My Original Novel and Who I want the Characters Portrayed By

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So I’ve been working a my own fantasy novel for quite a while, well, sort of, I’ve been distracted. But I would like to repost my first two chapters before I post the next couple of chapters.  The is the story of the Ancient Kingdom of Dian, of a world where gods, spirits, demons, and humans coexist. I grew up hearing the tails of spirits and demons of Chinese mythology and it will be incorporated into the story. But as of now, the story is set in the Dian Kingdom and follows the live of the young and only princess, Yu Zhu.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the story. But first, a few characters and who I would like to play them in real life.

Yu Zhu – 12 years old at the start of the story. She’s kind and intelligent but a hyper and overactive 12 year old who has a crush on Hong Yan Su. Her father raised her to be resourceful and cunning, as she is the only heir to the kingdom and one day has to marry well to protect her people. Her path and coming of age will be marked with hardship, love, and blood.

This is who I want the grown up version to to be played by.

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Hong Yan Su – The youngest commander of the Emperor’s Army at age 16 and one of the best fighters who defends the borders. He is the son of General Hong, who once guarded the Empress when the Palace was under siege and the princess was away. Hong Yan Su is the best candidate for the young princess’s hand in marriage, and it is common knowledge that when the Princess is of age, she will marry him.

Here is who I want Hong Yan Su to be played by:

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Shan Ying Lan – A fearless fighter who is both intelligent and slightly obnoxious. He grew up in the mountains and have no real manners. When he first meets the Princess, she dislikes him but soon comes to realize that he’s actually a very good man. Even though his past is hazy and painful, he’s came out a strong and determined man.  In terms of looks, he is ruggedly good looking the polar opposite of Hong Yan Su’s calm good looks.

Below is who I think should play Shan Ying Lang: He’s epic enough for this character:

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Hua Er – the Princess’s chief handmaiden, age 20.  A highly trained warrior whose specialty is daggers tipped with poison. She takes her tasks very seriously and though is regarded and treated as a daughter to the emperor, she is in charge of the Princess’s education. She is fearlessly loyal and would always put the Princess’s needs above her own.

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Xu Long Hui – Mysterious young man whose background kept out of the story for now. He is highly skilled in the martial arts and can kill ruthlessly.

Oh Hu Ge, you have a special place in my heart and you would be perfect to portray Xu Long Hui.

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7 thoughts on “My Original Novel and Who I want the Characters Portrayed By”

  1. I’m working on my own novel as well! I’m at work and don’t have time to read, but I will be back! I’m super excited to see your story. I enjoyed the set up with the characters. I’ll be back to read the chapters very soon. Fighting!

  2. I’m really excited to start reading your story! The main character is exactly the type of personality I like to read and watch in dramas! 😀 And the cast is also pretty awesome 😀

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