Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 10 Recap

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Sometimes knowing how things will end is like throwing a bucket of ice water on a puppy in the middle of winter, and that’s how I feel about the lovers in this episode. Luckily, things zip along so speedily that it won’t take long for the lovers to find away around it.

Si Ye takes care of Xue Wu through the night.

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Xue Wu dreams that she sees her grandmother, who tells her that she should not have stayed to help Si Ye, she should not have fallen in love with Si Ye. Si Ye is destined to die, he must die. He has won the battle of Luo Yang, incurring the jealousy of the Crown Prince. Within a year, Lan Ling Wang will die in the hands of the Crown Prince. Grandmother tells Xue Wu that she should not have entered in Si Ye’s life. She tells Xue Wu that it’s time to go back to the village.

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Xue Wu wakes up, and Si Ye happily comes in and treats her tenderly. He sits her down and brings her food that he made, saying that once the war is over, he wants to bring his wife to this cottage, and together they will live in simple bliss. Xue Wu coldly asks him to take her to Luo Yang. She is still weak and she needs to go back to her village. Si Ye looks confused by her coldness and her change from last night, asking what is wrong. She says nothing is wrong, but she acts very distant with him. She tells him to forget everything she said last night, she was sick and weak, so she didn’t know what she was saying. She tells him that she has to go back. Her grandmother has predicted that Xue Wu would marry a village boy, and as for Lan Ling Wang, he, will find the one he loves too. SI Ye is confused and is about to argue but An De Wang has come to take them back to Luo Yang.

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Things are very awkward between Xue Wu and Si Ye. And gets even more and more awkward as An De Wang keeps hinting at how wonderful their night must have been together, how he prevented Tai Shi from trying to find the pair, how he can finally call Xue Wu his Sister-In-Law. Xue Wu refuses to ride on the same horse as Lan Ling Wang, saying that he must be really tired from not sleeping last night, to which An De Wang assumes the worst. Lan Ling Wang Si Ye rides away by himself. An De Wang remarks, “My brother Si Ye, doesn’t usually like go horseriding for fun (an innuendo for saying have sex), but don’t worry and have faith in him, and with a little practice, you both will enjoy it.” (I cringed.)

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Meanwhile on the way back to Zhou Kingdom, Yu Wen Yong passes by the Ku Xi Muo tribe. Yu Wen Yong tells his general that they need to capture the people and make the tribe a part of Zhou Kingdom. His soldiers need victories.

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That night, a girl from the tribe who has witness the soldiers grabbing her family and friends come to assasinate Yu Wen Yong out of hate. He defeats her easily. He looks at her and says that she is the 2nd girl in the world who has ever glared at him, the first one escaped him in the war. And then asks her why didn’t she think this through? Did she really think she could pass the guards without notice? He asks if she wants peace for her tribe, to live in a world where they no long have to be nomads and can live without fear of death or persecution.

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The girl scoffs and says, what does he know of persecution or death? Yu Wen Yong replies that he lives in danger every day of his life. In Zhou he may be king, but Da Zhong Zai Yu Wen Hu is the true ruler. Yu Wen Hu had killed both of Yu Wen Yong’s brothers, and controls most of the court. To be free of Yu Wen Hu, Yu Wen Yong’s hands will be stained with the blood of thousands, but only he, Yu Wen Yong will be able to give peace to people. Only he will unite the lands and guarantee the safety of the girl’s tribe. Will she help him with his dream? She must first be on his team, she must follow him. The girl looks at him with both pity and determination. She agrees.

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In Luo Yang, Xue Wu is getting prettied up. A maid brings the burnt clothes that she was wearing (Si Ye’s moms clothes) and asks if she can throw them away. Xue Wu says no! She’ll fix them, the clothes are important. Xiao Dong comes to visit, momentarily stunned at Xue Wu’s beauty. They sit down to talk since Xiao Dong is nervous about meeting the Crown Prince again tomorrow. Xue Wu asks Xiao Dong to find her a carriage to take her back to her village. Xiao Dong asks why, won’t that hurt Si Ye? Why leave now?

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Xue Wu replies that she’s fallen in love with someone that she is not suppose to love. Her being in his life has already started to alter its course. She’s caused him to be wounded with an arrow, already put him in danger. The longer she stays with him, the more afraid she is that she will do irreparable damage.

Xiao Dong says he doesn’t understand, doing things for the one you love is always understandable, if not forgivable. Since she likes him, shouldn’t she stay by his side?

Xue Wu replies that Xiao Dong doesn’t get it, Xue Wu knows that in Si Ye’s life, she is not the one he is suppose to fall in love with. Soon, there will come a girl. So there is no possibility between Xue Wu and Si Ye. So even if she hopes against hopes, isn’t that the most pathetic part? No matter what, Xue Wu needs Xiao Dong to get her out of Luo Yang as soon as possible.

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Yu Wen Yong comes out of his tent and tells his general that the girl has agreed to be a spy. When they get back to the capital, she will be sent to Yu Wen Hu as a gift. Since Yu Wen Hu use to be a soldier, he’s very attracted to girls who can fight and lived on the plains. She will be part of their plan to overthrow Yu Wen Hu. Yu Wen Yong also decides to fogive Yu Chi Jiong, since he knows that it’s not his fault. Yu Wen Yong knows that Yu Wen Hu wants to show all of Zhou who is in charge. The battle between the two are heating up.

In Luo Yang, the Crown Prince and Tai Pu are walking to a celebration and they see the walkway lined with soldiers and ragged commoners who all sing praises of Lan Ling Wang and the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince smiles forcedly as he recognizes that the celebrations are more celebrating Si Ye than himself.

The people all shout that they are happy that Si Ye and the Heavenly Maiden are married. Si Ye grabs Xue Wu’s hand as people congratulate them. He wants to keep her close to his side.

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The banquet commences, and the Crown Prince hears about a new song celebrating the battle of Luo Yang that the soldiers are singing. They go outside to view it and the song basically celebrates the victory of Lan Ling Wang. The Crown Prince gets more and more pissed off as the song and dance commences.

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When it’s over Tai Pu (the Crown Prince’s lackey) accuses Lan Ling Wang of basically trying to Usurp the throne. Xue Wu jumps to Lan Ling Wang’s defense and in front of everyone, accuses Tai Pu of being a terrible advisor who is trying to make the Crown Prince jealous. Things are getting more and more tense. The Crown Prince ends the argument by telling everyone to go back to continue the banquet.

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At night Xue Wu berates herself for making Tai Pu embarrased since this will only create more trouble for Si Ye When Tai Pu drunkenly comes in Xue Wu tries to apologize and insults her calling her a witch, and then tries to touch her.

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Si Ye walks in and puts himself in between her and Tai Pu, telling the old man to back off. Tai Pu tells him that he’ll remember what Xue Wu did today. Si Ye causes Tai Pu to fall when he tries to walk out and tells him to walk carefully.

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Xue Wu gets mad at Si Ye, telling him that she would rather get bullied by the old man than have Si Ye come and rescue her. She doesn’t want him to get in trouble for her. Si Ye asks for her to not be mad any more. SI Ye asks if Xue Wu doesn’t like him, then why did she do all the thing she did for him? What is she afraid of?

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Xue Wu asks if Si Ye believes in her grandmother’s powers and he says yes. She says that her grandmother has once told her that She isn’t the one in Si Ye’s life, would be believe it? She isn’t the woman he’s suppose to marry, why does he want to keep her by his side? Si Ye answers that all he knows right now is that if he lets her go tonight, he will regret it for the rest of his lfe.

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Xue Wu says no, soon there will be a girl named Zheng who will appear in his life, his only wife.

He asks what if there isnt? He asks that they make a bet, if that girl doesn’t appear, then Xue Wu has to remain by his side all her life. He begs that she stay, for him.

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Xue Wu says, fine, she will stay. But if the Zheng girl comes into their lives, then SI Ye has to honor the bet as well and let her go. He agrees.

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Thoughts: When I first watched this episode (now that I’ve watched it about 8 times I don’t think I could’ve thought the same) I was awed by how fast they went to the “I know your future and it’s not me bit”. The fast pace keeps the angst moving and I’m left knowing that they won’t take forever on this tidbit of tedium. As for Yu Wen Yong, the guy is like a wounded snake, he may be been burned by Yu Wen Hu but is far, far, far from defeat, quite the opposite. I’m actually more interested in the confrontation between Yu Wen Hu and Yu Wen Yong than I am between Xu We and Si Ye. The main reason being that Yu Wen Yong has this desperate hunger for ambition that Si Ye doesn’t have. Ambition is sexy, and he’s got the fire of revenge in his eyes that makes you glued to the screen, waiting to see how he will strike. Yu Wen Yong has surpassed every expectation I have given for a second lead.

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