Zhao Li Ying Gets Jealous of Actress Flirting with Chen Xiao

For anyone who watches Lu Zhen, Zhao Li Ying (Lu Zhen) demonstrates just how much she likes Chen Xiao (Gao Zhan) in real life.

So I found this adorable little cut of a mainland variety show that Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying participated in. I’m doing a translation here because it’s just too cute! In this bit, Chen Xiao is asked to call an actress he knows and tell her that he wants to meet her today for a date. Zhao Li Ying is also participating in this bit, and she gets visibly possessive when the actress flirts with Chen Xiao.

Here is the Translation

Chen Xiao:  I’ll call Yuan Shan Shan

Annoucner: Yuan Shan Shan? Okay let’s see this!

Shan Shan: Hello?

Chen Xiao (in a nasally tone): Shan Shan!

Shan Shan: Hey! Don’t mimic me, Okay?

Chen Xiao: Are you filming?

Shan Shan: I just finished, I’m taking out my hair

Chen Xiao: Thats good! I just arrived I’m at Heng Dian (filming location) too, can I meet with you? I’m at a little coffee shop on the town, do you want to meet later to talk about the script?

Shan Shan: Oh…Have you become more handsome recently?

Chen Xiao Laughs: I have. I’ve become more handsome, at least I think so.

Then I can’t I can’t! Then I can’t meet you. If I meet with you I’m afraid I’m going to start liking you. (background ooh and ahhing)

Zhao Li Ying leans in and practically screams: Shan Shan!

Shan shan: Ah? Ah Ah

Zhao Li Ying: It’s Li Ying

The Audience and hosts go crazy. I watched the rest of the show and it’s clear that Yuan Shan Shan’s voice changes from when she thinks she was alone with Chen Xiao and when Li Ying it’s there. Clearly Li Ying thought it was a bit too much  and had to stop it. I love how proactive she is in real life and on live television.

Author: dramatictealeaves

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6 thoughts on “Zhao Li Ying Gets Jealous of Actress Flirting with Chen Xiao”

  1. oh, I saw this one!!! It was tense and sudden when ZLY did that. And they never manage to tell YSS that they were on television. But I didn’t really like that ZLY was quite unresponsive in the whole show. She was quite shy and it was not what I expected of her personality.

    1. Yes! I agree, she was abit stiff but there were times that she let her temper and wit get the best of her. I think it might have to do with cultivating her image for the public.

  2. Of course Liying budges in, to show Shan Shan that she is in control and not to flirt with handsome Chen Xiao. But in real life, this relationship cannot last long in the acting circle. Good luck to Liying!

  3. I wish this video will be translated into english because alot of zhao liying and chen xiao’s fans from over the world cannot understand chinese like me though we admire them so much…

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