Upcoming Taiwanese Drama -幸福選擇題, Xing Fu Xuan Ze Ti – Second Life


1009777_480284838732911_561517138_n   secondlife

Here is Cyndi Wang’s new drama. I’ve done a rough translation of the short trailer and a bit about the premise.

You say that you don’t love June Jie?

He Li Fang, Come home with me!

A Choice has re-written life’s fated accident.

From then, you and I, every second is the start of our happily ever after.

This is the story about a rich girl who finds that she no longer loves her fiance and leaves him at the altar. She meets the main character and slowly develops feelings for him, as well as change her outlook and attitude on life. (This is nothing new but it marks Cyndi’s first role as a rich young girl, she usually acts in poor Candy roles. This is also a mark of her return to acting after a few years on hiatus)


Cyndi Wang was always one of those actresses that had really good luck getting great looking men for co-stars (Mike He, Leon Williams, to name a few). I like the look of this drama, and if I had the time I think it would be a cute one to take a gander at. However I almost didn’t recognize her when I first watched the trailer. Does anyone else think she looks different?

Author: dramatictealeaves

Love dramas and Cooking, wish I could do both at the same time, but that would destroy both my apartment and my laptop

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Taiwanese Drama -幸福選擇題, Xing Fu Xuan Ze Ti – Second Life”

  1. Oh.. can’t wait to watch this as well.. I always love her even though her act seems to be so immature.. 🙂 She’s like the junior of Ruby Lin.. 🙂

  2. Hmm if I were basing it only on the synopsis alone, it doesn’t sound too interesting. But the trailer actually looks pretty good! I wonder if it will be more humorous or more romantic? To me it seems like it has more serious romantic vibes.

  3. am watching first episode and am really unimpressed by the lead actress. Unlikely to continue watching this series

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