Da Mo Yao Song Translation – 星月传奇

(Courtesy of Vt103 and Youku)

kay, I’m going on a translations bender. I like this guy’s voice and the words aren’t too bad, even if they were a bit of a pain to translate. But I love the melody and since I don’t plan on watch Da Mo Yao, I at least can enjoy the Music. And Hu Ge, if you ever read this message: I get that you’re a serious actor, but please, take a funny role once in while so I don’t blow through six boxes of kleenex in one go. Translations below.

The military orders come like falling fiery stars
And the longing for you has never stopped
Chaos and peace are part of my home

In this journey, there is no way to tell winning from loosing
Lonely armies constantly drive out enemies under Qilian Mountain
The leap of a horse can mean the cost of a life

Let my arms become the city walls that protect you
Even if I fall then promise to meet me in heaven
So let the contrary wind’s wild direction dry out the last trail of tears
And so we run straight towards life and death’s direction

Let my arms become the city walls that protect you
Even if I fall then promise to meet me in heaven
Because I know that you too are gazing at the moon
Waiting for me to come back and become

The city walls…
that will always protect you.

(The song repeats)

Impression: I find the music video to be good, but in my opinion, I wish we can get the clean cut version without all the background noise. And Hu Ge, even in that ridiculous hair, I still find you incredibly attractive. So for the love of God, let me smile at you rather than sob… once in a while. And I don’t mean one of those dramas that are happy for about 10 episodes and then shit hits the fan for about 30.

Author: dramatictealeaves

Love dramas and Cooking, wish I could do both at the same time, but that would destroy both my apartment and my laptop

3 thoughts on “Da Mo Yao Song Translation – 星月传奇”

    1. OMG yes! I’ve been looking all over for this song, but every time I try searching, that other “Official theme song” pops up, and it’s not nearly as good. I absolutely love how this song sounds, but it is NO WHERE on the internet. T.T

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