Borrow Your Love, 借用一下你的愛, Jie Yong Yi Xia Ni De Ai, Episode 3-4 Mini Recap

Okay i couldn’t help but post this too. I’m in love with this drama and I’m not shy about admiting that its as good as the other ones that I’m watching. When it rains good dramas. It pours good dramas.

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Episode 3

The girls take the blood test to find out who is Bai Ming Le’s daughter. Its Zi Wen’s birthday and the girls both have presents and confessions but when Ping An realises that Xi Le likes Zi Wen, she decides not to interfere. Zi Wen invites the girls and Ye Chen to dinner but Ping An uses the excuse of getting a bday cake and leaves. Ye Chen goes with her and keeps her company, taking her to get food, bringing her back home when she gets to drunk. She crashes at his place and he sleeps on the couch. Xi Le comes looking for her and Ping An lies to her that she and Ye Chen are a couple, so as to not fight Xi Le for Zi Wen. Bai Ming Li gets a call from the kidnapper demanding money in exchange for a name of the people who ordered her kidnapping but before she can get the info, the guy is killed off. Bai Ming Li is determined to get the girls’s DNA test to see who is the daughter so as to quickly get her under Bai Ming Li’s protection. She finds the answer and it’s Xi Le. Bai Ming Li gives Xi Le a new room and many new things but Xi Le finds that Bai Ming Li doesn’t really seem to want to talk to her about anything. Ping An is happy but sad because for a few moments she could have hoped that she had a mom. She goes back to the old place with Ye Chen while Xi Le stays at the palatial home with her new mom

Highlights: HOLY COW this was my favorite episode by far. Dylan’s acting was so good, he’s no longer a good looking wooden stick. He’s a good looking actor now. The cuteness, sadness, sweetness was overflowing in this episode and it really shows his range. If there were any episodes you want to watch of this series: THIS ONE. WATCH THIS EPISODE.  Okay:

Highlight One: Ye Chen knows that Ping An likes Zi Wen and sees how miserable she was as she volunteers to go get Zi Wen a cake as they head to the ultra classy restaurant. He takes her to a street vendor and buys her food and alcohol.  He then Piggy backs her as she cries drunkenly about how plain and un-cute she is and how all the boys will always like Xi Le. She tells him to stop the car when she mistakes a mannequin as a policeman and tries to get Ye Chen arrested for drunk driving even though he’s carrying her home on foot.

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She falls alseep against him and his expression changes, it softens and sweetens, it’s clear that he’s falling for this unruly  brash, and often troublesome girl. He takes her back to his apartment because she’s yelling about liking Zi Wen in her drunken stupor, he doesn’t want Xi Le to hear her saying these things. Once she gets into his apartment she starts to undress. He asks her what she’s doing and she says that she has to go pee-pee. OMG, I’m dying of laughter as he takes her to his glass bathroom. And she goes on the toilet has he realizes that he can see everything. The expression on his face is priceless as he turns around. When he turns back, her pants are off and slung around his shoulders.

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He carries her to the bed and smiles adorable at her, before spying her little bow ornament on her jacket. He’s deathly afraid of bows (no idea why but whatever) and hastily throws a cover over her. She wakes up and freaks out, he restrains her. RAWR. They are on the couch and it’s pretty HOT.  He tells her to stop yelling, otherwise the neighbors will think that something really happened. She freaks out some more before realizing that her butterfly bow is gone and she goes at him. This time it’s her on top and he grabs her and says that she sure is eager to get it on in the morning. Xi Le knocks on the door and Ping An tries to hide… in the glass bathroom and that’s how Ye Chen and Ping An concoct the story that they are together.

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Highlight two: At work the next day, Zi Wen finds Ping An who has been avoiding him all day. He drags her to the office and sets a scrumptious dinner in front of her. He says that since she didn’t get to eat food this good, he went out of the way to make it for her. But Ye Chen comes in and drags her away. He asks why doesn’t she just confess her feelings to Zi Wen. If she doesn’t then he will kiss her. She covers her mouth, then removes her hand and puckers up. He smirks and says  she must not like Zi Wen very much if she’s will to kiss him.  Ping An replies that she really likes Zi Wen but she doesn’t want to hurt Xi Le, her best friend and sister in the whole world.  If he was in her shoes, wouldn’t he do the same? He replies, “Never! I’ll only meet the love of my life once, why would I give her up? But you’ve made your decision now. and I will never give you up to Zi Wen” Did he declare his love for Ping An? Yes. yes he did and he was so sexy. Ping An is exasperated because she doesn’t think he’s serious and runs away.

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Higlight Three: Ping An hears the news that she is not the daughter of Bai Ming Le and she’s crying in Ye Chen’s car. Ye Chen doesn’t understand, doesn’t she hate Bai Ming Li? Ping An cries that shes going to be lonely from now on that Xi Le has a mom. She’s always had Xi Le and now she’s gone too. For a few moments she had allowed herself to hope, she wants a mom to care for her too, she hates feeling so lonely. Ye Chen tells her to cry it all out. He tells her that she’s never going to be alone, and comforts her.

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When they get to their respective apartments, Ping An smells something wafting from Ye Chen’s apartment  He had cooked pork with minced rice and it smells wonderful.  After a few minutes teasing, Ye Chen gives her a big bowl of rice and pork, and tells her that if as his fake girlfriend, she can get this amazing food… then how about she become his real girlfriend? She laughs and says she should just find a cook for a boyfriend then she can have all different kinds of food. He teases her about her flat boobs as she laughs about his fear of bows (which comes from some silly childhood trauma) and they chase each other around the apartment.

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Episode 4

One of the executives in the Company has committed suicide and it’s caused pretty bad press for the Company. Bai Ming Li callously says that the bad press will blow over and she will come out on top. The new s affects Zi Wen differently as we learn his back story. He was from a once powerful family whose parents committed suicide because of Bai Ming Li, and he’s here to take revenge. He knows that Xi Le is her daughter and he will use any means to take revenge, which means he can’t like Ping An anymore. A new character enters the fray. Bai Ming Le was the wife of the old company president (dead) whose brother is looking to over take all the business from her. He, like everyone else has learned of the new daughter and he hurriedly calls his son Ji Huo Ying back to compete with the new girl for the leadership/ heir position.  But Ji Huo Ying is bit of a playboy, as he demonstrates by trying to pick up a girl and the cashier girl one after another using a pearl as his buy in. Ping An, delivering food to the cashier girl, runs into him, crushes his pearl, and dumps food all over him.

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She basically talks him into paying her 800 bucks for the damage… which makes me think that he is not the brightest bulb in the closet. Anyways Bai Ming Li knows what her brother in law is doing and probably has a few tricks up her sleeve. But she continually ignores  Xi Le who is so sweet to her that Ping An tries to defend Xi Le. For some reason Bai Ming Li really takes Ping An’s admonition to heart and apologizes. Afterwards, as the two girls go shopping, they are accosted by one of the thugs that tried to beat and rape them the last time. Ping An’s hand gets sliced and she’s pushed to the ground and falls unconscious  Zi Wen comes to the rescue as the attacker is about to close in on Xi Le. Zi Wen gets stabbed. But it turns out to be a set up so that Xi Le will fall more in love with Zi Wen, this is part of his evil plan. He had paid the thug to do  the deed. Bai Ming Li rushes to the hospital and goes first to Ping An, and asks frantically if she’s okay. Ping An awkwardly notes that she should be worried about Xi Le and Bai Ming Li seems to remember who her daughter is. This doesn’t escape Ye Chen’s watchful gaze. Xi Le asks her mom to let Ping An live with them and Bai Ming Li agrees. Ping An on the other hand is hesitant… but agrees to do so.

Highlight: There was one very cute part. After the hospital, Ye Chen drops Ping An at the apartment. He asks for her phone and puts himself as her Number 1 on speed dial. She laughs and asks if he thinks he’s superman, that when she calls he’ll be there. He says nothing as she gets out of the car but then, as if he can’t help himself, tells her “Make sure that wound is clean, you have to re-bandaged it after you wash it, go and get it checked in the hospital, and go to bed early.” Before leaving. Collective Sigh and Awww.

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