Song Translation Lan Ling Wang: Heart of Palm (Shou Zhang Xin)

So My roommate and I basically spent a huge amount of our night arguing back and forth about what the hell these words mean and how the hell could we translate it so that the original meaning comes through, without sounding insane. We tried very hard to make it make sense and started drinking by the time we finished. Here is the translation.

Gone in a swallow Love, Hate, Remembrance, Longing has become a mirage
I toast you a drink that will bring the morning
I’m in the South Pole reminiscing about Your Northern Star
I will wait for you, I will not believe that our hearts can’t feel the each other

You are fate, You are the thundering hoofbeats
Being the passion of my love, you’ve chased me through icy sky and snowy ground

An inch of light, an inch of my love
A bloom of cereus, a bloom of cloud
A bloom of snowflake, a bloom of dreams
Held carefully in the heart of my palm

A single seed of dust, A Bodhi tree
A single falling star, and just only you
Held carefully in the heart of my palm

7 reincarnations of husband and wife, just the reflections of a myth
After the 7 reincarnations, we must wait for another 100 years before it begins again
you are heaven and earth, you are wind and rain, you are sun
You are the rebellion of tenderness
You turned the four season backwards.

An inch of light, an inch of my love
A bloom of cereus, a bloom of cloud
A bloom of snowflake, a bloom of dreams
Held carefully in the heart of my palm

A single seed of dust, A Bodhi tree
A single falling star, and just you
Held carefully in the heart of my palm

In spite of all, I hold on to you closer and tighter
In spite of all, I’ve become more and more greedy
Until a thousand arrows pierce my heart, my heart will only give up then.

My left palm holds an empty heart
My right palm holds a heart entrenched in love
My fingers interlock to hold prisoner the essence of the heart
The sacrifice of our love is embedded deeply in my bones

Is it possible to not accept the fate of our love?
Is it possible to not accept the destiny of our life?
If it is all possible then use my life to save yours


Author: dramatictealeaves

Love dramas and Cooking, wish I could do both at the same time, but that would destroy both my apartment and my laptop

35 thoughts on “Song Translation Lan Ling Wang: Heart of Palm (Shou Zhang Xin)”

    1. no problem! I’m glad u enjoyed it! It wasn’t the difficulty of the literal translation but the figurative translation. For example, a cereus bloom is a flower that blooms for an instant, literally bloom for one night in a year and then wilt before dawn. The ephemeral nature of the words often lose its importance in translation.

      1. ohh, thanks for the insight! i agree though. language barriers are hard to overcome sometimes. do you happen to have the han yu pin yin for this song/know where i can find it?

  1. I just spent a while translating this song as well because I didn’t know you already did. Gotta say your version is much more poetic! It’s not an easy song, so good job 😀

  2. Hey you translation is really good and very poetic. Is it possible if I can use it to put on the ending song so I can share it with my friends and family…?

      1. Oh great! That is awesome… I would love to make more videos for the other songs too ex. Lan Ling Wang… ^^ I’ll let you know when I put them on YT. Thank you!! ^^

  3. Wow….I ‘ve downloaded the song n I find it very beautiful n touchin….is this drama very good ?thanks for the traslation

  4. YES,,,this drama is super classic.. The way Feng ShaoFeng and Aerial lin acted made me so so addicted to this drama.. And they can make me feel the tragedy so deep.. This drama is like a drug to me.. The ending song,,the melody,,everything is perfect.. This is the best Chinese drama ever.. ❤

  5. This is really good, translating into figurative language can be really hard
    Thank you so much for this!
    and whoa i just realized that this post was being uploaded on my birthday 😀

  6. I agreed with Pann Pwint Aung. This is the best Chinese drama ever. Content, characters, OST, … are excellent. I love the performance of Feng Shao Fung and Lin Y Chen and love their characters so much. I was surprised and disappointed when the drama and they didn’t get any award for the year of 2013.

  7. Is it alright if I used the lyrics in one of my Fan Fiction stories? I credited all the effort to you guys. > I actually didn’t know what to put, so I copy and Pasted the website link.
    Is that alright with you?

  8. Your translation truly captures the essence of this song. Just started watching this drama and I swoon every time this song is played. Thanks for the beautiful translation! 🙂

  9. Reblogged this on apricotowl and commented:
    A beautiful & tragic song, accompanied with a beautiful translation by dramatictealeaves. Shh… it’s totally relevant to this blog. We’re all about beautiful things, right?

  10. Thanks for the translation:) speaking of reincarnations – I just re watched the second episode where the grandmother is healing Snowy – the horse. She’s predicting the future of the steed, saying how it will be loyal to lan ling wang till the end, that while it will die for lan ling wang, it does not wish to. That it wants to help lan ling wang realize his dream for a peaceful world. And the lan ling wang is all like: no! I love this horse! If we die, we will die together or we will live to see this dream of a world in harmony! … So that metaphor/foreshadowing/call it what you will hit me like a ton of bricks (or shall I say Avalanche?). Snowy, or “ta xue” translates to stepping on snowflakes. Xue Wu translates to snow dance. Ahh, the ending for told in the beginning – makes me appreciate the layers to this drama^^

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