Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling by Each Step: Major Spoilers)

Having watched the thoroughly good and heartwrenching drama that threatened to make me cry for a month. I have finally come to the conclusion that if I was in Ruoxi’s position, I would probably have chosen 14th Prince as well. But I can’t but feel a sense of bereavement when faced with the choices of all those men. I don’t think I could have gone for the 4th prince. He’s the kind of man that you know was destined for greater things, but not necessarily a happy life. True, many people fine the Emperor’s position to be enviable, but it’s a lonely and unhappy life.  Here’s my analysis

4th Prince – Destined for Great Things: Many women are attracted to that kind of power, few are able to keep him interested. Yes he and Ruoxi had a love of a lifetime, but I was relieved when she left him. They couldn’t be happy together. They couldn’t be happy apart. Even without the misunderstandings, his quickness to believe in the worst of her (the product of being raised to hate and distrust your own brothers) Ruoxi was better without him. And that’s what made their story beautiful and heartbreaking. The viewer feels the longing, they want them together and yet, you know that neither is good for the other. It hurt so bad because I wanted them together and was thoroughly depressed when they couldn’t make it but it’s why the story worked and this is one of the best tales Tonghua has written.

8th Prince: The Man Who Lost Everything: His elegance and grace, if he was born in this century, I think he could have been a movie star. That man can make any woman want him with just a look. Yes, he was married to Ruoxi’s sister. While it’s not right, it was culturally acceptable at the time for a man to have many wives. Ruoxi was reluctant on many levels. Knowing that he would die alone in prison didn’t help either. Her knowledge of the future turned into reluctance to love the man who also had been in love with her sister. Granted, her sister hated him, but still, Rouxi was a practical girl who didn’t want to share her man. Yes, it didn’t matter for Rouxi when it came down to sharing 4th prince with other women, but it did for the 8th prince. I want them together as well. But I agree with Ruoxi, if I had to chose between 8th and 4th, it would be 4th.

14th: The Little Brother Who Became a Man. Halfway through Bu Bu Jing Xin, I fell in love with 14th. He was everything I want in a man, strong, forthright, and totally adorable. He’s the hero type, the general that goes out and fights the enemy. Historical legends say that he was suppose to be emperor, but seriously that’s a debate I don’t wanna touch with a ten foot pole. He and 4th never got along, probably because their mother loved 14th more than 4th. 14th loved Ruoxi in his own way, and yet he could never understand her heart. He gave her space and love from a distance, he respected her wishes, he was loyal to his brothers, and he was gentle to her. He’s the guy that you want to settle down with and have the house with the lawn and the two kids with. You feel safe with him, because you know he’ll protect you. I loved that he got her out of the palace when he saw how miserable she was and how much she wanted to leave. While he doesn’t get her like 13th does, he’s a lot closer than 4th or 8th will ever be to understanding her heart.


13th: The Man Born In the Wrong Era: Who doesn’t love 13th prince? Who didn’t cry when his father locked him up for ten years only to be freed when 4th took the throne? My heart breaks every time I saw 13th in the final episodes. This was a man who didn’t belong in the time era. Who shouldn’t have been born a prince. He was so wild and carefree and bright that it hurt every time Ruoxi thought about his future. And his relationship with Ruoxi was so sweet. They get each other. They get it without having to speak and they love each other like brother and sister. You can feel that their friendship is built on understanding, and that they understood that they were bound by their social and cultural norms. His relationships were so bittersweet. I just wanted to give him a hug at the end of the drama.

Who would you have preferred?


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4 thoughts on “Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling by Each Step: Major Spoilers)”

  1. Soooooo late to this post, but I decided at ep 29, it was 14 for me, too.
    The fact that he started out NOT understanding to understanding RX made me realize, “Hey! RX! Look at him NOW! Forget the old days!”
    He’s the one for me, anyway.

    (If my Gravatar has not changed by the time you read this, right now it is lovely Lin Geng Xin.)

  2. At first I was team 8th prince but in the last few episodes I became team 14th prince. I loved his character growth and the fact he loved her and was there for her.

  3. If Lin Geng Xin hadn’t played the 14th prince, I don’t know if the character would have had so much Umph. There’s something about his acting that reminds you of a puppy that needs love and affection. He might have a tough exterior but we all know that his heart is softer than butter. Watching him get hurt was like watching someone kick a puppy. I had really hoped that he would be in the second one but with his talents, I would watch anything he was in.

  4. wow late to the post, but just watched the drama (yes very late) and absolutely loved it. I totally agree with your analysis, I think the dynamics with these characters are so complex and real that it was one of the best dramas I’ve seen in a long time. I was torn between 4th and 14th, but it’s true even in real life that sometimes the one you love the most is not the one who’s best for you! Having passion isn’t enough. I think the 14th Prince was ultimately her protector, even more than 13. He was ALWAYS there for her, even kneeling in the rain for her! Everyone talks about the 4th shielding her from rain, but he brought her food! I think I would’ve preferred food…
    I started watching the sequel but was disappointed. I think the story lack any backbone that was in BuBuJingXin.

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