Gong Movie Song Translation – Loving You Too Much – Tai Ai Ni 太愛你

Chinese ballads are beautiful, even if they don’t make the most sense.  Also they’re really fatalistic, yet fantastically melodic and hauntingly sweet. I like Gong’s song and I’ve translated it. I just watched the Gong Suo Chen Xiang cast’s hijinks on Happy Camp and it was so cute. I plan to update and translate that tomorrow. Here are the translated lyrics to the song:

I wish that the person in my heart
Even if holding on in vain we would never part
Until we have to follow the tide of the moon and leave this earth
How will I know what will happen in the future?
No one will come to pity us
Who will continue to remember this love?

Meeting you, is a secret.
My eyes, My heart, nothing of mine will escape you
I can’t wait to run to you, to shelter you from the oncoming storm, even if I have to die for you

I love you too much, there is no way to turn my sight from you
My heart hurts so much I can’t breathe
For you, I walk down this path, I believe that there will be miracles
Even if I end, I will never give up on loving you

I love you too much, I’ve forgotten that there is myself
I no longer care about loneliness, am no longer beautiful

For you, I walk down this path, I believe that fate will let you remember
That there once was I,  who cannot leave, cannot abandon…loving you

Spoken Chinese:
Male: Believe Me, In this life I will never abandon you
Female: I believe You


Author: dramatictealeaves

Love dramas and Cooking, wish I could do both at the same time, but that would destroy both my apartment and my laptop

8 thoughts on “Gong Movie Song Translation – Loving You Too Much – Tai Ai Ni 太愛你”

  1. This sounds so lovely!~ The words are written so flowery and yea it’s confusing.
    that’s why when I listen to Chinese ballads like this, I just try to enjoy the melody and not worry about what the words mean 😛

  2. ok, I just have to ask… are you too traumatized by Lan Ling Wang that You are avoiding the recaps? I was waiting for Your commentary to my raws so that’s the main reason I am asking…not to harrass you to do it, mind you. I know it is just the real life jazz that got us all after the joyous holidays and I hope – after coping with the ending (my bad, always checking the ending of everything I watch and see just to spare myself the heartache, you know) I will be able to get through the series with Your writing finally 🙂
    on the other hand, I caught the glimpse of The Palace today and although I did not understand anything from the dialogues, I think it is a decent movie to watch (despite being it a very rough copy on yt where you can hear the children voices from the audience (bringing children to this kind of movie did make my brow go up few inches…but – as my BFF says – this is not my circus and they are not my monkeys to care about) despite some scenes that are purely WTF-ish. 13th prince is mostly too adorableto watch and both girls make a great contrast onscreen, with Zhao Liying getting to play something other than her usual roles so it is an added bonus :).
    Did You happen to watch it, leavie?

    1. I think traumatized isn’t the adequate words that describe how I feel. More like exhausted and a bit disillusioned. I had such high hopes for this drama, and while it wasn’t bad for a good majority of the episodes, I was done when they reverted back to the trite overused plots of c-dramas. I’ve also had a few rough weeks at work so sitting down and recapping for 4 hours a night was wearing me down. But I’m using this weekend to recharge and write some stuff.

      As for the movie, I watched/ fast forwarded through it and thought overall it was very sweet. It’s about first loves and mistaken identities. I’m posting the cast interview soon. ZLY is actually a very good villain, her cruel intentions and huge ambitions was conveyed with true conviction.

  3. It doesn’t make sense because it’s a translation..
    In actual fact, the chinese words, if you understand, has way deeper meaning than english songs.. because chinese language follows pictorial ancient ways.. the picture language is way more descriptive, that doesn’t just speak frankly, but counterpart in with the emotion at play and description.. today’s world has become to much like an engineering textbook..no longer great poetry.. How I wish one day we will go back to ancient language, where art is in language itself..

    1. I can see why you say that about language but I don’t necessarily agree with you. I believe that language has become more expressive and more nuanced over time. There is a constant slew of words created daily that can expression a multitude of emotions and attitudes that we do not have words for before.

      Chinese is complex and beautiful because it is adaptive. Some written words have gone through dozens of revisions, from the Gu Wen, the Warring States, to now. New words are not only added but even new character such as (and this is a very old slang term that I like) 囧. I believe it is the same for English.

      We bemoan the de-flowerization (if you will) of the language because it’s become strict and technical, but what we find pleasing about the old language then, perhaps future generations will find pleasing about the language now.

      Thanks for the post!

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