Best Song of Lan Ling Wang – Della Ding, Shou Zhang Xin 手掌心

You know how good a show is going to be sometimes by the music in it. This show has a song that reminds of  BBJX Snow Plum, or 3 inches of heaven which made me sigh every time I heard it. So, get your tissues ready, because this drama is going to mangle, break, and smash your heart. But like BBJX, it was the kind of heartbreak that was worth the pain. I don’t ever regret watching BBJX because I got to see a love story that transcended time. So I know that I will not regret watching this drama, because getting to know what happens is worth the tears (and the boxes of tissues).

I hate the opening song of the drama with all my heart, but this song is so sweetly sad and filled with so much meaning that it encapsulates the story of the two leads.


Author: dramatictealeaves

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18 thoughts on “Best Song of Lan Ling Wang – Della Ding, Shou Zhang Xin 手掌心”

    1. I actually like the opening song too – it’s quite catchy and the tune is nice 😀

      But I gotta say, this ballad here is incredible – BEAUTIFUL tune and great lyrics that are perfect for showing the beautiful sad love story of our OTP

  1. I’m so obsessed with this song and I love that it’s a little traditional/ancient sounding, too! Ahhhhh, oh no!? You mentioned smashing and breaking my heart… idk if this a silly question… but… will this end in tragedy? I’m on episode 29 or 30 or so… and OH MY GOODNESS, I’m so worried that something really bad will happen soon… I’m scared!

    1. haha now that’s over it’s probably to late for me to post this reply but I thought the show lost steam by the mid twenty episode or so, so I watched the last bit, sighed a little and have no idea if I want to continue recapping it.

      1. Ugh. So annoyed at the ending… I skimmed through 29-ending… I thought it started off really strongly and then idk what happened >.< *sigh* I would completely understanding if you didn't feel like recapping it! hehe.

  2. Can someone let me know the nane of the other song in the drama Lan Ling Wang. It is not opening or ending theme.

  3. every time i hear this song, i always feel sad, but in a good way. it’s so beautiful! do you think you’ll translate this song?

      1. aww thank you so much! i always wanted to know what the lyrics meant in english as my chinese is only good enough for conversational topics!

  4. And this is why I love being Asian and the cultural back ground of our languages. There is the normal everyday speech and then there is the old speech and phrases which can capture a thought or feeling so well that it feels like it made a deep connection. Yes I get teary listening to this too. Honestly in English you cannot replicate this, FFS songs like “talk dirty to me” doesn’t really ask you to thnk does it?!

    Completely agree with you guys – Was soooo hooked on this series from the get go because there seemed to be a really good balance of romance, humour and action, but by episode 20ish on wards, it was as tough they just dragged it on for the sack of it! When I rewatch I stop at abt 20, to me the story ends with a happily ever after for our OTP! Lol

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