Lu Zhen Emperor is Actually Hot. And Can Sing.

So i didn’t really have an opinion of the actor playing Gao Yan. Not because I didn’t like him but because I was pretty much engrossed in the love story of Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan. That is until I found out how much of a good singer the man, Qiao Ren Liang is. Also he has the bone structure of an Asian Deity. So I have to share, because i’m going to watch Lu Zhen with a whole new (slightly lechy perspective now).

Here is his Ancient Chinese Get Up.

Now Feast on his Modernity

Author: dramatictealeaves

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6 thoughts on “Lu Zhen Emperor is Actually Hot. And Can Sing.”

    1. I did a double take when I saw what he actually looked like… but yes, when I saw his ancient one I could decide whether or not he was cute. I felt that for Luo Jin in the beginning of Schemes of Beauty though and now I’m obsessed.

  1. ohhh, luo jin. He grew on me in the second half of schemes of beauty. His character really was a spirit that could not be contained in the walls of the palace.

    1. For me it was the lips and the smolder. Luo Jin must have been related to Angelina somehow because that was all I could see in the first few episodes. Have you seen Mu GUI Ying? Luo Jin was pretty good in that one.

  2. It was funny, but like all Chinese drama, it drags for a bit too long. The female character was really really strong, and while Luo Jin held his own, I had to suspend my disbelief and realize that there was a lot of leeway taken in terms of historical accuracy. Actually they kind of disregarded the historical accuracy part of it all together. My recommendation is that you should watch it when you want to turn off your brain for a bit.

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