Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 24 Recap

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For Lu Zhen the realization that Gao Zhan is forgivable and that she has been foolish comes in a cold prison, by the counsel of a dancing girl. For Gao Zhan to realize that he’s underestimated his royal brother who truly cares for him, it takes a fake poisoning and some wise words by said brother. They both are idiots and only when they talk to other people do they realize it. Ah, love, it makes fools of us all. But finally, the story is getting better. Again – thank you elizaphantrex for editing and making this post readable!!!!

Lu Zhen is languishing in prison, she tells interrogators that she had found the Wu Toe roots by accident and after researching what they were, she decided to bury them. Lu Zhen advises the investigators to look elsewhere for the poisoner. After all, Wu Toe is only poisonous if ingested, if it was really put onto the harp like a varnish, it would be harmless. The investigator is a little stunned at the news and decides to look into it.

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Shen Bi holds her head as she walks away, lovestruck after meeting Gao Zhan. She meets one of Shen Jia Min’s maids and they talk about Lu Zhen, who Shen Bi learns is actually the true object of Gao Zhan’s affections. Shen Bi now is more determined than ever to make Lu Zhen’s life miserable, with the full backing of Shin Jia Min.

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The weather turns chilly and a cold wind blows through the prison. Lu Zhen starts singing a song that is called “the road is difficult” and another voice joins hers from an adjoining cell.

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Shen Bi is in the prison and tries to bribe the guards to do everything to make Lu Zhen suffer and die.

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Uncle Zhou, Gao Zhan’s trusted right hand man comes as Shen Bi is making a deal with the guards, and Shen Bi has to cover her tracks quickly by lying that she is Lu Zhen’s best friend. Uncle Zhou believes her and Shen Bi tells the guard to never talk about this, or it’ll be both their heads.

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Lu Zhen gets up and talks to the person in the next cell who has been singing with her. Lu Zhen asks how she knew the song, which was from the Tu Yu Hun tribe, near the Xi Yu area. The girl replies that she is a Tu Yu Hun person. Lu Zhen introduces herself and asks the girl her name. The girl tells her that her name is Du Mei Er. Lu Zhen tells her that’s a very pretty name, since it means pomegranate blossom. Du Mei Er is surprised that Lu Zhen knows some Tu Yu Hun words; she tells Lu Zhen that she likes her.  Lu Zhen asks why the girl hasn’t tried talking to her. Du Mei Er tells her that the two people before her had both been killed after Du Mei Er had talked to them. She didn’t want Lu Zhen to die as well.

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Lu Zhen asks why Du Mei Er has been locked up for so long and Du Mei Er tells her that she was a dancer who got called into the palace and was dancing for the Emperor when he died. Lu Zhen surmises that she is talking about the old emperor. Du Mei Er even gives Lu Zhen some medicine to help with her injuries from torture.

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Gao Zhan figures out that there had been no poisonous substances on the harp, which clears Lu Zhen from wrong doing. All that was discovered was a paste that made people itch. Gao Zhan wants to go personally to the Emperor and reveal this but Uncle Zhou stops him and tells him that people will notice his helping Lu Zhen so much.

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Espcially since she has the Wu Toe poison, the Dowager might accuse him of collusion and say that he has been trying to kill the Emperor. It’s wise to go through the proper channels and use maids and investigators to report the findings. Gao Zhan knows Uncle Zhou is right but worries about Lu Zhen spending time in prison.

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Lu Zhen and Du Mei Er promise each other that whoever gets out first will rescue the other. Lu Zhen says a chinese proverb – “A Gentleman’s promise” and Du Mei Er finishes  “is so steadfast that even dead horses can’t catch up to it” (she meant 4 horses but the chinese word for Four and Death are very similary).

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Lu Zhen laughs a little and Du mei Er pouts saying that Lu Zhen is making fun of her. She breaks out into a song to show Lu Zhen how good her Chinese is. Du Mei Er asks if Lu Zhen’s man has ever sung that song?  Lu Zhen stutters that it’s not a song that he knows. Du Mei Er asks what Lu Zhen’s man looks like and Lu Zhen smiles a little and describes him. I thought this part was cute so I’ll do a direct translation:

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Lu Zhen:  He’s very handsome, very tall, has eyes of a hawk, the build of a wolf, he’ll always help me, and he tells me a lot of jokes… but sometimes he bullys me.

Du Mei Er: Why hasn’t he come to visit you?

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Lu Zhen:  He lied to me; I got mad so I don’t want him anymore.

Du Mei Er: Did you ever lie to him?

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Lu Zhen: Occasionally, occasionally… I didn’t say the most truthful worlds.

Du Mei Er: Then why are you angry? Aren’t you guys even?

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Lu Zhen:  But another beautiful  girl likes him. Her father is very powerful and rich, but mine was just a normal person.

Du Mei Er: Does Your Man like her?

Lu Zhen: I..I don’t know.

Du Mei Er: That means he doesn’t like her! You Han people are so strange… you like him, he likes you. No matter how many girls like him, it doesn’t affect the relationship between him and you. Also, what does status have to do with anything?

Lu Zhen nodded sheepishly, everything Du Mei Her said makes a lot of sense to her.

Gao Zhan meanwhile is talking to the Emperor,  who tells him that Lu Zhen will be released today. Gao Zhan is stunned and the Emperor chides him. He knows that Gao Zhan has been working on Lu Zhen’s case. It turns out that the girl who was thought to be poisoned was having an allergic reaction to the substance they found on the harp. The girl has already woken and the Emperor has punished the doctors who made the wrong diagnosis.

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Gao Zhan smiles happily and tries to explain why Lu Zhen had the Wu Toe. The Emperor also knew about that and he knows that Lu Zhen’s identity has ties with it, that Gao Zhan had given her a fake ID. He exasperatedly tells Gao Zhan that they are brothers, and even if Gao Zhan doesn’t think much of him as a Emperor, Gao Zhan should still trust him as a good brother. Gao Zhan smiles sheepishly and says, “Elder Brother! I’ve been wrong! I’m sorry. ”

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Lu Zhen is personally escorted out of the prison by the Head Interrogator. Lu Zhen assures Du Mei Er that she will get her out.

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Lu  Zhen asks if they found the culprit. The head interrogator says no.

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The Head interrogator tells Lu Zhen that the girl just had a bad reaction to the itching paste, but no harm has been done. Lu Zhen asks if anyone else knew the girl (who had the allergic reaction) had woke up. The Head Interrogator says no, and Lu Zhen tells her that there is a way to catch the culprit.

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They first spread the news that the girl had died in a really gruesome way. Shen Jia Min overhears this and is really scared.

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Her maids assured her that they had thrown away the itching paste and there was no way to trace it back to them.

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Shen Jia Min wonders about Lu Zhen’s luck and is angry that Lu Zhen has Gao Zhan’s attentions. She tells her maids to go find Shen Bi to ask more about Lu Zhen’s background, so they can find a way to get rid of her.

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Just as the maids go out, a woman in a noh mask dressed in white scares the maids. They faint. Shen Jia Min comes out and sees what she thinks is the dead girl come to extract revenge. Shen Jia Min confesses that it was she who ordered the itching paste to be put on the harp, but it was meant for Lou Qing Qiang. Shen Jia Min wanted to avenge her dead friend. She faints.

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Thoughts – I’m glad that Lu Zhen is smart enough to suspect Shen Jia Min. But seriously, it took a random side character to point out how stupid Lu Zhen has been for Lu Zhen to realize her own hypocrisy. Granted, I’m glad that she now knows… so does this mean the story will move forward faster?

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5 thoughts on “Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 24 Recap”

  1. Psh. Not really. I’ve watched the whole series already, so I know what happens. And, unfortunately, both the air head Jia Min, and the kiss up, Shen Bi, won’t be gone for awhile. I pity Jia Min’s exit. As for Shen Bi, no matter what good she does, she will never ever be able to make up all the bad she has done. One, spoiler-ish, You’ll love Jia Min’s brother way better than her. By a shipload! Keep Reviewing!

    1. Aw thanks! I’ve watched the whole series, yes I agree the ending wasn’t perfect but I think overall it’s okay, As for Shen jia mins bro, I love his… devotion, and jaw line. As for Jia Min, her character conception was shoddy to begin with so it was undoubtly shoddy to end with ad well! Hope u keep reading and thanks!

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