Love, Now Ep. 6 Recap 真愛趁現在 Zhen Ai Chen Xian Zai

Sometimes the increments of time become meaningless as change and purpose invades the hollow cavity of carefree monotony. In other words, I found a job so I am readjusting and recalibrating the balance of a real life and the virtual one. But it gives me heart to know that there are people out there that love dramas as much as I do, thus next week will be better.

Episodes 6 Recap

Yiying and dad are in the kitchen, and dad observes that Yiru is really mad at Qiming this time. Not the normal, beat him up and forgive him. This time it’s serious, and she kept looking at a ring that she’s now taken off. Yiying tries to get dad to get off this topic by pointing out that his cooking is getting burned.

Yiying asks Yiru if the problem at the firm is really serious this time. Yiru replies that everything is pretty bad right now. Yiying asks Yiru if she’s helping Qiming because she still has feelings for him. Yiru replies that of course not. They are just friends.  Besides, Yiru replies, Qiming is a really good person. He hired Xiao Wei- the office idiot, Uncle Kang – the very very old man, and Su Mei- a motherly type. He’s really good to Yiru as well and let’s her do what she wants. Yiying says that’s bull, he only hired those three because he can get more work at less pay. As for letting Yiru have free reign, it’s because he’s scared shitless of her. Yiying pushes and asks if Yiru won’t EVER get back together with Sun Qiming? Yiru replies that she will never never get back together with him. Even in the remote possibility that they try again, Su Qiming is not the type to give up all the fishes in the sea for one fish. He’s the guy that always has multiple girlfriends.


Yiying goes to Qiming and gives him a what for, telling him that Yiru is really upset and that he should be paying her more. Qiming looks at her as if she’s sprouted antlers – he doesn’t have money. Besides, he’s been so worried about Yiru that he let a fish (girlfriend) get away from him. But he wonders about Yiru’s behavior in front of Shide’s company and wonders if Shide is the guy from the Philippines.


Meanwhile Shide and his aunt are discussing the companies he wants to use for promotional purposes for their company. Shide rejects Yiru’s company outright tells his aunt that they really are too unprofessional and the CEO (Qiming) is in the middle of being sued. He also mentions that he has to go to the mall to pick his grandma’s birthday present, so Auntie has to take care of the company. Yiru and Auntie have lunch, and Yiru asks if she can reconsider using Yiru’s company but Auntie says she can’t everything goes through Shide.



After lunch, Yiru walks with Auntie in the mall (the same one Shide is going to, to get a gift for Grandma.) To Yiru’s horror, she and Shide meet and she literally runs away while he’s standing there with the biggest smile on his face. She hides and nearly get away when she runs into someone near an escalator. Someone catches her and she sees that it’s Shide.




Shides says to her, “I’ve saved you again” Poor girl goes, “Huh” and he replies that if you rescue a person three times, then that person belongs to you. He helps her up and she tries to tell him that she doesn’t have cancer- unfortunately, a cellphone rings before she can get the words out.


Yiru answers and hears that one of her co-works fainted and is at the hospital. She tells them no to worry, that she’ll go to the hospital. Shide is completely misunderstanding the entire conversation and thinks that she’s getting worse.  She’s thinking about how her company is about to go to bankrupt and doesn’t tell him about her fake sickness – instead she asks if he could drop the case against the company. He says he will consider it, in the mean time, she should let him take her to the hospital.


Yiru stutters and says that she’s okay to go herself. She hurries back to the office, where everyone is worried. But she tells them determinedly that she’s going to take care of it. Qiming is basically praising her and telling her that she’s the best. Yiru rolls her eyes but at least for now, if she keeps up the pretense about her sickness- she should be able to handle the problems her company is facing.


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  1. This drama is about 50+ episodes, at least that’s when I stopped counting. It’s too many episodes and I lost interest in the story. I’m sure they have the show on Viki with other language subs, hope this helps!

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