Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 27 Recap

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Lu Zhen’s road is littered with Enemies and they try their best to make sure that if she takes a step forward, then there are ways to pull her two steps back.

Shen Jia Min vows to kill Lu Zhen, calling her a fox demon (Chinese slang for slut) and screaming that she will fight her to the death. The Eldest princess tells her to shut up, how can she be so vulgar? She is a Lady Official and the future Crown Princess. She needs to learn to be fine with other women in Gao Zhan’s life, because she will always be his main wife. Eldest princess warns Shen Jia Min that in the future, she needs to stay away from the Royal Concubine and tells Shen Jia Min about the past history between Gao Zhan and the Royal Concubine.

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Gao Zhan is able to avoid his sister and knows that she only came to find him to convince him to marry Shen Jia Min. He and Uncle Zhou discuss the circumstances under which he can marry Lu Zhen. Gao Zhan reasons that when Lu Zhen rises to 6th Level Lady Official, she will be on par in terms of authority as with Shen Jia Min and then the Eldest princess would not be able to protest Lu Zhen becoming Gao Zhan’s Main Wife.

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Shen Jia Min basically ignores the advice and goes to see the Royal Concubine with lots of gifts, even things from the Royal Concubine’s old home country.

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 6.12.02 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 6.12.16 PM  The maids tsk at how stupid Shen Jia Min is, not only does she give gifts that will make the Royal Concubine sad, but that she tries to lie about Gao Zhan and her relationship, Shen Jia Min is nothing more than a country bumpkin. The royal concubine however, smiles at Wang Shang Yi and says that all the players are here, shall they watch a good play unfold?

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Trouble starts brewing for Lu Zhen. First termites eat hundreds of robes and Wang Shang Yi punishes her for the termite trouble by making her embroider them.

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 6.13.42 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 6.14.19 PM  Then somehow, the robes’ flowers were embrodied as Peach Flowers (the euphemism of a woman who is ready for marriage) instead of Lan Hua (orchids) this is a major offense.

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Wang Shang Yi tells Lu Zhen to personally change the flowers on the 60 or so outfits, she can not assume her position as the head of the Clothes and Silks department, Shen Bi and Ling Long will do it.

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Lu Zhen is exhausted after working on the outfits, and she walks back, going to visit Du Si Yi. Lu Zhen doesn’t get why she has been making so many mistakes lately and Du Si Yi tells her that someone might have been sabotaging her works. Lu Zhen must have enemies, people who are unhappy with her rise. Du Si Yi berates her for not punishing the people underneath her. Lu Zhen says that she wants to protect them, she will take all the punishment. Du Si Yi tells her that she doesn’t know how to lead the people, and Lu Zhen says that she will inspire with kindess. Du Si Yi laughs cruelly at Lu Zhen’s naivety,  and kicks Lu Zhen out telling her that there is no room for kind people like her in Du SI Yi’s presence.

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That night Yuan Lu comes to Dan Niang with a present from Gao Zhan and it turns out to be the hairpin that Lu Zhen had sold for the fake ID, Lu Zhen has been working non stop but when she saw the hairpin she was extremely happy. It had been the only thing that Lu Zhen has ever gotten from her dead mother.

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Shen Bi meets with a maid under the Royal Concubine. The maid congradulates Shen Bi’s sabotaging Lu Zhen’s every move. She tells Shen Bi to keep it up so that Shen Bi, if she does well like this, will be elevated to 8th Level Lady Official.

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Ling Long comes to tell Lu Zhen that she has messed up on something for the Royal Concubine, now all the control of the department of Silks and Clothes lies with Shen Bi.

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The next day the is a surprise test from Wang Shang Yi to all the Lady Officials. Lu Zhen is worried because she has only been at the Office of Clothes and Silks for a few days. She fails miserably and tries to defend herself but Wang Shang Yi has none of it. Wang Shang Yi lower Lu Zhen back to 8th Level Lady Official and raises Shen Bi to become an 8th Level Lady Official.

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Lu Zhen is tired and as she walks back to her residence Dan Niang is mad that Wang Shang Yi is screwing with her. Lu Zhen defend Shen Bi as truly talented. They kneel down as a carriage passes.

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 Lu Zhen faints from exhaustion and the person in the carriage comes to investigate. Turns out it was the emperor and he sees Lu Zhen in a faint and has her carried back to her palace in his own carriage.  

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Where do I start? First of all Shen Bi does her job as a villain. Which is surprising because every attempt has been idiotic. Shen Jia Min does what Shen Jia Min does best, act idiotically. Since the last two episodes have been meh. This means that good episodes must be coming up.


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3 thoughts on “Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 27 Recap”

  1. ah….another episode with hard-working Lu Zhen and her man rewarding her with her own pin…how…. boring. but but but!!!!!! there is always the next episode. heading off to read it and have a ball at it 🙂
    great job, leavie. what a treat to read after a hard day of work 🙂

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