

The Jade Rabbit hit Mei Yan between the shoulder blades and Mei Yan fainted.

“What have I done?” Wei Tian whispered, he stared at the lifeless man.


In Heaven, Wei Yun knelt in the inner chamber, his was decked in his full armor, awaiting the emperor’s orders.

“Wei Tian has failed to bring back Mei Yan.” The Emperor stated coldly, “We must assume the worst, that Wei Tian is dead or captured. Since no demon on earth has that kind of power, I can only assume that Mei Yan is on the demon’s side. Take ten thousand heavenly troops to earth and end this affair”

“Yes your majesty. I will bring back my brother and Mei Yan. We will find the truth”

The Emperor sighed, he shook his head, “Mei Yan has willingly broken a celestial law, she is cavorting with a demon and kidnapped a god, perhaps even killed one of them. There is no other punishment but death”

Wei Yun lowered his head, “I understand. I will do what is necessary to bring my brother back.”  He bowed and left.







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9 thoughts on “Chapter 29 – I Will Wait”

  1. I absolutely loved your different approach to the Cowherd and the Weaving Maiden story. Quite brilliant I would have to say!

  2. oh geez. I was tearing up at WuKang’s death. MeiYan is so pitiful, I’m just glad they got at least 7 years together before that heartbreaking separation.

    Now I’m even more curious on what WeiYun holds that the Heavenly Emperor wants. So far, I didn’t notice anything that could be of value to the Emperor.
    I assume the Jade Rabbit and WeiTian have not returned because they’re trying to hide the fact that she’s pregnant and to let her secretly and safely give birth, but if that’s the case, how will they hide the fact that the child is an immortal/has godly powers?
    I’m guessing they do get found out because there must be another weaver goddess if the world still has color (?) ; though I’m not entirely sure what the job of the weaver goddess is.
    Anyway, great job! And thanks again for your constant updates! I’m always excited for every new chapter!

  3. I read the entire story from beginning to here today and I’ve absolutely loved it. Wish I could actually see this be turned into a real drama with the people you chose!

  4. I don’t know why I thought of this, but does this possibly mean that Yu Zhu is descended from Mei Yan?

    1. Possibly! Maybe that’s why demons are so interested in feeding on her/her brother. Perhaps the bloodline descended from Mei Yun?

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