Love, Now Ep 3 Recap 真愛趁現在 Zhen Ai Chen Xian Zai

Okay Love Now is officially an obsession. Can I just say that those two are truly the cutest couple OST.  The hesitation, the awkwardness, the attraction, it’s enough to make you squirm in your seat. On one hand you want to see them jump each other. On the other, you can’t get enough of how adorably shy and hesitant they are.  Well…not in this picture, but read on and you’ll see.


The Wedding was a beautiful affair. Beforehand he tells her that she needs to enjoy every moment, death is a sudden affair that waits for no one. He tells her that they should love with no hesitation. The wedding is officiated in english and George’s husky voice is motto bene. He smiles as if the world has given him a gift that’s more valuable than gold, jewels, power combined. He asks the minister to repeat the last part where the bride says I DO in accepting they groom… he is literally shinning in happiness


What I love about the next scene, is the fact that they are so hesitant. Shide kisses Yiru’s hand and makes to leave. Yiru stops him and says “Your Room or Mine?” I did a double take. Those words are rarely spoke in TWdramas at least not the first ten episodes and maybe if the viewer is lucky, the last episode there will be implied sex bc of children.


They start freaking out once they get into the room. Yiru yells at herself in the mirror and tells herself that she’s ashamed to say such things.


OMG GEORGE HU IS TALKING TO THE TOILET Yes, Shide’s company makes toilettes  but he’s talking to it like it’s giving advice. He’s asking it if it’s really possible (Um have you seen yourself? YES, YOU CAN)  Then he starts examining the toilet and i’m cracking up. He’s admiring/fondling the toilet, talking about its curvature and the ceramic, the flushing, and the design…and then wonders what the hell he is doing. It’s pure comedic gold.


They finally get together and Yiru chickens out. Shide respects her wishes and leaves sweetly. She looks at him with the cutest look… she totally loves him.Next morning  he wakes her up with breakfast. He tells her that he’s going to do so every morning.


The next morning, they go for a swim. And Yiru’s friend who came back from her day off sees her with her new husband. She freaks out and we learn that Yiru was suppose to get a note telling her that the sickness was a lie, and that she’s really healthy. Only because Yiru had changed her room to a single, she never got the note which was in room 308.


While her family freaks out about the entire thing… her sister and boss are practically screaming in panic


. Yiru and Shide are having the time of their lives. Shide faithfully carries out every part of Yiru’s wish. She wanted to have kids at 31 and so he bought her a maternity dress and pretended she was five months pregnant. They took pictures with young kids in the most dreamy make-believe ever.


That night as Yiru is perusing her book of memories on the trip, we see her remembering the goodness of her husband and to not waste time.


So she rushes into the shower to plant the hottest, wettest  kiss on a gorgeously muscled Shide



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