Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 8 Recap


Nothing says “I care about you” like a forced kiss (NOT REALLY, I do not condone that kind of behavior). The good parts all came from Yu Wen Yong. Daniel, you were amazing in this drama, even when it decided to go into the crapper post ep. 22.

As Yu Wen Yong brings Xue Wu to the deck, he is bitten by a poisonous snake. All the soldiers see that Yu Wen Yong has is injured and he asks Xue Wu to heal him, since she is the Heavenly Maiden. She’s exasperated, she doesn’t have medicines. He says that if she doesn’t heal him, then the soldier who was suppose to keep away the snakes, will die. Xue Wu sighs and sucks the poison from his hands. Yu Wen Yong uses Xue Wu’s act as an act of her healing powers and her loyalty to Zhou. The soldiers are now convinced that they will win over the city of Luo Yang

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Meanwhile, Si Ye dreams of Xue Wu, and learns that she has gone to Kingdom of Zhou. He’s worried for her safety, but too poisoned to do anything about it.

Xiao  Dong has snuck in and found the poison while the soldiers were distracted with their king’s poisoning. He pockets the poison and gets caught immediately.

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Xue Wu and Yu Wen Yong rush back into his rooms. She screams for the royal doctor, saying that the poison is probably still in his body. He smiles giddily as he realizes that she cares for him. But that smile turns into a smirk as he tells her that she doesn’t have to worry. He’s fine. The snake was to fool the troops. As long as his troops believe it, he’s fine with cheating them. But today, Yu Wen Yong has found something else, Xue Wu  cares for him very much

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Xiao Dong is brought back to Yu Wen Yong, and Yu Wen Yong wants to kill him. Xue Wu begs for Xiao Dong’s life and on her account, Yu Wen Yong spares him and imprisons him. Xue Wu sees Xiao Dong drop the poison and she picks it up.

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Xue Wu takes the poison and attracts the maids attention. When Yu Wen Yong realized she took the poison, he orders the antidote be brought. Xue Wu spits the antidote out, and Yu Wen Yong yells that he’ll make her take the antidote one way or another. He takes a gulp of the antidote and kisses her, forcing her to open her mouth and swallow it. Xue Wu breaks free and spits the antidote onto a handkerchief. Xue Wu bites Yu Wen Yong as well.

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She tells Yu Wen Yong that if he wants her to take the antidote, then he needs to free Xiao Dong.

Xue Wu gives Xiao Dong the antidote covered handkerchief as she says goodbye to him. The handkerchief passes through inspection. She tells Xiao Dong about Yu Wen Hu not knowing about the King’s secret plan to invade Luo Yang. She sends him on his way. Yu Wen Yong never meant for Xiao Dong to go back alive and tries to kill him, Xiao Dong falls off a cliff and everyone assumes that he is dead.

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The Crown Prince meanwhile is attacked on his way to Luo Yang and his troops is decimated, he does get to Luo Yang alive, but now is trapped in the city, the Zhou troops surrounding him.

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Xiao Dong makes it back with the antidote handkerchief, and Si Ye’s people knows what they need to do. When Si Ye wakes up, Xiao Dong tells him everything Xue Wu has done for Si Ye and also about Yu Wen Hu being Yu Wen Yong’s weakness.

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Si Ye realizes that if Yu Wen Hu (Who controls the true power) knows what the King has done (basically usurping Yu Wen Hu’s power) then Yu Wen Hu will do everything to prevent Yu Wen Yong from succeeding.  Even thought Si Ye has only 500 soldiers, he decides that he must protect the Crown Prince at all costs and decides to go rescue Luo Yang.

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Yu Wen Yong asks Xue Wu to dinner. Tomorrow will be the battle of Luo Yang. He remarks that he will soon be master of the North, with Luo Yang conquered, and Lan Ling Wang Si Ye dead. Xue Wu asks if he really likes battles that much? Yu Wen Yong says that he believes that only he, Yu Wen Yong can give the country true peace, he is the reason why wars will end. Xue Wu tells him that heaven has already decided Si Ye will win this battle, Xue Wu is from the Wu Tribe, and the Wu Tribe has never predicted the future wrongly. Yu Wen Yong smirks and says that he doesn’t believe  in fate or destiny. If he sees a god he kills a god, if he sees a buddha, he kills a buddha and walks away.

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Even though Si Ye has only 500 people, he will use them smartly against the enemy. Meanwhile the Crown Prince is bitterly holed up in Luo Yang, fretting about what his father will think, angry that Si Ye Lan Ling Wang is always best. He press gangs all men from the city to act as soldiers to defend the city.

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Lan Ling Wang marches towards the massive Zhou army with his 500 men, saying that this battle will make them Heroes and the enemy cowards. They toast, ready for battle.

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Thoughts: The war between the two kingdoms is really a vehicle to see who is more worth of Xue Wu. She can’t believe the deviousness of Yu Wen Yong, naively seeing the true nature of Yu Wen Yong.  Si Ye is wholeheartedly good and loyal but it’s the dastardly smirk and confidence that wins Yu Wen Yong brownie points. He’s got the world in his hand, if he can crust Kingdom of Qi. He delights in victories and wholly Machiavellian in his thinking. The ends always justifies the means.

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3 thoughts on “Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 8 Recap”

  1. I thought the battle of Luo Yang was showing the viewers how each of them uses Xue Wu. For Yu Wen Yong she is just a propaganda tool, serving his plans and upping the morale of his troops. Si Ye is using the tricks she taught him to win the battle, not because she is a divine person, but because he knows they will help him. That is the main difference here, with Wen Young coveting a prize that he can show on his sleeve ( I am not sure the Queen qould approve that…) and showing the fate his teeths ( not a wise move as Fate always have the bigger ones to bite you back in the ass, just sayin’) and Si Ye re-thinking his strategy to include the know-how he learned from a very inventive village girl. And how awesome is that: a legendary hero uses GIRL’s ideas to win the battle!

    1. agreed! Si Ye was very very smart in his strategy, the best thing abt the battle is that it really happened and thats basically how LLW was remembered thru the annals of history. As for yu wen Yong his original intent might have been prize acquisition but his heart craves the love Xue we is able to show to the world, his intentions might not start honorable but he’s definitely won my heart with his devotion to Xue Wu

  2. but we can agree thet YWY is not there yet with his falling hard for XW so for now he is an interesting piece in chis chess play (having direct access to and impact on his nemesis LLW) rather than his love interest? For now, I mean.

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