Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 15 Recap

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Oh LLW, why do give me some of your best episodes now and then decide to spiral into a heap of uncontrollable of waste that even a dung beetle wouldn’t dare touch. As for Yu Wen Yong, he remains the best written character in this drama. No wonder he united that part of China.

The Dowager Queen, Xue Wu, Si Ye, and An De Wang meet in the garden. The Dowager is quite happy with her choice of wife for Xue Wu.  As it turns out it was An De Wang who had secretly asked the Dowager to come and help with the wife choosing ceremony. Si Ye tells An De Wang that next time An De Wang has to chooses a wife, he’ll get the Dowager to come too. An De Wang teases Si Ye that the Royal Grandmother aka the Dowager can stop worrying about Si Ye not having a wife anymore. Si Ye tells An De Wang that Grandmother still worries about An De Wang, who has many many concubines but no main wife. Laughing, the Dowager tells the boys to go and grab some snacks, she needs to talk to Xue Wu alone.

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The Dowager tells Xue Wu that her main worry for Si Ye is that the Crown Prince will not allow Si Ye to live. The Crown Prince has always been jealous of Si Ye and Si Ye is too loyal to his country to actually fight the Crown Prince. The Dowager knows that Xue Wu will help Si Ye and be with Si Ye. Xue Wu assures the Dowager that if the day comes that Si Ye is in danger, she will give her life. The Dowager smiles and tells her that she doesn’t want Xue Wu to sacrifice her life for Si Ye but only promise that she will be by Si Ye’s side as long as possible and to live happily every after. The Dowager tells Xue Wu to go and enjoy her pre-wedding days with Si Ye.

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Xue Wu returns the clothes she borrowed from Si Ye they talk about their upcoming nuptials, how Xue Wu can’t have her own grandmother for the wedding because the village is once again hidden and its impossible to find. Xue Wu talks about the suddeness of everything that has happened, how grandmother came, how Xue Wu had to choose between him and grandmother. Si Ye knows that Xue Wu’s grandmother did not want them together that Si Ye was not the right person. Si Ye promises that he will show her that he is the right person. Si Ye takes Xue Wu for a stroll and promises that he will be by her side.

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They are about to kiss when Xue Wu sees a child crying, she leaves Si YE hanging and goes to see the child. Si Ye is stunned at Xue Wu leaving him mid near kiss and goes to give the child a bunch of money to make him go away.

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Xue Wu scolds Si Ye and asks what would happen if the child got the money taken away. Si Ye asks why does Xue Wu not act obedient? Hasn’t she learned last time when she got kidnapped at the village and wast tricked because of a child?  How could she be so rash? Xue Wu huffs and says that she will take the child to go by food, she’ll protect herself and runs after the child. She walks into the town saying to herself, “He’s already a grown man, what would happen if he let me have my way once in a while, he should have caught up to me by now.” (He’s actually caught up, she just doesn’t see him)  She sees the child and asks what did the kid do with the money, the child replies that he hid it, does she want to see it?

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Xue Wu goes with the child and then is knocked unconscious. Xue Wu wakes up and sees Yu Wen Yong, who confirms that they are still in Qi. Outside the room, Si Ye has secretly followed and caught up to Xue Wu.

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In the room, She stutters that she is going to become the next Royal Duchess, wife of Si Ye. Yu Wen Yong grabs Xue Wu and coldly asks her why would he come into an enemy kingdom without backup. Yu Wen Yong tells Xue Wu about Zhen Er, his niece and only royal daughter Yu Wen Yong’s brother had left to his care. Zhen Er is very sick and Yu Wen Yong believes that only Xue Wu has the skills to heal her. Xue Wu tries to protest and is cut off, Yu Wen Yong says that he’s asking not ask the king of ZHou but A Guai, Xue Wu’s silent friend she rescued. Yu Wen Yong bows to her and says that he is a king, and only bows to heaven and earth, but here he is bowing to her.

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Zhen Er has heard of the Heavenly maiden and A Guai story and wants to meet Xue Wu. Xue Wu says that she can’t and Yu Wen Yong pulls out a knife, and puts it to his own neck. Xue Wu asks what is he doing he replies that if Zhen Er dies either way, the he’ll kill himself. But if the citizens hear that the Zhou King died with Xue Wu the future wife of Si Ye by his side, what would everyone think? Yu Wen Yong says that Xue Wu would only have to go for a month, after a month, no matter if Zhen Er is healed or takes a turn for the worse, Xue Wu would go back safely to Qi. He would personally escort her, and, he promises to free all of Qi’s prisoners of war that Zhou is holding. Xue Wu piques up at the suggestion that he would free the prisoners. She thinks about the proposition and agrees, saying that she needs to go back and inform Si Ye first. (Si Ye smiles slightly at the door).  Yu Wen Yong promises to send a messenger, since time is of the essence to Zhen Er’s health.

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Outside, a masked guard finds Si Ye listening in at the door. Si Ye fights the masked guard and throws him over the ledge, then takes the guards clothes. It turns out that there are three masked guards in total and the other two returns from the patrol to ask Si Ye (now dressed as the masked guard) how everything is going.

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They go to look over the edge and Si Ye blocks them, they look at him suspiciously and says, “Have you….” then they hold their noses think that he had just went for a poo down stairs and was blocking them for seeing it. They are suspicious of his voice  being deeper but then tells themselves that the disguised Si Ye probably has a cold. The three guards listen in.

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The guards asks Si Ye if Xue Wu has agreed to go with them to Zhou, Si Ye replies sarcastically, “She’s going, what a kindly stupid woman. Even if she’s going to save a life, she easily agreed to going to Zhou, it’s clear that she doesn’t even care for Lan Ling Wang (Si Ye’s official title).” Si Ye adds that he feels bad for Lan Ling Wang. The other guards chuckle and agree, saying “I would feel bad for Lan Ling Wang too, we heard that Xue Wu has even sucked on Yu Wen Yong’s hand.” Si Ye angrily blurts out, “What? Why?” The other guards look at him and say, “you told us this.” Si Ye quickly says that he forgot and asks why did Xue Wu suck on Yu Wen Yong’s hand?” They reply that it was to get the snake poison out from Yu Wen Yong’s hand. Si Ye asks jealously what else did Xue Wu do for Yu Wen Yong, the other guards gossip to Si Ye that the Zhou King has taken care of Xue Wu unlike he treats  any of his wives. They predict that Xue Wu and Yu Wen Yong might end up together.

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An De Wang is at Si Ye’s palace and he flirts with Xiao Cui, who he says is the prettiest girl in Si Ye’s house, that he came especially to see her. The other maids all come up and asks what does he mean? He had told each of the girls that she was the prettiest. Seeing that all the girls are fighting over who he called the pretiest, An De Wang panics and runs out of there like there’s a fire on his tail.

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Xue Wu, Yu Wen Yong and the disguised Si Ye arrive back in Zhou where they see a very sick Zhen Er being separated by a thick veil gauze. No one is allowed to touch her for fear of infection. Xue Wu runs up to Zhen Er and before anyone can stop her, touches Zhen Er. Xue Wu realizes that Zhen Er has the same kind of allergies and allergic reaction as Xue Wu did when she was young. Xue Wu comes up with a whole new treatment for Zhen Er.

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Zhen Er wakes up to see Xue Wu and says that Xue Wu looks different from what she imagined. Xue Wu doesn’t look like a strange creature from the heavens but rather a beautiful girl. Zhen Er asks if A Guai and Heavenly maiden has made up, and Xue Wu and Yu Wen Yong avoid each other’s gaze adorably.

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Xue Wu is shyly pleased by Zhen Er’s words. Outside of Zhen Er’s room, Yu Wen Yong remarks that Xue Wu is the first person ever to touch Zhen Er when she is sick, he believes that Zhen Er will be healed with Xue Wu.

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Xue Wu goes to take care of Zhen er’s rooms and medicines so that anything that might instigate Zhen Er’s ilness. She also takes care of everything for Zhen, down to medicine. Yu Wen Yong smiles when he sees Xue Wu take such good care of Zhen Er.

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Yu Wen Hu has also been busy. He is busy gathering his loyal followers and in a banquet he gives he brings out the girl Yu Wen Yong had gifted him, named Yu Tu (Jade Rabbit). The ministers cry that Yu Tu is a spy and Yu Wen Hu tells them that Yu Tu also hates Yu Wen Yong and has already told Yu Wen Hu about being Yu Wen Yong’s spy.

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She has now proclaimed loyalty to Yu Wen Hu. Then Yu Wen Hu tells all his royal ministers to drink a poison wine that only he would have the antidote to. Every 7 days the ministers have to go to Yu Wen Hu for the antidote. Yu Tu takes the poison to show her loyalty, as all of the ministers.

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Yu Tu tells Yu Wen Yong’s commander about the going ons, including that Yu Wen Hu has poisoned all the ministers to make them more loyal. She tells Yu Wen Yong’s commander that Yu Wen Hu is planning a coup d’tat at the next royal banquet and force Yu Wen Yong to abdicate.

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Xue Wu is helping Zhen Er with her bath and Zhen Er asks Xue Wu what heaven is like, since she comes from there. Xue Wu tells Zhen Er about the village where she grew up. Si Ye has just finished his patrol and comes to see what Xue Wu is doing, he realizes that it’s the baths so he turns his head to listen in.

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The other guards see him listening in and Si Ye explains that he was spying on Xue Wu because he likes her. the other guards laugh saying that Xue Wu is spoken for and that she belongs to Lan Ling wang.  Si Ye says, “But she left Lan Ling wang in Qi.” The other guards scoff at Lan Ling wang, saying that Lan Ling wang is just a pretty boy who needs to wear a mask on the battlefield. They proceed to mock Lan Ling Wang by making fun of how Lan Ling Wang must fight, girly like and very feminine.

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They ask why is Si Ye not laughing, and Si Ye replies, “I’m very deeply in love with Xue Wu, Lan Ling Wang is my love rival. They are interrupted by Xue Wu who comes out of the bath house and sees 3 men guards standing there. She comes running down and asks how dare they come to where the princess bathes. The two guards kneel and when asked who is responsible, points to Si Ye. Xue Wu tells him to come with her.

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Thoughts- So I’ve been on vacation which has been great. As for this episode, I have several issues. Like the fact that for some special reason, when Si Ye is fighting the gaurd outside the little hut where Yu Wen Yong and Xue Wu talks, they can’t hear him. Did they sound proof the bamboo hut that looks like more than a poorly constructed match box? And the secret guards really couldn’t recognize that their masked colleague has sudden shot up some and change his voice. Okay.

That being said, there was a lot of good in this episode. The two masked guards were hilarious. Si Ye really got his ass handed to him on a plate as they took the piss out of Lan Ling Wang time after time, not knowing that said person was in front of them. Si ye’s decision to let Xue Wu go and do her own thing was pretty mature of him especially since he laments about the fact that she doesn’t really behave obediently with him.

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As for Yu Wen Yong, I can write about this guy for ever. But I have work in the morning so I will keep my pontification to a minimum. I love how he’s able to manipulate Xue Wu because he knows what makes a kind girl like her tick. She cares for the people and he’s not above using that for his personal gain. But such manipulation is motivated by perhaps the only shining goodness, the only tenuous anchor of his humanity he possesses: his niece. Yu Wen Yong’s complexity comes from the fact that he has to balance the ruthless hegemonic warlord with his gentle nature of a benevolent uncle. Beneath the rage and careless cruelty, under the hate craze filled eyes and vitriolic temper is what Zhen Er has aptly nicknamed for Yu Wen Yong – Xiao Ma Er or Little Horse. Whenever Yu Wen Yong smiles at Zhen Er or Xue Wu, there is a sort of indelible sweetness mixed with ineffable longing in his eyes, like a man who gets to breathe for a few minutes before being voluntarily dragged back into a flood of subterfuge and war. You can get the sense that Yu Wen Yong, had he been born by any other name and position, would have been a gentle and good man, who could have had true happiness. I’ve always thought that Yu Wen Yong was the saddest when he smiled, because he too realizes what might have been and shall never be.

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6 thoughts on “Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 15 Recap”

  1. Thanks so much for the recap! Love reliving the series thru your recaps and comments 🙂
    Very funny when LLW was So close to FINALLY getting a kiss and convenient a kid shows up to block him! His “give me a break!” expression is priceless lol…

    The characters are all so different and loveable, I especially look forward to the silly antics and comments from An De Wang, he is like the brother LLW would love to hate! Hehehe

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading your recaps on the episode. I am absolutely in love with this drama, and the chemistry between Feng shaofeng & Ariel. I hope they will collaborate again in the future!

  3. I have to say that I’ve joined the second lead ship since Daniel Chan as YWY is just too charming. As you said, YWY is a very complex character with conflicting sides (which is a very human thing to have).

    I don’t see this kind of delicious (!) angst in LLW’s character: he has this sadness inside him and he wishes for peace but much of his character gets sacrificed for the sake of the romance plot.

    Thank you so much for the recaps. I saw that you’ve stopped recapping at episode 16 so I’m going to miss your awesome recaps.

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