Love, Now. Ep 1 Recap 真愛趁現在 – Zhen Ai Chen Xian Zai



Gasp of pure and unadulterated pleasure at how the cute boy next door became this full blown rugged, sexy man. Couple years ago I wrote him off as a guy who was eager to act but not wholly good at it. Today, all I could do was clutch my jaw in one hand and my heart in the other.

Oh, side note- I’m only recaping George and Annie’s story. I have no interest whatsoever in his character’s sister’s character because it’s not George therefore not relevant

We open the story with George Hu’s character Lan Shide   firing an employee that had worked at his company for 12 years. He fires the guy on the spot for not coming up anything and later we find out that the guy has been stealing for the company. Lan Shide is a guy who basically will get a guy double for screwing with him


His grandma and mom come to harras him about getting married and that’s when he spys Yiru, a girl he’s been holding the torch for god knows how long. Yiru works for a small media company whose boss is her ex-boyfriend and a gallant playboy: Sun Qiming. Turns out Yiru is trying to get Lan Shide’s company to use her media company for a job. Sun Qiming yells as Yiru to come back the office where he promptly begs/bullys her to let everyone take a vacation. Yiru is a huge workaholic and her boss basically doesn’t work at all.  He turns off the power to literally force her home


When Yiru gets home, her family is crying and freaking out. They tell her she has cancer and has six months to live.


They sent her on a vacation, and it turns out that they were had made up the whole thing in order to get her take a vacation. Turns out Shide is also going to the same place for a meeting (the Philippines).


Also whoever decided that George Hu is hot in a three piece suit deserves an Oscar for best costume design. When Lan Shide spots Yiru, he has the most adorable smile in the world. Probably because he’s liked her since college, and she doesn’t even know it.


He sees that she’s walking in front of a car and saves her.


Mad at her carelessness, he asks if she wants to die. She of course, is freaking out about her “cancer” and basically is huddled on the side walking crying. Due to the interlude, she causes him to lose his belongings and she offers to find a place for him in gratitude. He proceeds to follow her like an adorable puppy in love.


She takes him shopping and buys him a drink – which he dislikes but drinks for him anyway. He really likes her because, he’s secretly praying to the heavens while she’s buy drinks so that she’ll fall for him. AW.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 11.32.26 PMScreen Shot 2012-11-30 at 11.32.40 PM


He DANCES for money and it’s 1/2 sexy 1/4 dorky 1/4 I just want to jump in and dance with him, which is what Yiru does.


They talk and he gets adorably jealous when she mentions her boss. He says that if her boss is bugging her, he would gladly sue him.


Yiru spies an oldcouple and with equal parts admiration, sadness, and envy she cries that she should have taken care of herself more.


Sohe takes her to a beach where she can cry and talk to him. And he finds out that she has “Cancer”.


Thoughts: I LOVE this drama. The angst, the cold hard Shide who basically only loves Annie’s Character and has done so forever. It’s pure gold in terms of taiwan dramas. Granted there are yawn parts – like the older sister love story. But come one- who doesn’t love a heroine like Annie and George. The acting is over the top for most of the actors, but still within the acceptable level of saccharine you normally see with taiwanese dramas. I didn’t think I would like it so much bc it was a cliche but these actors – the main ones sell it well. New Drama Addiction starts now

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3 thoughts on “Love, Now. Ep 1 Recap 真愛趁現在 – Zhen Ai Chen Xian Zai”

  1. love now is the best drama.annie chen and george hu are both are looking good.they’rebest couple in taiwan dramaland.hope they make it real there relationship goodluck

  2. Actually l watched really few Taiwanese dramas. l’m more to Korean and Japanese. But since no currently airing interest me, l try to watch Love Around with Annie and George as leads. It only 2 eps aired.Sori, but l never know about those two b4. l googled them and found this lovely and adorably Love Now, but l cannot understand as no eng subs available anywhere. So have to read recap and watch, so this blog come by.

    George Hu’s smile is gorgeous and Annie’s rare face for a Taiwanese really hooked my. l’m not sure, is it 72 or 80 eps. Its a long way to go so l always skipped to OTP only. So far, they’re the best OTP, Mars Zai Zai and Barbie down to 2nd spot. As much as l crazy in love with Ojakgyo Brothers’s Korean drama, Love Now is so obssessed for T-drama.

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