Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 4 Recap

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This, by normal asian drama standards, should happen maybe in 20 episodes. This is why I love this show. This is only the third episode and there are no misunderstandings between the two main characters. Also, Elizaphantrex, thank you for editing…and stop texting me at 6 AM to remind me to update Lu Zhen (I’ll get to it I swear) . Just because you now live on the east coast, think of the time difference for my sanity.

Si Ye Lan Ling Wang’s plan is to disguise his rescue party as a wedding party  to get into the city and rescue Xu Da before the execution tomorrow.  He tells the innkeeper’s wife to make Xue Wu pretty in preparation for the task. The Innkeepers wife rushes upstairs to Xue Wu who, though reluctant to get fake married to Si Ye, decides to go through with it. The Innkeeper’s wife tells Xue Wu that she will make Xue Wu very pretty. Xue Wu should be glad she is so lucky that she is marrying such a rich and handsome man. She is very skilled, and as the old saying goes, even stinky bad mud can be used as mortar to make a good wall. Xue Wu asks her if she just compared Xue Wu to stinky mud? They get to work.

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The morning they leave Si Ye and An De Wang are discussing their plans. Xue Wu walks down with her full bridal regalia, and the two men stare at her speechless, shocked by her beauty. An De Wang says in a stunned voice, “This was the girl who looked neither like a man nor a woman? You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Xue Wu trips and Si Ye catches her.

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She apologizes because she’s never worn such a skirt that long. The innkeeper brings her a fan, as is a wedding tradition. An De Wang remarks slyly that he’s never seen Si Ye look at a girl like this. Si Ye promises Xue Wu that he’ll get her back safely.

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Xue Wu climbs onto the wedding carriage. An De Wang quietly remarks to Si Ye that if their Royal Grandmother knew that Si Ye was getting married, finally, then she would be very happy. Si Ye remarks that Xue Wu is not an ordinary girl, if anyone knew her true identity, the world would be thrown into chaos. Xue Wu gets all shy in front of Si Ye, and has to remind herself that they are on a rescue mission; the wedding isn’t real.

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In the kingdom of Zhou, the Queen hears that her husband has been missing for some days at the border of Qi. She becomes frightened and orders all available men to secretly search for her husband. The court would become unstable if certain people knew of the King’s disappearance. She tells the general to secretly go to the Dan Zhou, which is the border city of Zhou and Qi and have Yu Chi Jiong also help search for him.

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On the way to Dan Zhou, Si Ye and his party meet Tai Shi, an advisor from their fortress, who learned of their plot. He brought with him more weapons. They go on their way.

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Yu Chi Jiong, who is interrogating Xu Da learns about his King’s disappearance and takes most of the soldiers who are guarding Xu Da’s prison to search for the king. A man sneaks in and tries to rescue Xu Da in the process, but is killed by Yu Chi Jiong. Xu Da learns from the man that the King of Zhou is missing and possibly in the Kingdom of Qi.

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The wedding party arrives at the gate of Dan Zhou city and they are stopped. They explain to the soldier that Si Ye is marrying a concubine to give luck to his ailing father. The soldier is also given money and he let’s them go. Xue Wu in the carriage is sitting on a pile of arrows and weapons, she moves quickly to try and hide all of it well. They almost go through, however, they get stopped by Yu Chi Jiong who asks if they have been searched thoroughly. He asks where Si Ye and his household live, and Si Ye gives a satisfatory answer. They are almost allowed in when Yu Chi Jiong sees an arrow fall from the carriage. He screams for his soliders to surround them.

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He asks why does a wedding party have arrows and no one can answer him; they literally don’t know what to make up. Xue Wu interrupts Yu Chi Jiong as he is about to arrest them. She lifts the carriage curtain and explains that she is from a foriegn tribe where they are given an arrow for luck and prosperity, since their tribe is nomadic and relies on hunting. She had brought it with her because her father had given it to her.

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Yu Chi Jiong smiles and says that since they want to bring luck to Si Ye’s family, they should go to the temple and beg for favor from Nu Wa goddess. He is again testing if they know the area and if they really are getting married, since the Goddess shrine is sacred and it is said that if they lie, then terrible consequences would occur.

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They go to the shrine and Si Ye kneels down;  he vows that he will take only Xue Wu as his wife in this life, protect her, care for her, and never leave her. Xue Wu looks at him for a long time, she too vows that as his wife, she will love him and care for him. They bow to the shrine.

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Yu Chi Jiong takes a sword and slices off a strand of their hair. He says that he was testing if Si Ye knew any kung fu. If he did then he would have tried to block that move. He then presents him with the knot hair, saying that the knot symbolizes their marriage. He tries to give them peaches saying that it was a Zhou tradition, Xue Wu corrects him by saying that it’s a Qi tradition. They leave. Yu Chi Jiong tells his soldiers to tail them, not many people know about the peaches tradition, only people from Qi would know.

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The wedding party arrives at their destination. They know that Yu Chi Jiong’s people are following them, and know that he knows they are here.  Si Ye understands that Yu Chi Jiong is trying to trap them, but he needs to rescue Xu Da. He doesn’t want to lose him, nor does he want Xu Da’s father to suffer such a loss.

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Si Ye sends away Xue Wu, telling her that she needs to be more careful in the future, and returns her stolen bag (she got it taken away at the inn). She gives him his mask that she brought, and he gives her back her sash, saying that when she meets the right man she should give it to him. He also gives her his personal jade pendant, saying that she can trade it for money. She tries to ask “when will I see..” He finishes for her, “Lan Ling Wang? I promise you that I’ll bring him to you.” He hits the horse she is on and she tries to tell him, “I’m asking when I will see you!”

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Xue Wu is trying to hold onto the horse, she gets to the city gate, which is closing for 3 days in preparation to capture Lan Ling Wang. Xue Wu falls off the horse and when she gets up she drops the jade pendant. Only when she picks it up does she realize that the name on the Jade Pendant is Gao Chang Gong, who is also known as Lan Ling Wang. She realizes that Si Ye is Lan Ling Wang, and she decides to go back and help him.

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Xue Wu runs back and meets Tai Shi on her way to the execution field. She tells him that she can help Lan Ling Wang. Tai Shi says that no one will allow her to help, because it’s too dangerous. She says that she can try a few things without being in danger; for example, she’s going to try and destroy the city, which will move some of the soldiers away from the execution field, giving Lan Ling Wang a fairer chance. She’ll need a few ingredients like sulfur. Tai Shi looks at her incredulously, “You’re going to destroy the city by yourself?” she nods innocently.

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Yu Chi Jiong brings Xu Da to the execution field. As they hang Xu Da up, fireballs roar from the sky and soldiers are busily fighting fireballs. Si Ye is able to rescue Xu Da by capturing Yu Chi Jiong.

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They all climb into the getaway carriage, Xu Da tells him the news that the King of Zhou might be lost in their kingdom of Qi right now before fainting.

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Yu Chi Jiong takes the opportunity to escape from the carriage. He orders them to chase after Lan Ling Wang.

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Xue Wu is busy with her plans and is separate from Si Ye and the others. She grabs a tiger pelt to hide under.

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Just as Yu Chi Jiong is about to find Si Ye, various explosions are heard from around the city. The military food stores are burning up and this distracts Yu Chi Jiong who orders every soldier to go and save the stores.

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The soldier tells him that there is even a tiger lurking about so no soldier is willing to go near the fires. Yu Chi Jiong leaves his hunt for Si Ye to save the food stores. Si Ye asks how Tai Shi did this and Tai Shi replies that there is not enough time to explain. Xu Da is about to die. They decide to leave as quickly as possible.

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This story progresses fast and furiously. I love how she figures out who Si Ye truly is. I love how she also tries to destroy the city by destroying the food stores. She’s whip smart and I love how they are already falling for each other, even if they haven’t publicly declared their love. It’s gonna happen soon. But I’m more interested in the next episode, where we get to meet the Second Lead. WOOT.


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8 thoughts on “Lan Ling Wang, 兰陵王 Episode 4 Recap”

  1. I know right, how it whizzes so fast? Within 10 episodes, they’d cover what would have been fodder for 20 episodes. I’m glad they didn’t drag 🙂 Second lead exposure starts soon 😀 XD

  2. It breaks my heart that in the beginning, Granny has already warned Xue Yu that she’s not the woman Lan Ling Wang will fall in love. Their chemistry is superb and anyone can see how strong their feelings are for one another. I wonder if there is a way to change destiny or in my wishful thinking, I just hope Granny is telling a lie. This episode was one of the my favorite as it showcases the smartness of Xue Yu. She never fails to amaze me with her intelligence and kindness. It’s a shame that most people only see her as a tool for world domination. Thank heavens that Lan Ling Wang doesn’t. 🙂

    I am praying for a happy ending but my hope in it isn’t that high.

    Thanks for the recap.

    1. Aww you’re very welcome! I think I’ve been sighing that this drama is going to be a bit like BBJX and every other melodrama, people just aren’t happy unless someone dies. But I’m trying to keep an open mind, while I too have suspicions ins whats going to happen, I’m gonna go for blatant optimism.

    2. I think what Xue Wu achieved consistently is have both emotional and intellectual intelligence. this is a crucial trait that most of the Heroines I’ve seen do not. Which makes me completely agree with what u wrote!

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