Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 44

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Sorry about the hiatus. Here is your next installment of Lu Zhen, albeit a few months late!

The Shen family figure out that Lou Qing Qiang was the culprit behind Shen Jia Min’s death. The Shen family vow revenge on Lou Qing Qiang. But since there isn’t enough evidence, they can only wait for the opportune time

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Lu Zhen is released from prison and Gao Zhan is there to greet her. Gao Zhan tells Lu Zhen that Shen family had told the Emperor that Shen Jia Min had died after fainting. Lu Zhen goes to visit Shen Jia Min’s grave with Shen Jia Yan and he tells her that he’s going to take his sister back to her homeland. He tells Lu Zhen to take care.

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Lu Zhen works hard at making white vases, and the proud emperor shows off the pottery his astounded vasals. He tells them that with the prized vases in mass production they will make millions in revenue.  They all recommend her to rise in levels and Lu Zhen becomes a 6th level female official.

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With the rise in level, Lu Zhen has more prestige and responsibilities. While Lu Zhen wants to promote Ling Long, she knows Ling Long has almost reached the age where she needs to leave the palace, if she doesn’t do well in the exams this time, she’ll have no chances in working as a higher official. Lu Zhen instead encourages Dan Niang take the exams and plans to promote Ling Long on merit. However, Ling Long doesn’t know this plan is left wondering sadly why doesn’t Lu Zhen want her to take the exams.

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On other front, inefficient conniving Shen Bi is pandering to Lou Qing Qiang, and asks to stay by Lou QIng Qiang’s side and Lou QIng Qiang agrees.

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Lu Zhen has reached the sixth level and now she can take the case of her dead father to the internal affairs office and have them reopen the case. She has her step mother dragged in, who gapes at Lu Zhen who is suppose to be dead. The Step mother spits that Lu Zhen is the one who killed her husband and that everything Lu Zhen accuses her of is a lie.

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She calls Lu Zhen a bitch and gets slapped for impudence. Lu Zhen brings out the evidence that she’s been collecting, and based on the evidence, Lu Zhen wins that case. The Step Mother is dragged away to be executed. Step Mother screams that Lu Zhen is a bastard and not actually from the house of Lu as she is dragged out.  Lu Zhen’s name is cleared.

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Lu Zhen goes home as the rightful owner, and she bows to the ancestral offering table. Lu Zhen is reunited with her sister Lu Zhu, and they make peace with everything that’s happened between them. Lu Zhen then looks for her birth certificate and her name on the family registry.

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This is when she hears that she’s not actually part of the family. Lu Zhen and her mother had arrived and then Lu Zhen’s mother had married her father. Lu Zhen is shocked at the possibility that she’s a bastard.

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Back in the palace, Gao Zhan meets with Lu Zhen. He hears the story and tells her that he doesn’t care whose’s her daughter she is. She says that in order for her to marry him she has to present her birth certificate and also tell the world her family background for 3 generations.

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Lu Zhen wants to find her real father. But Gao Zhan wants to know if he’s going to have to wait until she finds her father, that might take forever. Beside, he doesn’t care what her birth is. This makes Lu Zhen mad and she accuses him of looking down at her. She says that he’s the Crown Prince, even if he promises to marry just her, she can’t stop him for marrying more. He asks her to stop fighting him on the small stuff and Lu Zhen get’s madder. saying that this is very, very important to her. Gao Zhan says that he knows she’s not been feeling good these last few days, he’ll leave now.

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Dan Niang asks her why did Lu Zhen get mad at Gao Zhan. Lu Zhen asks if Dan Niang what would happen if Dan Niang isn’t allowed to eat the foods she loves the most. Dan Niang says that she would be really really upset. Lu Zhen points out that this is exactly the point. Something inconsequential to everyone else is very important to her. She needs to find her father.

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On a quick side note:

So. Today is the first free day I’ve had in a long while. And while I love my blog, the last four months have been emotionally exhausting. I lost my grandfather just when I got hired for a job that I didn’t even know was going to be the dream job I was looking for. So when he died suddenly, I didn’t know how to feel.  So I decided not to, and I’m still not quite sure what I feel about my grandfather’s death right now. I didn’t know him well, was a little bit ashamed of him, felt shame because I was ashamed. I will will always, always regret it.


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7 thoughts on “Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 44”

  1. as the Lu Zhen said in this episode: some things that mean so little to others, seem very important to us. So as the contunuation of something one love (the blog) is on hiatus, new possibilities emerge (such as a dream job) and the real life comes kicking in, filling us with a beleted regret for the passed ones. that’s what really life is about, right? One door closes and the other one appears to push and shove us around with things and situations that shape us.

    I lost the track of Lu Zhen and stopped by to see if I could reignite my interest in this drama again. What I saw in Your post was the same pettiness of Lu Zhen that made me screaming and rolling my eyes. Honey, if a high and mighty prince loves you, don’t look for excuses ( I need to find my father, this time…). If that would be really important he would create thousands fathers for you in a flash ( see the previous episodes when he actually faked her own birth certificate and made her an adoptee from a very noble family so she can stay at the palace…). Instead we have this constant need of Lu Zhen to account for herself and the constant misinformation issue (whould Lu Zhen loose her tongue if she EXPLAINED to Ling Long why she does not want her to take the exams?)

    I am nowadays sucked into the world of viki dramas as segmenter and subber, but I am keeping my eyes on Your blog, so please drop by, even for a short moment 😉



    1. Thank you Seren,

      Your post made me tear up. I’m slowly getting back into the world of recapping, and it’s so great to see you write on my blog again! segmenting and subbing for viki is wonderful and rewarding, especially because they need people who get the nuance in chinese :). Thank you for being such a good friend.

  2. Thank you Seren,

    Your post made me tear up. I’m slowly getting back into the world of recapping, and it’s so great to see you write on my blog again! segmenting and subbing for viki is wonderful and rewarding, especially because they need people who get the nuance in chinese :). Thank you for being such a good friend.

  3. Hi… I have been wondering and worrying why you have disappeared for the last few months..
    I am sorry about the lost of your Grand Father..
    You also know that my Father is really2 sick, and I couldn’t imagine loosing one of the closest relative in our family..
    Be strong, hold it together..
    My advice for you is to take the dream job (if you haven’t…), in that case, it will at least distract you from your grievance.
    Anyway, thank you for continue writing Lu Zhen episode recap… I didn’t finish watching this drama.. I will continue to watch it when you finish all the recaps 🙂

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