Agent X, X女特工, X Nv Te Gong, Drama Recap Episode 2

The sexual tension between the two leads is what keeps me interested in this drama. And no one can play a magnetizing  sexually charismatic character with a chip on the shoulder as well as Luo Jin, who has the bedroom eyes stare down. While the interaction between the two leads is not that much in this episode, I can honestly see why he was chosen to play the character. Roy debacle aside, Luo Jin is a really good actor who is as versatile as they come. I hope for good things from this drama.

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Episode 2 starts where we left off. The city is at war with two factions vying for the support of the British. He Jun Fei (Luo Jin) works for the british, but we know that all might not be what it seems with him. An arms deal had gone down with one faction, lead by Sun Chan Fang, who paid the british for weapons. The other is the Principal, who leads the group with our heroine Zhong Li.


The mission is to steal the arms shipment that the British has promised to Sun Chuan Fang, who is engaged in a turf war with the Principal (who wants to move up in the ranks of the Guo Min Dang  or Democratic Party, the party which eventually settled in Taiwan in the future) But as of now, both men are fighting for the support of the british. Seeing that Sun Chuan Fang is about to get an arms shipment, the Principal has to make sure that the scales of the british does not tip in his enemy’s favor. This is why Zhong Li’s team is tasked to secretly steal the arms shipment.


Zhong Li and her team manages to steal the shipment at the exchange point, a train station. She disarms a bomb  and they steal the arms cargo box… with camaflouge oil. Oh My God. Was technology really that good back then? Because the war would have gone a lot easier if the tech was that amazing that they could steal half a train with some oil that makes it invisible.


Throwing my disbelief into a corner and pushing my jaw back into its original position, it appears that the plan did not go as well as they thought. Because the cargo Zhong Li’s team has stolen, has disappeared. They figure out taht Sun Chuan Fang basically stole it back and now they have to go and get it again . (Seriously, this is like an endless game of fetch.) The British, conveying their feeling thru He Jun Fei, indicates that they want to support the strongest people.


Zhong Li and her people go to steal the arms shipment  Lo and behold, He Jun Fei is there protecting it. A chase ensues as he goes for Zhong Li. They fight and this time is a little more adorable than the last one. Zhong Li sticks her tongue out at him and he can’t really compute that she just did that. They fight some more and He Jun Feng accidently grabs her boob and she slaps him. Stunned at the turn of events he watches as she runs away, a bit stunned  himself.




They steal back the arms and destroy the other guys camp in the process. Zhong Li gets a few days off and goes to see her adoptive grandma who raised her after her parents died. And they leave it off at that.


Thoughts: I’m waiting for Luo Jin to come into the show some more so that I can become more interested in the story. Honestly, if I wanted to watch spy drama I would have watched Skyfall. Or anything that made sense. So far I get that its a cruel world they live in and that they are fighting for survival. But I’m watching for Luo Jin and Tang Yang’s Romance. The intrigue was laid on a bit thick and I couldn’t care less for the teachers at the school or the students. So I hope that soon Luo Jin will get more screen time, cuz every time he’s appeared in the drama he has been burning up my screen like a hot coal. Also he’s in leather, it doesn’t get any better.

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