Agent X, X女特工 , (X Nv / Nu Te Gong) Episode 1 Recap

I have  been patiently waiting for this drama to come out for more than half a year. For one thing, it was rumored to be the Chinese answer to Level 7 civil servant and Mr. Mrs smith. it has Tang Yan and Luo Jin playing the lead spies (who fall in love, etc etc).  I basically started dancing like a well-paid stripper when I finally found it. Yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with Luo Jin. Yes, I have been waiting for this drama like a crack addict finally getting a hit of the good stuff. Will I throw my computer out the window if I find this to be meh? Faster than James Bond snaffling a martini.

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Okay. So we start in 1925, when China is torn from a civil war within and it is chaotic. The government is recruiting and we get to meet our main character Zhong Lin, played by Tang Yang.  She is part of group of all female super spys who are taught seven ways to sunday on how to target, kill, and seduce their way to completing the assigned mission.



Her first mission comes up and she’s to bug a nightclub with two other agents. And they are dressed liked Charlie’s  Angels. As they mix and mingle their way into the room, its clear that Zhong Li is good at it but one of her colleagues basically suck at her job.



This mission is proceeding smoothly and Luo Jin comes into the picture, his character’s name is He Jun Fei and h’. HOMG, that boy just short-circuited my computer screen. And replay entrance



Anyways, the girls mission is interrupted and one of them gets cuaght by the bad guys. She’s frozen as question her for being there.  Zhong Li does some quick thinking and beats the girl for stealing her man and trying to hide by running into the room. This gives them adequate excuse to run away and await for the signal to pack up and get the hell out. All goes well with the listening device until He Jun Fei discovers it in the middle of the arms deal meeting (with terrible english spoken by both the chinese and “British”).


He Jun Fei and his men searches for the girls who run into the escape room only to find it boarded up. The men follow and start shooting. With quick thinking Zhong Li throws a plater which kills one of the men. Yes, death by a flying silver tray, the british must be so proud that their most used tea-time invention serves such a deadly purpose.  But Zhong Li shows that she and her colleague has backbone as they coolly shoot their way out of the dead end. Zhong Li lets her teammates go as she goes to recover the information about the arms deal knowing that if she doesn’t get it, she’ll be facing a death sentence when they get back to HQ 




She goes and overhears that the drop will be made at the train station. She gets discovered. There is an awesome fight sequence. Which I loved because the guy really fought and there was no waist grabbing the heroine as she was about to fall.  Also, they are fighting face to face. No secret identities or lies for this couple. They start off as enemies, with one capturing the other for death and torture.   Zhong Li’s superiors are faced with a Q-James Bond situation where they tried to shoot her but couldn’t have the heart. 



Zhong Li is   captured and tortured. But she’s so bad ass that as the guy pulls out her tooth, she manages to get free slice his throat with sissors. Her face basically says, I will kill you even if you beg for mercy on all fours.


She escapes and brings the news back to her camp. Of course the information is vital and they don’t know if its true but, now they have to trust that they can intercept the arms deal based on the info Zhong Li brought back


Thoughts: Okay. I can run with it for now. The idea is okay. It’s like the Korean drama Level 7 civil servant but in a heavier and darker setting. The Joo Won version is cute but this one is more of a melo fair. And since my life sometimes feels like a mel0 drama, what could possibly go wrong for me to recap this drama? Good things: They know that they are enemies. This is no Mr. and Mrs Smith, but they’ve got chemistry up the wahzoo and coming out of their eyes. The story is solid and I can see it going places i.e. how are they going to make two people who are dead enemies become lovers? But then again mainland dramas have a propensity of being both bad and addictive, like dorritos or Vicodin.    Bad: Seriously? Another period drama about the revolution? How much more propaganda-y will this shit get? Because I can only take so much on the bullshit meter before I drop this. Also, please, for the love of pete’s sake… let them have a good ending. I refuse to watch Luo Jin Romeo-ing his way thru another drama. The poor boy deserves a happy ending.


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8 thoughts on “Agent X, X女特工 , (X Nv / Nu Te Gong) Episode 1 Recap”

  1. I was also super excited for this drama but when I watched the first episode I was unimpressed. The action scenes were good and it’s awesome to have lots of girl power but…….I just could not take the drama seriously the moment I saw the lady agents wearing those wigs. T_T””

    1. HAHA Me Too! Honestly, I did a spit take (which is one of the many feathers that broke my computers back). But I was watching for Luo Jin and not Tang Yang. She’s not my favorite, but this show is unintentionally hilarious. Chinese dramas have this issue of trying to be way too serious, so much so, that they become over dramatic and unbelievable. This creates not only plot holes but repetition within the story, as the heroine escapes over and over again in similar scenarios. I’m not going to lie, I did skip like twenty episodes and watch the ending to make sure that I wasn’t wasting my life.

      1. Exactly, it tried so hard to be all serious and cool and yet it came off as cheesy. T_T”” I was hoping that Agent X would pull off the espionage action drama but it didn’t. *sigh*

  2. Oh…. So this series is not good to watch at all? What do you think if comparing to Black and White?
    I saw the poster you put on episode 2.. I think Tang Yan is sexy in this movie..
    I am wondering should Roy Qiu felt sorry for giving her up.. 🙂

  3. I really hope that someone will sub this drama…but no one have sub it….. I don’t know why no one have not being subb mainland ,tw drama, and chinese chinese at all.

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