Wild Duck Recap Episode 1 (野鸭子)

Well, since I am descending into the depths of drama world, I might as well do it in style. The laws of supply and demand apply not to me. Because this is not a well known drama, but golly gee whiz of a kid, this is good. It’s different. And it doesn’t end with the heroine marrying a rich man and living happily ever after. It deals with class issues and it’s cute. Those are the good points.

So, Episode 1

We start with a dying woman telling a story on her deathbed. They flash back to the past, and a woman carrying a child in the rain runs up to a house.  We meet the lady  of the house, who is told that the child is her grandaughter, a product of her son and the other woman’s daughter. They woman leaves the child with the other grandma and leaves, crying to herself.  She later goes home and tells her daughter that the little baby she had borne is dead. The daughter/mother of the child leaves the country, heartbroken and angry.


As she tells the story to her daughter, she also reveals that the child is still alive. The grandmother begs her daughter to find the child, and tell the child that the grandmother is sorry for what she did. The daughter cries as the grandmother takes her final breath. Later the daughter goes to find the child she lost all those years ago.


She goes to the home of her first husband, who she had the baby with and sees a girl waving an arm out the window of the buiding. She immediately recognizes her first husband and thinks that this is her long lost daughter. She overhears the girl’s name, Ting Ting and sees that Ting Ting is leaving her house. The lady tells her driver to follow the girl.


The driver, Yang Shun, finds that Ting Ting and her friend are at the employment office. He asks if they are there to find jobs, to which ting ting’s friend retorts, “We aren’t here to buy clothes” He hits himself for being an idiot and tries again. He asks if they want good jobs and offers jobs at where he works, which is the lady’s real estate office. The girls retort that they’ve been offered scams like this before and that they won’t fall for it again. At this, Yang Shun climbs over the table and tells them to do the research. He gives them his name card. The girls tell him that both of them have to be accepted, and that wherever on person goes, the other follows. Yang Shun’s face kinda says it all… it’s a WTF have I gotten myself into face.


I think I’ll stop here for the day.

Author: dramatictealeaves

Love dramas and Cooking, wish I could do both at the same time, but that would destroy both my apartment and my laptop

7 thoughts on “Wild Duck Recap Episode 1 (野鸭子)”

  1. Nana and Yang Shun are really cute together and I really liked some parts of the drama. However, there are other parts of it that I simply think should have been better written or not so propaganda focused. It tries to be social commentary and yet as we know, it can’t toe the commi party line, which makes the story a bit weak.

    However, since I haven’t seen it in so long, i wouldn’t mind recapping it. There are a few other projects that I’m interested in, so maybe when I finish those I can get back to this one.

  2. I saw on Baidu that it’s coming out in 2013… that’s probably not very helpful. But if it comes then I’m definitely watching it and doing a recap. I liked the first one even if they tried too hard to explain the social problems and then offer a too simple a solution for it all. I think I sat thru it bc the interaction between the leads magnetic and wonderful.

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